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Rebecca Holman

Authors, Coaches, Consultants, ►►Internet Technology Got You Down? We Can Fix It . I can Help! Message Me!

Missoula, Montana Area
Marketing and Advertising
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  • Overwhelmed Small Business...

    As an SEO turned business coach and consultant, I help my clients all the time figure out what the right path is to get more bang for their buck online. So many small business owners struggle with...

  • The Struggle is Real. DFY...

    In a desire to be helpful and give back, I know that some folks here may benefit from my July Christmas Stop The Madness Special. You can grab me for 10 hours to take care of those sticky Technology...

  • Love Where You Live, Love...

    My state of Montana was granted the number one spot for having a great entrepreneurial environment by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. I have lived in Missoula for over 30 years and commend the...

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    100 Days of Focus.. Start 2018 out on the right foot for...

    I found this GREAT product! Start the year right with this great Journal to help you accomplish...

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    Perhaps because they haven’t reached the mainstream in the...

    Increase traffic and sales by using your industry expertise to build fans, trust and loyalty on...

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    Kayla Medica joins Startups Live to give us her pro-tips...
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    'What is it that makes a brand a brand? What makes or...
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    'While there’s no way to predict something going viral,...
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    A must-read for marketers who want ROI: How to Implement a...

    Big disclaimer: I’m not a “data geek” – at least not in the typical, Excel-Spreadsheet-crunching...


Are you one of the MILLIONS of Overwhelmed Small To Medium Sized Business owners feeling OVERWHELMED by all the Technology options you have to deal with every day? Email, Sales Funnels, Website updates, Website been HACKED??? I can help as your Internet Girl Friday Technology Consultant and Marketing Coach.

How Would You Like An Easier Path Through the Internet Marketing Jungle?

►►NEED HELP NOW? - Private Message Me Here To Set Up Our Appointment To Get You The Help You Need.

►► WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU : We will jump on a 30 min call to review your concerns. If we are a GOOD FIT, I will review and do a video assessment of your website or your YouTube Channel and web presence of your Brand. We will discuss some ways to fix and correct what ails your online marketing or channel and your traffic Issues. You can either fix them yourself, or you can join the long list of happy customers that I have helped.

►► HOW I HELP YOU: Private Message Me To Get Started On Getting The Help You Need.

►► WHAT OTHERS SAY: Scroll Down Below To See My Many Recommendations

Elaine Sheff -Co-Director at Green Path Herb School
Her encouragement and knowledge inspired me to take my business to a whole new level! Really, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. These days, every business person needs his or her own Rebecca Holman!

Steve Whitby - Owner, Stephen Paul Appraisals
Rebecca is super knowledgeable in SEO, Social Media, Consulting, and Online Marketing. She's basically a "one stop shop" that can handle any coaching and/or learning environment with regards to all things related to Internet Marketing! One of her strongest assets is her lightening fast ability to get answers! And her heart and passion to help people with positioning their brands online..

👉 Private Message ME Here on LinkedIn TODAY, To get the help you need. STOP THE MADNESS!.


  • Online Marketing Consultant, SEO, Wix Certified Webmaster and Trainer, WordPress Maven

    Rebecca Holman Consulting- The Internet Just Got Easier Since You Met Me.
    – Present (18 years 9 months)


    ►► WHO CAN I HELP? Authors, Small Biz Owners, Coaches, Consultants.. New Technology Making You Crazy? Don't Know A Sales Funnel From a Turkey Baster? I will do a FREE 30 min Assessment to help you identify what is broken. I have been online since 1999 so I KNOW STUFF!

    👉 Private Message ME Here on LinkedIn TODAY, To get the help you need. STOP THE MADNESS!

    ►► HOW I DO IT: With 20+ years as a direct sales professional, I understand what your customers are searching for! I've worked in numerous industry's, from 7 years in Insurance, to 10 years working with Internet Start-ups to over 9 years working my own small business Internet Marketing/SEO business. Scroll down to review my level of expertise and the endorsements and recommendations of others in my field.

