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Vibrating Baby Monitor

Best Vibrating Baby Monitor For Deaf Parents

Vibrating Baby Monitor

Vibration and light are are two basic ways parents with hearing loss become alert of their babies cry. Flashing and vibrating baby alarms can provide  provide day and night monitoring when your baby is sleeping.

They are portable, so you can carry them around with you as you perform your daily tasks. However, you need to the range which is the  the first step for you to check as you begin comparing monitors.  But lets take this from the top. The better you understand how these devises work, the better you can decide what is the best solution for you.

The input into the device that activates is is your baby crying. Babies primary way of communication before they develop language is crying. This is one of the most frustrating situation for parents.  Are they afraid, in pain, sick, hungry or they need to be changes. They just cry and leave it up to you to figure it out.

It is even more heartbreaking for the parents who do not hear. The first action for baby monitors is to be sensitive enough to sound to catch the sound of crying but not necessarily when the baby turns or the rustling of the covers. The monitoring devise microphone should catch the sound, the right sound at the right intensity. Then the transmitter sends this signal to one of three basic receivers – a video monitor, a flashing light or a vibrating receiver.  These receivers could be fixed or portable.

Think about this for a minute. What good would a video monitor or a flashing light do for you if you are sleep? Not much.

Vibration is the only effective way to alert you. Portable vibrating alarms and external pads you can place under your pillow wake you up.  Flashing lights and video monitors help you “see” your baby’s cry when you are awake.

Longer effective range gives you the freedom to move around and be confident that you will know when your baby needs you. Effective range for best vibrating baby monitor means the signal can go through walls and floors and reach the receiver.

Adjustable sound quantity brings in higher degree of audio clarity with low static and interference. A good monitor provides the option for you to  adjust the microphone sensitivity and monitoring volume you place in your baby’s room.  You don’t want to rush in and turn the lights on and disturb your baby’s peaceful sleep for every murmur!

You may not be able to hear your baby but your baby could hear your comforting voice. A two way communication helps you talk to your baby until you reach him.