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Neo4j is the world's leading graph database. People everywhere are using Neo4j to find graphs in every industry, connecting data to make sense of everything.

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Neo4j 2.1.2 Now Available – Neo4j 2.1.2 Update

Neo4j is a Graph Database

Graphs are everywhere, used by everyone, for everything.

What is a Graph Database

What can I do with Neo4j?

Make recommendations, get social, find paths, uncover fraud, manage networks, organize your business…

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What is Neo4j

Who else is using Neo4j?

Everyone from global 500 enterprises, mid-market companies, startups, to governments and non-profits…

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How do I Get Started

How do I get started?

Learn graph concepts, try some queries, load your data, build your app, then launch the next big thing.

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Neo4j is used everywhere

Every industry that has data also has a graph.

Query with Cypher

Easy to read, powerfully expressive.

// Create a record for yourself
CREATE (you {name:"You", likes:"Neo4j" })
// Find your friends
MATCH (you {name:"You"})-[:FRIEND]->(yourFriends)
RETURN you, yourFriends
// Find someone who can help you learn Neo4j
MATCH (you {name:"You"}), (expert {knows:"Neo4j"}),
  p = shortestPath( (you)-[*..5]-(expert) )

Neo4j users share their stories

  • We found Neo4j to be literally thousands of times faster than our prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code. Today, Neo4j provides eBay with functionality that was previously impossible.

    Volker Pacher,
    Senior Developer, eBay
    Check out: eBay Now Tackles eCommerce Delivery Service Routing with Neo4j
  • The Neo4j graph database proved the perfect fit for integrating Facebook into the Glassdoor community. As a result we are able to provide a better experience for our members and provide them with real job recommendations.

    Ryan Aylward
    SVP and CTO of Glassdoor
    Check out: Glassdoor Scales with Neo4j in Its Integrated Social Platform
  • As the leading Telco provider in the Nordics, we need a reliable system to cater to our large user base. With complex dependencies between accounts, products and companies, Neo4j’s high performance engine provides flexibility of data representation along with features that extend beyond traditional relational databases.

    Sebastian Verheughe,
    Check out: Top 10 largest Telco Telenor Adopts Neo4j
  • I immediately understood the potential of the Neo4j and its power assigned to the field of access right management and we developed within 5 months the concept and the first beta for migRaven.

    Thomas Gomell,
    Check out: A Graph Database for Access Management

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