    ►► WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU : We will jump on a 30 min call to review your concerns. If we are a GOOD FIT, I will review and do a video assessment of your website or your YouTube Channel and web presence of your Brand. We will discuss some ways to fix and correct what ails your online markeing or channel and your traffic Issues. You can either fix them yourself, or you can join the long list of happy customers that I have helped.

    ►► STUFF THAT HELPS YOU: I know Internet Marketing, Video Marketing, Accountability Partnerships, Online Marketing, Local Business SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ad Marketing, Text Marketing, Wix Websites, WordPress, Mobile Websites, Amazon Listing Optimization, YouTube Channel Optimization and more! So I am a one stop shop, like an Internet Girl Friday. Lets FIX YOUR ISSUES to you moving forward.

    ►► ONLINE MARKETING NEED NOT BE HARD OR CONFUSING: Let me help you with your bottlenecks. No matter if they are your sales funnels or you can't figure something out about your website.

    ►►Claim Your Success in Internet Marketing This Year. Get Started NOW!

    👉 Private Message ME Here on LinkedIn TODAY, To get the help you need. STOP THE MADNESS!

  • Owner

    Your Brand Online - Rebecca Holman Consulting
    – Present (13 years 2 months)

    YourBrandOnline is just that. I coach and assist small business owners with getting found online. I have spent the last decade working and assisting small business owners learn about WordPress, Marketing, Kindle Authorship, YouTube Channel Optimization. Amazon Listing optimization and so much more. Get found by the people that are looking for you.

  • Online Marketing For Small Business

    Your Brand Online - Missoula SEO Guru
    – Present (13 years 2 months)

    Having managed projects big and small I am your go to person for all things on the Internet. While I am the Missoula SEO Guru, I have worked with people worldwide. I will offer you a FREE assessment of your online presence and we can then work from there. I continue to hone my skills at Social Media Marketing, Teaching Wordpress, SEO and SEM. I also custom create videos for your exposure along with POWERFUL graphic classified ads with my secret sauce to get your phone ringing. If you are in a small business let me know if I can assist you with not just being found on the Internet...but GETTING MORE CUSTOMERS...since that is the goal..NOT being on page one..that is easy. Getting your phone to ring..that is the challenge.

  • Small Business Specialist for Mobile Text Marketing and Mobi Site Creation

    Mobile Text Message Marketing and Mobi Site Creation
    – Present (8 years 2 months)

    Missoula SEO Guru does Mobile Marketing, offering quality text messaging services to small business owners. Text based Scheduling for offices and affordable mobile websites to assist with your websites accessibility for your customers. Call today

  • Consultant with Isagenix

    Just Cleanse
    – Present (6 years 4 months)

    Hot New Industry - Age-REVERSAL.
    As Baby Boomers move towards retirement Age-REVERSAL is a hot topic. After a Nobel Prize was won for the study of Telomere and Telomerase technology it is now beginning to sweep the world. Telomere Support is the latest in the Anti-Aging arena. The term "age-REVERSAL" is in the market place due to the recent study at the Dana Farber Cancer Research facility at HARVARD Medical School back in Nov. 2010. Scientists succeeded in literally reversing the age of mice - first time in history. This is now looking as if it can be one of the greatest discovery of our lifetime.
    My team and I work with a new product that has just been released to the public - all natural telomerase-activator.

  • Site Building, Selling and SEO

    Buy Sites And Profit
    (7 years 8 months)

    I build WordPress sites for affiliate marketing profits. I build and flip sites on Flippa. Need and Amazon site, adsense site or Clickbank site made? Let's talk.

  • Product Support and Social Media Leader

    Rapid Crush - Jason Fladien and Wilson Mattos
    (3 years 5 months)

    Jack Mize has now partnered with Jason Fladlien and Wilson Matos. I now support both his projects that he creates in coordination with Rapid Crush, along with supporting the other world class programs that Jason and Wil develop as well. Doing support along with helping moderate our Facebook Groups and Google Communities. FACT: Rapid Crush is considered one of the top #1 support desks on the Internet today.

