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We just added Top Models, Top Photos and Top Videos pages to the pull down Menus. All stats are calculated in real time by user views.

From my personal observation they are amazing stats! – especially the Top Models. There were some surprises for me but mainly there are so many of my personal favs. The models who would just floor me when they took off their clothes during the Audition videos. Chantelle Fontaine at #1. She was one of my personal Top 10 and one of the coolest, most laid back girls to land. LOVED HER! No surprise that girls like Savannah, Summer Smith, Rachel2 are in there and extreme old timers Erica Campbell and Aria Giovanni. So cool!

Check em out!

Note: It takes awhile for new adds to be tabulated accurately because they are usually clicked on first.

Vintage BTS

Just added new section: “Vintage BTS”While sorting through years of shoots, I’m finding previously unpublished and/or great behind-the-scenes material. A blog style of updates which includes recollections and anecdotes about each shoot. I’ll be adding more as I go thru the archives. I hope you enjoy it –  It was sure fun shooting it all!

Remastered Classics

We are presently going through my giant archive of original analog video tapes, re-editing, cleaning up and increasing resolution to full HD 1080. What a trip down memory lane!

New Section: “Remastered Classics”

Austin Audition HD

I’m sure you don’t need a history lesson in online video but I think it is helpful to explain the the context in which I was shooting through the years.

In 1999 I was still on in dial up! The small community of adult websites were still photo based. Online streaming video was not widely available and most (all?) of the largest Men’s Magazines and porn companies had not even put their content online yet.

Obviously the Internet has evolved by leaps and bounds since then with many different file formats and ever increasingly fast forms of Internet access. So through the years it was impossible to use a single file format as we continually adapted to Mpeg, Mov, AVI, WMV and so forth.

My earliest video format was Real Player.
I believe this is the first video I ever shot for Matt’s Models in 2000:


That same year, in the spirit of Matt’s Models presenting the girls bodies and personalities as honestly as possibly, I had the idea of offering a live cam show where members could chat with the model. At the time cam sites were non-existent. I had no idea how to do this and there were no plug and play solutions, so I asked my hosting provider if he could rig something up. He wrote a custom chat script using Real Video Server.
….VOILA! We went LIVE!

Some of the first (it’s possible I was the first) adult live cam shows on the Internet were broadcast right from my condo! TRUE! I was one of the innovators!

Perhaps if I were a person with a formal business education, I might have had the foresight to invest into the future of webcams and be sitting on my own Island in the South Pacific with some beautiful young babes- but I continued shooting photos and video.

Do I regret it? Naw. Who needs an Island?