Yaesu VX-7R

I’ve always been interested in electronics and technology. Ham radio has been interesting to me and in hich school, our vocational electronics instructor was a licensed ham and in the lab we had a couple radios that we used to talk with the space shuttle. Until recently I have not thought about doing anything with amature radio but I was talking with David Brown (K7LNX) friend of mine about a month ago. He recently got his license and we talked about it for a while. David sent me information on the next free class taught by Steve Whitehead (NV7V). The fee for the license was $14.00.

I passed my ham radio Technician Class license exam last week after a few days of study using a fairly good technician exam study guide (PDF) by Bruce Spratling (W8BBS) and running through several practice exams on the very good AA9PW FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages.

Dave has a co-worker, Erik Harrison who was looking to sell his Yaesu VX-7R handheld radio. I, being in the market, decided to head to lunch on Wednesday last week to see the radio and purchase it if I agreed it was in good condition.

So, strait to the point, I’m now the proud owner of a used, but in good condition Yaesu VX-7R ham radio as seen in the picture above. It actually is a great radio and has way too many functions and features. I’m still reading the manual.

So, if you ever run on to me on he air waves, my current call sign is KE7DYU although I may be getting a vanity callsign – we’ll see…