  • Social Media Consultant

    Paul Wheaton - Duke of Permaculture
    (2 years 2 months)Missoula, Montana Area

    Paul Wheaton gardens, farms and lives what he preaches using Permaculture practices. He founded, - which currently is the largest online forum for Permaculture enthusiasts in the world.. and a few other gems like and

  • Support Leader and Forum Moderator

    Jack Mize - Offline X Factor -
    (2 years 6 months)

    Jack Mize is an online leader of Offline Marketing. I have worked on procuring materials and developing product for his launches. Along with being a lead coordinator for Offline PLR Club when it began, I worked with out sorcerers world wide. I also assist with support of our growing membership base and moderate our growing forum assisting members navigate Jack's many successful Offline programs that he is developing for both our Offline X Factor members and Rapid Crush.

  • Product Dev and Marketing

    Modwest- Grupthink
    (3 months)

    Doing Consulting for this great feedback software portal. I recomend that any one with a product, or in public office should look into this program to gain insight and access to your users needs, ideas and desires.

    Powered By the People

  • High Tech Sales Executive

    Visual Learning Systems
    (4 years 10 months)

    Great Company, great GIS and LIDAR products. Bought by Textron.

  • Software Customer Service

    Commodity Software
    (2 years)

    Commodity Software was a software developed to assist business itemize their commodity purchases. I assisted the manager Amy James with day to day marketing and also phone support for our clients on topics related to their account.

  • Sales Executive of Software Startup - GeoLocal Vertical Aggregation

    eLocal Network, Inc
    (2 years 5 months)Missoula, Montana Area

    · Successful sales executive
    · Develop and implement Customer Relationship (CRM) Program
    · Assisted with web design and development of corporate web site
    · Created sales and marketing documents
    · Company went out of business during Dot Com Bust

  • Regional Sales Supervisor

    Liberty Northwest Insurance Companies
    (2 years 11 months)

    · Hire, fire train four CSR's across state of Montana
    · Develop and implement training for my staff
    · Support Regional VP with PowerPoints and quarterly excel
    reports on sales progress
    · Downsized from middle management

  • Customer Service Representative

    Farmers Insurance
    (4 years 1 month)

    * Busy office phones and heavy walk in traffic
    * Analyze policies and assist client with upgrading to new products and services.
    * Licensed P&C, Life, Health, Annuities (expired)

  • Top Annual Sales Producer

    Kirby Vacuum Outdoor Sales
    (8 months)

    · Direct sales. Cold calling of clients
    · Over $35,000 in commissions in six months
    * Top Sales Person Of The Year Award

  • Research Assistant

    Dr. Robert Ammons Perceptual & Motor Skills
    (8 years 5 months)

    · Collecting and analyzing data for published research papers
    · Computer database research and developing UNIX programs to
    analyze and collate data.
    · Writing and publication of findings in Psychological Journals.

  • Teacher in One Room School Environment Ages- 5 - 15

    (2 years 11 months)Missoula, Montana Area

    Taught children in a one roomed school house setting. Children ranged from 5 - 15.
    Created and developed 6 week learning to read program for 5 - 6 year olds.


  • University of Montana - Graduate School

    36 hours completed, counseling36 hours completed, counseling

    Counseling Program Masters Degree Program

  • The University of Montana

    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Honors StudentBachelor of Arts, Psychology, Honors Student

    Graduated with Honors

  • Jack Mize - Offline Profits Meeting

    Internet Marketing Training, Internet MarketingInternet Marketing Training, Internet Marketing

    Activities and Societies: Met and Masterminded with other top Internet Marketers. Training and BrainStorming.

