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Get Started


1Install the Tools

If you don't have a preferred development tool installed already, install Visual Studio 2012 with Silverlight tools.

See the Silverlight downloads page for other useful tools, toolkits and SDKs related to Silverlight 5.

2Silverlight 5 Release Overview

In this video, Pete Brown provides an overview of the new and updated features in the release of Silverlight 5. Here's the related Silverlight 5 launch blog post on Pete's blog.

Silverlight 5 Release Overview

3Learn how to use Silverlight

Our learn page has many samples, videos and tutorials that will help you to get started quickly.

Silverlight Videos and Tutorials

4Get Support

Find answers to many common questions in the Silverlight Forums with over 300,000 threads, 96,316 members from around the world.

Find Answers in the Silverlight Forums

4Get Inspired

Companies use Silverlight to build interactive applications and deliver flawless streaming media to audiences on all types of media.

See the case studies