Fresh. Conscious. Clean.

Sometime around December/January, I had a vision drop in about what this life could be, how I wanted to rise, and how I wanted to see others do the same. I saw myself leading and sharing from a place of joy, confidence, excitement, and learning. I realized I wanted to help facilitate the connection between people, the earth, and their own inner voice.

I wanted to lend my voice to the shifting paradigm that health, wellness, and true vitality are in inside job. They’re tied to what we put in and on our bodies but also to the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, and the beliefs we experience over and over again every day. Mind, body, spirit. They all work together. It’s our vibration that matters.

I’ve taken the initial baby steps to enliven this vision by becoming a doTERRA wellness adcovate and a Beautycounter consultant. I’ve started a new Instagram page called @freshconsciousclean where you can keep up on all things essential oils, clean beauty, and natural living.

Using these products has helped in many practical ways by reducing our exposure to toxins, helping support our health, giving us plant-based remedies for things like headaches/digestive issues/skin troubles/you name it. But one of the biggest impacts they’ve had on me personally is the way they make me feel when I use them.

>> I feel healthy. I feel vibrant. I feel clear. <<

And I feel more inclined to act in ways aligned with those feelings. I’m certainly not perfect, but they’ve been extremely effective tools in bringing the feelings of health, radiance, and vibrancy to the forefront of my attention on a daily basis. They’ve also brought me so much joy!

One of the reasons I felt particularly called towards the business model of network marketing is that it draws on many of my strengths, but it also requires me to stretch in the exact ways I crave. There’s a part of my soul that feels enlivened in a new way – a way that requires me to push past my comfort zone, to heal old wounds and limiting beliefs, and to step into a role that feels uncomfortable in a lot of ways. I’ve struggled with the ability to confidently speak my truth my entire life. I’ve always been able to write openly and transparently, but when it comes to speaking those words out of my mouth, everything begins to shut down.

This is the beginning of my journey to get to the bottom of that and heal it. To move forward. To rise above. I’m no longer willing to let it control my life, to make me hide, and to shy away from things that feel scary. So I’ve taken the leap into this new role. And I don’t know what’s going to happen or where this journey is going to lead, but I trust that it will unfold as it should.

This new path is so much more than just the products to me. It’s a new paradigm. It’s a personal evolution. It’s a higher consciousness. It’s a deeper connection.

Even so, I hope you’ll find as much delight and enjoyment from these products as I have and that they’ll be highly supportive in your life as you embrace the au naturale way. #hippielife Kidding, kind of. ;) If you want to learn more or are ready to jump on board with essential oils, please send me an email at or reach out on Instagram. I’d love to chat with you, invite you a class, or even host a class for you and your people. And, if you want to learn more about Beautycounter, you can do just the same or you can also shop directly through my personal Beautycounter site!

From my heart, thank you for being here with me.