  • Garden Path Herb School

    Herbal Foundations Certification, 51 hours of Natural Herbal Instruction, PassedHerbal Foundations Certification, 51 hours of Natural Herbal Instruction, Passed

    51 hours of Herbal instruction including herbs for the body systems, medicine making, wildcrafting and introduction to aromatherapy. as part of

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Field Organizer


Causes Rebecca cares about:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology


  • Web Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Consultation
  • SEM
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Website Promotion
  • Business Coaching
  • Social Networking
  • Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Leadership
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO copywriting
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Start-ups
  • Email Marketing
  • Management
  • CRM
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Content Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Small Business
  • Link Building
  • Wellness
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organic Search
  • Social Media Measurement
  • HTML
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Events
  • Copywriting
  • Publishing
  • Content Management
  • Advertising
  • Website Development
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  • Rebecca is one of the most knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization experts and marketing coaches that I know, she is always up to date with the latest trends which results in fantastic outcomes for her clients and increasing their sales by driving highly focused visitors to their websites via many forms of online marketing including Google and social media. Rebecca is #1 at positioning customer brands, a truly professional person to work with.
  • Rebecca Holman is fabulous with helping new businesses develop a plan to be noticed and in front of new customers. She share all kinds of knowledge that really help her clients take action on a branding plan. It is always a pleasure to talk with Rebecca.
  • Rebecca Holman is a great internet marketing consultant and accountability coach. I know Rebecca from her years working at Rapid Crush, Inc, one of the top internet marketing companies in the country. I attended two Rapid Crush masterminds, and several RCI conferences. Rebecca was very good to work with. She was knowledgeable, informative and always willing to share her knowledge. She has great people skills. I was recently at another conference, after Rebecca started her own consulting business, and so many people wanted to meet Rebecca after having contact with her from her RCI days. With her extensive knowledge of internet marketing and social media, I highly recommend Rebecca Holman as a great consultant to help small businesses start successful internet marketing and social media campaigns.
  • Rebecca moderates a forum I am a member of and she is very knowledgeable in all the subject she has listed. She is very professional and helpful and customer focussed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, she knows her stuff.
  • You know the Internet is a hard place to market sometimes. Rebecca Holman has become a trusted name in SEO and Online marketing for over a decade. Finding new and creative ways to help a business get that phone ringing, that is her specialty. I have seen her help many. I hope you will be one.
  • I have coached Rebecca and know that she is learning SEO and Video Optimization from the top people in this field. You can hire Rebecca with confidence that she has been trained by the best.
  • Rebecca delivers true value, practical and useable strategy for those in business, whether small business owners, entrepreneurs, Realtors, or corporate executives! Her social media & SEO strategies are packed with tips and tricks for forming valuable and authentic relationships, all in the name of growing and building our business to business connections.
  • Rebecca is a class act, if she says she can do something for a client within her skill set, you can bet your bottom dollar she can! I'm pretty sure that you would feel like you had a couple of extra staff on your team once you have engaged her. Dave Birchall
  • When it comes to Internet Marketing, Rebecca Holman, is an absolute leader in the industry. I was fortunate enough to meet Rebecca through a professional group we belong too within the Internet Marketing industry. She is very insightful and has demonstrated an outstanding level of knowledge pertaining to the industry. She is very timely and helpful with sharing her knowledge, insight, and support to all of our other members within our group. For any business seeking help with gaining more traction online and wants to work with a true professional, I highly recommend they seek Rebecca for their consulting and business needs.
  • Rebecca is legit! I hired Rebecca to help me and I did very little definition of what I needed. She was able to hear me. Rebecca was able to listen in such a way that I did not have to figure out my future steps. Rebecca did research and thoughtfully prepared reports with very precise action plans. I enjoyed her up front communication and remarkable strategy as well as her implementing the plan we agreed on. The time frame was better then expected, she worked remote and Completed tasks successfully. I recommend Rebecca Holman 100% if she says she can do something, you can trust she really can. Ryan Duarte CEO Montana Root Applications, Inc.
