Starting A Blog Requires Interest And Commitment

sabrLife is interesting in itself. If you want to share your life by starting a blog, it should be interesting to others too. On the other hand, if you think your trials and tribulations are worth sharing, you had better write them in such a way that it is not only enjoyable to read but also meaningful. The entire process of starting a blog can be in your control.

From the ideas to the writing style can be decided by you. You can also envision how to steer it in the right direction. In this manner, you can make it sustainable and have a large readership. With all the links to other social media, starting a blog and pasting the link on to your other public …

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Stop Snoring With A Good Mouthpiece

tbsmpYou can have the best snoring mouthpiece if you meticulously research it. First, try to visit the nearest mall or shops near you and ask if they are selling these snoring mouthpieces. Some of them will find the product new to their ears but there are also store outlets who sell this kind of product. The good thing about seeing the actual mouthpiece is you can make comparisons and determine if it is really suitable for you. Of course, you can also be assured that you are not scammed if you find the best snoring mouthpiece in a mall or shop. In fact, you can even try it out while you’re there!

However, if there are no snoring mouthpieces available in your area, the best thing …

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It’s A Shame About Rail

iasarFor at least a generation now, many environmentalists have promoted rail transit as one of the most environmentally sound forms of transportation. Massive federal, state, and local investment in rail systems, they argue, should be part of any serious effort to kick our auto-dependency habit. A Worldwatch Institute paper, “Back on Track: The Global Rail Revival,” cites no fewer than 10 advantages of rail over highways, including “greater energy efficiency, less dependence on oil, less air pollution, lower greenhouse emissions, less traffic congestion, fewer injuries and deaths, less land paved over, [enhanced] local economic development, [more] sustainable land use patterns, and greater social equity.”

Unfortunately, however, rail systems in the United States have often been deliberately designed to benefit not the city or region as a …

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Corporations And Congress: Why Even Hide Bribery Anymore?

gopacWhen corporations give millions of dollars to members of Congress, what are they buying? Friends in high places? Sympathetic interpretations of laws and regulations? Special favors written into laws? Access to strategy sessions in back rooms? Tax breaks? Other direct benefits for themselves?

The answer is, “All of the above.” Corporations are giving to get, plain and simple. And it works.

The tens of millions of dollars that corporations pay into congressional campaign war chests each year come back to the corporations in the form of significant and tangible rewards worth hundreds–if not thousands–of times more than their campaign contributions.

A good example is House Speaker Newt Gingrich. For years, Gingrich headed the GOP Action Committee, or GOPAC, which accepted millions of dollars in secret …

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Will The Disabled And Public Transit Ever Get Along?

ptegaFor many able-bodied travelers, the public transit system is often difficult to navigate; for disabled patrons, it’s a virtual obstacle course and accessibility isn’t just about getting from point A to B, it’s also about staying safe. The 49 million persons with disabilities in this country include individuals impaired at birth, accident victims, veterans, and the elderly with varying degrees of motor, sight, hearing, or mental disabilities. They are black and white, young and old, rich and poor. But a significant number share one thing in common: they rely almost exclusively on public transportation to get around.

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), it’s not uncommon for 10 to 15 percent of riders in smaller communities to be disabled. In all regions, the …

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Globalization Brings Grief

gbgTransnational corporations are mightily resistant to any attempts at being drawn out of their self-assembled shadows. As the main sponsors of the complex phenomenon we call “globalization,” they now dominate the lives of most of the world’s peoples. These exalted enterprises of capitalism still prefer us to view them as one would a typical magic act: Look on in fascination, applaud if you like, but never examine too scrupulously the physical props the performers use in their work.

Most of the lay public has fallen under the spell of these corporate magicians. “Globalism,” “free trade,” “free markets,” and their cousins in the economic lexicon have turned into fetishes for many firm believers. Public gyrations around these empty terms only give us the illusion of debate. Yet …

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Dudley An Amazing Template For Community Rebirth

ehsBoston’s Dudley Street neighborhood is living an extraordinary story of community rebirth shaped by the dreams of ordinary people of different races and generations. This inner city neighborhood, like so many across the country, was treated like an outsider city – separate, unequal and disposable. The resident-led Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is rebuilding it with the power of pride, organizing, and a unified vision of comprehensive community development – sustainable physical, economic and human development.

For years, Dudley looked as if an earthquake had struck, leveling whole sections – leaving blocks of vacant lots where homes and shops used to be. The earthquake that hit Dudley was neither natural nor sudden. Instead, in a pattern repeated nationally, a thriving urban community was trashed and burned. …

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