Net Minds has shut down operations.

First, we want to thank the community of writers, designers, and editors who have supported us and our vision. It's been a hard, but fun ride. The experience for us has been enriching beyond belief.

Being a very small and passionate team, we accomplished quite a lot. Unfortunately it was not enough to sustain; our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! We had acquisition discussions with some big names in publishing, but nothing was a good fit for either party.

Looking Back

When looking back at our mission, we wanted to reinvent publishing, an extremely fractured and broken industry. We were very polarizing, much like Democrats and Republicans. People either loved or hated what we were doing. Regardless of this polarization effect, our intentions were always good. I still believe in what we tried to do, empower authors, designers, editors, and marketers to control their own destiny and earn more from the fruits of their labor.

I personally believe that the industry desperately needs to change, and hopefully we've made our mark for the better. My hope is that people will continue to challenge the current publishing establishment and someone one day will find a way to change publishing. Publishers without quality content have nothing. We felt it important to always question the value they bring to the table. After all, it's your idea they're profiting from.

Where We Go From Here

Not surprisingly, our talented developers have found new positions at great companies and I’m sure they will excel in their careers.

Our co-founding team has been successful before Net Minds, and I believe we'll be successful after. We've all run very profitable businesses, which we are returning our full attention to. But we return with much richer knowledge, connections, and experiences.

For everyone working on a book or working with an author, thank you for being a part of the Net Minds journey. We wish you the best in getting your books into readers’ hands and making more money doing what you love!

Alan Baker
[Former] CTO of Net Minds