  • Rebecca was clear eyed and level headed. Helping this tropical forester/restaurateur navigate the world of web pages, SEO, facebook pixels, google ranking, social media and webpage design and layout was not the easiest thing to do. Rebecca did a great job! She kept me focused and creative and made me take the time to do the job with her, the right way, and saw multiple projects over the finish line in style! I look forward to continuing to work with Rebecca when it is time for me to delve into SEO, google search ranking, Adwords or facebook ads with my new flashy website. You will be pleased you contacted Rebecca for help in the digital marketing world.
  • "If you're looking to increase your traffic or brand your company Rebecca has the skills and knowledge to make it happen. I highly recommend Rebecca for your SEO. Thanks, Paul"
  • In this crazy confusing world of the Internet, many small businesses struggle to survive. Rebecca has shown that she has what it takes to put a small business forward through that challenging maze of confusion. Calling her is the best thing you can do for your company. Trust me, I know
  • Rebecca is awesome! Absolutely fantastic service and her knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing in general is bar none. She has been very helpful and informative every step of the way and I couldn't have asked for more from her. If you are looking for more visibility online, more customers to your website and a increase in your conversions, you have found your answer in Rebecca. Thank you!
  • You know the Internet is a hard place to market sometimes. Rebecca Holman has become a trusted name in SEO and Online marketing for over a decade. Finding new and creative ways to help a business get that phone ringing, that is her specialty. I have seen her help many. I hope you will be one. Give her a call today!
  • Rebecca is an absolute savage when it comes to marketing. I mean that in a good way. She is super motivated, extremely hard working, and is always really helpful when I have a branding question or otherwise. I am very fortunate to have met her. She is a self starter which is very motivating to me when in need of inspiration.
  • Rebecca works hard to bring new businesses more clients, and doesn't stop until she gets their phone ringing. She has got the right tips and tricks that small businesses need to keep ahead in this marketing chaos. Call her up! I know first hand that she will handle your internet marketing with expertise!
  • Rebecca is a no nonsense, let’s get started business woman you need to have on your team. I have watched her work and seen what she does. I could sing her praises all day.
  • You know the Internet is a hard place to market sometimes. Rebecca Holman has become a trusted name in SEO and Online marketing for over a decade. Finding new and creative ways to help a business get that phone ringing, that is her specialty. I have seen her help many. I hope you will be one.
  • Rebecca is an online marketing professional, with a thorough understanding of everything digital. She has been a coach and mentor of exceptional talent, and consistently achieves fantastic results for her clients. I thoroughly endorse Rebecca to any business looking to simplify and streamline their online marketing.
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Rebecca and her consulting service. She has decades of experience and is up on all of the latest tactics. If you need to generate fresh leads for your business then you need to call her.
  • I was at a conference recently and had a colleague come up to me and tell me it was great to finally meet me and how was I getting listed at the top of the Google rankings for my business? Well… I want to tell you my secret. I call her my Marketing Mentor. I met Rebecca Holman four years ago at an on-line marketing class she was teaching. She is smart, accessible, and so, so knowledgeable! Rebecca helped me refine my website to get more traffic, did an amazing job updating and improving my YouTube channel, and encouraged me to expand my teaching into writing books. Along the way, Rebecca empowered me to learn how to do things myself, and to understand how and why she was implementing different tactics. Repeatedly, Rebecca has gone above and beyond, excelling with her professionalism and delivery for my business. Her work is outstanding. Her encouragement and knowledge inspired me to take my business to a whole new level! Really, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. These days, every business person needs his or her own Rebecca Holman! Elaine Sheff Green Path Herb School
  • Rebecca Holman can bring new businesses more clients, and get their phone ringing. Offering small business owners the tips and tricks that they need to keep ahead in this marketing chaos. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO. If you are ready to win, give her a call today to jump start your business.
