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Misty D. Waters is a USA Today bestselling author and a two-time LaunchPad Prose finalist. She is a multi-genre author who specializes in stories about heart-wrenching romance, adventure, and the power of destiny. Her books often explore the complexity of relationships, both of the heart and of the soul. Misty lives in Maryland with her two boys. You can also find her writing science fiction as M.D. Waters.

The beautiful woman in his dreams had been smoke. Here, now, in the flesh… She was the fire. He didn’t dare touch her again. Not yet. Not until he knew it was safe. She would burn him alive.
Augustus, A Sea of Echoes

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Read by Amelia Hugh

Augustus wasn’t simply attractive. He was a weapon deployed to piper away all the women from a village before razing it to the ground.
Selene, A Sea of Echoes