best-cpa-review-coursesStudying for the CPA exam is difficult enough as it is. It’s even harder when you don’t have the best CPA review course. See, finding the right study guide will not only help you pass the exam, but it will help you become a CPA waaay faster.

Too many people struggle during their CPA study process because their review course gets in the way. Instead of helping them learn faster and retain more information, it ends up putting them to sleep and forces them to study tens of extra hours each section. That’s crazy.

You need a CPA study guide that matches your learning style and works with you instead of against you. For example, if you are an auditory learner, you benefit most from the top-rated CPA prep courses that include a ton of lectures. Likewise, if you are a visual learner, you will benefit most from study materials that include video lectures and instructors doing examples right in front of you. Finding a guide that fits you, is the most important thing.

Keep in mind that best doesn’t always mean the most well known. Don’t believe all the hype from big companies like Becker CPA review. They might have a big name, but their course might not be that great for you. It might work for some, but the price definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

So, how do you know which one is right for your studying process? Read my reviews. That’s why I’m here. I’ve used every set of CPA study materials on the market today and I can tell you that they all have different pros and cons. Some work better for auditory learners while others work better for visual learners. There are also better courses for international candidates and candidates who have been out of college for a long time.

Here are the most popular CPA prep courses out there. Read my reviews and decide which one will help you pass the CPA exam and become a CPA the fastest.

Here are the Best CPA Study Materials and Top-Rated CPA Review Prep Courses of 2018

Here’s a list of the best CPA review courses to help you pass the Certified Public Accountant exam in 2018:

  • Surgent CPA Review
  • Yaeger CPA Review
  • Wiley CPAexcel Review
  • Gleim CPA Review
  • Roger CPA Review
  • Fast Forward Academy
  • Becker CPA Review
  • ExamMatrix CPA Review
  • Ninja CPA Review

CPA Exam Review Course Comparisons

Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA Review

wiley-cpaexcel-vs-becker-cpa-review-courseMany CPA candidates want to know the difference between CPAexcel and Becker CPA because they aren’t sure if Becker is worth paying for. After all, it is almost twice as much as Wiley CPAexcel. Becker has long been known as the industry standard for CPA exam prep courses and has developed a reputation for helping candidates pass the exam. They offer live and in person lectures from CPAs around the country. This can be a benefit or a drag if you don’t want to drive to a class every night.

On the other hand, Wiley CPAexcel has developed a modern, online set of study materials that let you watch hundreds of hours of lectures at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, and skip any time you want. Plus, Wiley has a ton of other features that Becker doesn’t have.

Here are the main differences between Becker CPA vs Wiley CPAexcel:

CPA Review CoursesWiley CPAexcelBecker CPA
Test Bank12,000 Questions7,200 Questions
Video Lecture Hours130 HoursLive Webinars
Time LimitNo Limit6 Months

Also, Becker makes you pay an extra fee for EVERYTHING. If you want flash cards, more time to study, or any extra materials, you will be sure to pay more for them. There are no free bonus materials with Becker. It’s a super rip off!

Based on these two courses, Becker clearly isn’t worth buying. CPAexcel is a way better course and costs way less money. Unless your CPA firm is paying for you to use Becker, I would recommend CPA Excel any day of the week over Becker.

Wiley CPAexcel vs Roger CPA Review

wiley-cpaexcel-vs-roger-cpa-review-courseAnother comparison that you might be thinking about is how Wiley CPAexcel and Roger CPA Review compare with one another. That’s a good question because they are both more specialized review courses than Becker.

CPAexcel is best known for it’s short, bite-sized learning lessons, while Roger is best known for his fast paced, entertaining videos. Both of these are great choices, but let’s look at the stats for course.

Here are the main differences between Roger CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel:

CPA Review CoursesWiley CPAexcelRoger CPA
Test Bank12,000 Questions6,200 Questions
Video Lecture Hours130 Hours100 Hours
Time LimitNo Limit6 Months

As you can see, Wiley beats Roger in every single category. They are cheaper and have more questions and materials than Roger does. Unless you really want to have entertaining videos to watch, I would recommend getting CPAexcel over Roger CPA simply because it’s cheaper and has plenty of materials to use in your study process. You won’t have a problem passing the exam with Wiley.

Yaeger CPA vs Roger CPA Review

yaeger-cpa-vs-roger-cpa-review-courseAnother top CPA study material comparison is between Roger CPA and Yaeger CPA Review. Yaeger CPA is one of the older review companies offering a full suite of CPA exam prep materials. Both are great courses, but they are very different.

Yaeger CPA offers much more detailed lectures and lessons that can be somewhat boring for candidates who don’t need that level of review. This is, however, a great course for students who need that level of review. Yaeger also makes a point to go through each example in his lectures, so you can understand the concepts. Roger, on the other hand, gives a decent level of detail in his lectures, but he moves very fast. Many students have a difficult time keeping up with him.

Here are the main differences between Yaeger CPA Review vs Roger CPA:

CPA Review CoursesYaeger CPARoger CPA
Test Bank5,000 Questions6,200 Questions
Video Lecture Hours104 Hours100 Hours
Time Limit18 Months6 Months

Both of these courses are good choices for different types of candidates. If you want more information and explanations about accounting concepts, you should go with Yaeger CPA. It will give you tons of examples and explanations of all the questions. If you want something that will hold your attention and keep you engaged, you should go with Roger CPA. His videos are pretty energetic and funny at times. If you are on a budget, I would obviously recommend Yaeger. It’s like a third the cost.

Gleim CPA vs Surgent CPA Review

gleim-cpa-vs-surgent-cpa-review-courseTwo other CPA exam prep materials are Gleim CPA and Surgent CPA review. This is an interesting comparison because Gleim is one of the oldest CPA prep companies in the industry and Surgent is one of the newest. Both of them utilize completely different formats. Gleim uses detailed textbooks and a minimal amount of video lectures to prepare you for the exam.

Surgent CPA, on the other hand, uses adaptive technology to pin point your strengths and weaknesses allowing you to improve your knowledge without studying the same things over and over again.

Here are the main differences between Surgent CPA vs Gleim CPA Review:

CPA Review CoursesGleim CPASurgent CPA
Test Bank9,200 Questions6,840 Questions
Video Lecture Hours100 Hours350 Lessons
Time LimitNo LimitNo Limit

As you can see, both of these courses are pretty comparable. They are simply different. Gleim clearly has more questions, a bigger test bank, and more detailed study materials. Surgent uses adaptive software to try to understand your knowledge. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it’s not. The choice between these two courses really comes down to what type of course format you want: traditional or adaptive. Both will help you pass the exam.

What is the Top-rated CPA Review Course?

2018’s Top 7 Best CPA Review Courses Compared

Best CPA Review CoursesBest Attribute
Surgent CPA ReviewBest Value
Wiley CPAexcelShort Lessons
Roger CPA ReviewBest CPA Lectures
Yaeger CPA ReviewBest Student Support
Gleim CPA ReviewMost Detailed
Fast Forward Academy CPABest Priced
Becker CPA ReviewMost Well Known