  • Rebecca is the Digital marketing Diva! Forward-thinking and ever knowledgeable of all things to do with what is required to market you business, product or service online. You will find her services invaluable in growing your presence on the web. She won't disappoint.
  • Rebecca and her team are a huge part of the reason why my website gets a ton of organic traffic. She is able to calmly analyze competitive markets and outline digital marketing strategies that work like clockwork.
  • Rebecca is a very caring and helpful person. As an SEO and Social Media specialist, she is very professional and always overdeliver her services with great advice. No need to say she knows her stuff! If your company is in need of more traffic or branding, contact her now, you won't regret it!
  • Rebecca is a tornado of seo knowledge, and across the board internet and sales media knowledge. If you get a chance to work with Rebecca, grab it with both hands.
  • Being in the same search and marketing profession as well as having the privilege of working with Rebecca, I can honestly say that she has a passion for what she does and the customers that she works with. She is the consummate professional. Give her marketing firm a call and she will work miracles to produce results and increase your bottom line. Neng Thao Owner at 7Storms
  • Rebecca is a very helpful and passionate business coach and marketer. I'm constantly inspired by her passion to educate and aid others on the subject of growing a business online. She is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for informational sources of internet marketing. I would gladly recommend her to anyone look for an established coach or consultant in any area of online marketing.
  • Rebecca knows her stuff! If you are a business owner she is the right person to talk to. Her SEO, social media and internet marketing skills will sky-rocket your business to another level. If you are in need of a consultant, someone who can rise your brand awareness or to rank your web-site property, look no further, you are in the right spot! Kudos to Rebecca Holman.
  • Rebecca is a very helpful marketing coach and SEO consultant. She has the knowledge that can help and assist any small business to power up their local online marketing. Contact her if you want your phone to be ringing with more customers.
  • Rebecca is a true professional in every sense of the word. Her expertise in not only SEO but branding our story online through Social Media has been integral in growing the business. She does not mince words, speak of what she does not know, but instead brings a breath of fresh air to working with such a talented internet marketer. Do yourself a favor and get help from her.
  • Rebecca is an expert in her field. Her attention to details of her customers needs are far beyond expectations. Rebecca is passionate about helping other businesses succeed. She has mastered her craft in SEO and Social Media that will give any business the brand exposer that they need to boost their rankings. Rebecca's personable style sets her apart from all of the other internet marketers which is why I high recommend Rebecca for all of your digital media needs. Cheers
  • I have worked with Rebecca on several projects. She is an extremely creative individual and coach with exceptional vision and instincts as to what works well in the Internet Marketing industry. I am always impressed with Rebecca's ability to work with marketers and business owners that are overwhelmed with all the aspects of Internet Marketing. I would strongly recommend Rebecca's work to any person or organization seeking the finest results available when it comes to SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing.
  • When you read through Rebecca's testimonials you'll notice there is a lot of talk about how knowledgeable she is of SEO and the like, and she is! However there's one trait that she that is truly invaluable, and that's her kindness. When your speaking with Rebecca, and as you talk with her about your business, she has an air about her that wants to know more about YOU. She always approaches things in the kindest of manners and I honestly can't say enough about her. She is unbelievably knowledgeable, takes passion in her craft, and will not steer you wrong.
  • I'm in a high level online marketing group with Rebecca and I can say that she is a dedicated life long learner of marketing. She is up to date on industry trends, and can adapt when things change. Which is important in online marketing since things change daily. Great job providing so much value Rebecca!
  • If you are seeking a knowledgeable SEO Consultant, Marketing and Training Coach and someone who knows the cutting edge technologies to drive traffic, and deliver premium results, Rebecca has a client history that speaks volumes. Rebecca works with her colleagues and with her clients with one focus to deliver the results they desire. I have the pleasure of working both as a colleague and as a student and her talents and specialties are valued and exceptional
  • Rebecca Holman comes with my highest recommendations. She’s definitely on top of her game on SEO, Social Media and all aspects of online marketing! She is a genius at optimizing your business’s SEO and social channels for maximum lead generation. If you find yourself being overwhelmed with the lead generation and online marketing for your business, contact Rebecca today - you'll be glad you did!
