Built for Rails.

Easy app deployment.
Better app performance.

See how easy it is to get a serious Rails app deployed on Ninefold [2:08]

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Ninefold is a platform for deploying and running your Rails apps with the option of your own virtual servers. We built it on our own infrastructure, optimized it for performance and are backed by a publicly listed parent company.


A huge investment in enterprise-grade, bad-ass data centers.

300,000+ ft2

More than 5 football fields of concrete, steel, generators, and blinking lights.

Virtual Servers

Our virtual server options give you more flexibility than a Russian gymnast.

"As a developer of Rails applications, I have been somewhat disappointed by the slow progress in the deployment space of the past few years. I've been working with the Ninefold team because I believe it's important for the Rails community that Rails hosting constantly gets easier, and that our apps perform better." — Yehuda Katz
"Running a large Ruby on Rails dev shop means that we are always running into platform deployment issues through the stagnation of the Rails deployment space world wide. Ninefold has burst onto the scene with some serious innovation and are a breath of fresh air. Their offering coupled with high performance and dedicated support of their team, bodes well for the future of Ruby on Rails hosting worldwide." — Mikel Lindsaar
"At Palomino Labs, clients trust us to build high-quality software solutions that scale. We are particularly happy to see a new, innovative and well-resourced platform that streamlines Rails app deployment without overly abstracting the operational details. The Ninefold team is fantastic to work with and we are ecstatic with our experiences so far. In addition to being carefully optimized for Rails, Ninefold also provides powerful tools that expand the functionality of Rails apps. We strongly suggest that you take a serious look at Ninefold for your Rails apps." — Manuel Wudka Robles

Tuning the stack for Rails.

Economies of Scaling graph

As your app gets traction (in this case a simulation using Spree) the cost of each additional user served by your app should scale smoothly. In fact, thanks to economies of scale, you probably expect that it should cost less per user as you grow. It's a pretty cynical lock-in tactic to ramp up the cost per user right when it's most difficult to switch hosting platform.

Response time distribution graph

This is a story about how your app feels today, even under modest load. We've got a nice big hump in the sweet spot, but it's the far right that should catch your eye. Depending on where you're hosted one-in-twenty of your users are clicking and then waiting more than two seconds for something to happen. One-in-six get a pretty mediocre experience. We'd like to help.

Convention over configuration.

Sane defaults.

You don’t have to roll-your-own to get a sensible stack. Good performance without Yak shaving. We’ll even run your migrations on deployment.

Add-ons in the box.

The things you need come in the box. PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached and New Relic Integration.

We own and tune the stack.

We own the whole stack. In some places, we own it right down to the concrete it’s all sitting on. That’s how we can deliver substantially better app performance for your users, at a better price per delighted user.

Stand alone virtual servers available too.

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