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Apple store on 5th Ave.

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Introducing: The Hub

We weren’t planning on launching this just yet but the outages earlier this week sped things up a bit and it actually was really useful so we decided to throw caution to the wind and put it out there right now. Check out The Hub.

Feel free to look around, post stuff, check out things other people have posted, join a group or create your own, link up to other folks, or whatever else you figure out that you can do with it. We’ll be linking it from all the cities very soon, so in the mean time this is kind of early adopter news. Enjoy!

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Best Of is Getting Work Done

Part of the fancy new Metblogs is a new way of knowing what are the best, most interesting posts on the network. We've got some final magic touches to put on this and the super robot from the future who is running it needs to compile some kind of data and numbers and math before it can start spitting out the awesomeness. Basically that means this section is down at the moment, but will be back soon, better than ever.
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