  • Rebecca has provided me a clear focused strategy for getting my social media channels back on track again. Her expertise was refreshing and strategy implementation was seamless. I highly recommend Rebecca for your marketing endeavors.
  • I have found Rebecca Holman to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to all things SEO and Online Marketing related. Having a marketing accountability coach like Rebecca, a new marketer can cut through so much of the panic and overwhelm that keeps them back. You can trust that Rebecca can get you moving forward to your goals. So get unstuck and give her a call if you want massive results for your online business.
  • Rebecca is a "Shining Star" as she's hardworking and dedicated to helping others. She has provided guidance on website development and SEO integration several times even before we were properly introduced. She is very knowledgeable in all factors of SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing, and continues to stay in front of new techniques. I look forward to maintaining our working relationship and learning from her as she emerges as an authority in this industry.
  • Rebecca Holman has been an industry leader in marketing for over a decade. I have watched her in action and see that she cares about her clients and makes sure the job gets done. I highly recommend contacting her to help you with your marketing projects.
  • If you need help with SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing, look no further because Rebecca can help you get your business skyrocketing with sales. She is your one stop person that can coach you in learning Internet Marketing or Assist you with positioning your brand online through optimizing your social channels. If you are just overwhelmed with all the aspects with Internet Marketing, I highly recommend Rebecca to ease the frustration and help you going in the right direction.
  • Rebecca is a strong professional in the Internet Marketing industry. She is being trained by the best in the industry, and is utilizing that wealth of knowledge to help clients get on the front page of Google. She is also proficient in Social Media Marketing, bettering her clients’ organic traffic and conversions. Through all of these services Rebecca is a great asset to add to your business to for Online Marketing.
  • We admire Rebecca's way and attitude , her main point is to help people with all their Internet marketing needs. She is a outstanding SEO expert , Social Media and Online Marketing, so she is the "go to one stop person that can coach people in learning Internet Marketing or Assist people with positioning their brands online through optimizing their social channels. " She helped us out with our business , and she was there to help us out , every time we needed and felt heavy to achive our targets . We recommend Rebecca as a Online marketer but as well as a person who can give the "all in one "solutions for your Online marketing needs . MedMarketing Online Team Europe
  • Rebecca is part of a Mastermind Group based in the United States of America that is always ahead of the curve in matters of Search Engine Optimization and Online marketing. What is truly amazing about Rebecca is her genuine interest in helping her clients. She is my go-to person in all matters of SEO and Internet marketing. I find her coaching session very exceptional because she brings up-to speed knowledge to every training covering latest happenings in the SEO niche. Always have something new up her sleeve. I highly recommend her.
  • She is a very good internet marketer, dedicate to his customer's success and is always looking for new ways to reach customers.
  • Rebecca's enthusiasm for small business and internet marketing is irresistible! She is a joy to learn from and its an honor to be associated with her. I highly recommend getting in touch with her so that you can avoid costly mistakes and time traps and benefit from her extensive experience.
  • It is my belief that one great way to learn and progress is through osmosis. The people who surround you. Rebecca is the type of person that adds value in all situations. Whether it be in education, internet marketing, branding or speaking. Rebecca is always eager to help clients and create the best online strategy for their business to thrive. You not only get used to seeing results, but you get the added bonus, of learning plenty. I know I have!
  • Rebecca is super knowledgeable in SEO, Social Media, Consulting, and Online Marketing. She's basically a "one stop shop" that can handle any coaching and/or learning enviroment with regards to all things related to Internet Marketing! One of her strongest assets is her lightening fast ability to get answers! And her heart and passion to help people with positioning their brands online through optimizing their social channels is always evident, even in just having a casual conversation with her. She definitely has the experience, tools, and knowledge to assist any business in achieving their online visiblity and growth!


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