Thought Leadership

Innovation, Insight, and Shaping the Debate on Opportunities and Challenges

NetCracker has a proud tradition of bringing innovation and thought leadership to the BSS/OSS space. We believe that BSS/OSS solutions will remain fundamental to the growth and profitability of service providers, and we see it as a domain where sustainable and long-term value can be created and delivered.

From product innovation to industry standards to shaping the debate on leading challenges and opportunities faced by service providers, NetCracker’s contributions to the industry are well known.

NetCracker has long recognized that product and solution advancements mean little unless they bring direct business benefits and enable the transformation sought by service providers.

As service providers seek new opportunities and address upcoming challenges by transforming the way they operate, NetCracker remains committed to being the partner of choice by delivering solutions grounded in innovation and value.

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Thought Leadership

Press Releases

"We have already started to leverage NetCracker’s SOA-based web services to enhance the service experience when our customers contact us. We value our relationship with NetCracker and look forward to continuing to realize the benefits that its BSS web services have delivered for our business."