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Build your online library of amazing things

Use Kippt to collect research, stories, inspiration and notes

Your ideas and inspiration in one place

With Kippt you can save links, read articles, watch videos, share notes and much more. Your collections can be private or public, or shared with the people you work with.

  • Great for

    Design Projects

    Use a collaborative list to collect inspiration and materials for your next project. Save images from Dribbble or from the web with just one click. Keep the discussion going in one place.

  • Great for

    Saving work resources

    Save useful resources like GitHub repositories, code libraries, fonts, tools and services. Make notes writing Markdown. Find the things you need with full-text search.

  • Great for

    Company library

    Keep everyone on the same page and learn with intra-company reading list. Track things like press hits, competition or helpful knowledge in one library. Read, comment and highlight the things you read.

Inc — A Kippt for Your Company

Share news, ideas and knowledge with your co-workers