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Tips for Maintaining Your Supply After Returning to Work

Guest blog post by Tanya, IBCLCUnfortunately, it is not uncommon for moms to have difficulty sustaining their milk supply after returning to work. The transition back to the working world and the adjustment to the new normal of juggling work and family is stressful.  Add to that the fact that even the best pump isn't the perfect… Continue Reading >

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Motherlove® is so confident that you will love our products that we've always offered a satisfaction guarantee.We want you to be happy with your purchase from Motherlove. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, you can bring the product back to wherever it was purchased for your full money back. Keep in mind, if you ordered… Continue Reading >

Breastfeeding While Sick

Guest blog post by The Badass BreastfeederWhen I was a brand-new mom and my first son got sick, it triggered a fear in me that went all the way to my bones. I was still absorbing the idea that this tiny, vulnerable human being was totally dependent on me for his very life. Being faced with his fragility seemed too much to stand.It made… Continue Reading >

Breastfeeding Friendly Airports

Are you just settling down after a whirlwind of a holiday filled with pumping or breastfeeding sessions in airport bathrooms? If you found yourself hunched over a bathroom toilet expressing milk for your little one, know that you’re not alone. Finding a clean, accessible, private space to pump or nurse your baby can be downright impossible… Continue Reading >