When You Live With Your Griefer

, , | Romantic | May 23, 2017

(My boyfriend and I are playfully bantering in the kitchen, and he is “beating me” on every point I bring up.)

Me: *jokingly exasperated* “Can’t you give me anything?”

Boyfriend: “…Grief?”

Attack Of The Nerds (Video)

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Bra-ce Yourself For Non-Excitement

, , | Romantic | May 22, 2017

(I have just gotten home from work and haven’t changed yet. I pull my shirt up so my husband can see my bra. He really doesn’t respond so a moment later:)

Me: “Hey, did you even see what bra I have on?”

Husband: *without looking up* “Yeah, the super lacy, fancy one that make your boobs look big.”

Me: “Do you wanna know why I am wearing the super fancy one to work?”

Husband: “I guess… Is it because you didn’t have any others to wear today?”

Me: “Why is that the first thing you think of? I mean, you’re right, all my others are in the wash, but still!”

Husband: “I trust you too much to think of anything else.”

(He is no fun!)

Toilet Humor

, , | Romantic | May 22, 2017

(I’m looking on a popular online auction site for cheap self-cleaning/filtered kitty litter trays. It’s Friday and we rent our house. I’ve just found exactly what I’m looking for.)

Me: “Ew… It’s been used. Would you buy a used toilet?”

Husband: “Would you?”

Me: “No, I want your answer first.”

Husband: “Your toilet was used before you… You use public restrooms; they’ve been used before you…”

(I look at my husband and my mind just blows.)

Me: “Touché!”

Husband: “I just saw your mind explode.”

Announcement: Mid-2017 Update

| Friendly Hopeless Learning Related Right Romantic Working | May 22, 2017

Hey readers! We have some exciting changes to share with you:

Not Always Right – In addition to our new logo, you may have noticed all sites now bear the “Not Always Right” logo. This was done on purpose: having multiple sites was problematic and inefficient for both readers and staff. From now on, there will only be one site and one brand: Not Always Right. For our loyal, long-time readers, don’t worry — the former sister sites will remain in separate categories, but under a single unified brand.

All Tab – This new tab is exactly as it sounds: all stories from all categories under a single tab.

Popular Tab – Read our most popular recent stories from all categories.

Unified Unfiltered Tab – Unfiltered also gets unified, with all unfiltered stories from all categories under this tab.

New Commenting System – This was a tough call for us, but we’ve decided to switch commenting systems to Disqus. The main benefit will be that anyone (not just Facebook users) will finally be able to comment. The big downside is the loss of the old Facebook comments. Please note we are actively investigating a way to provide access to the legacy Facebook comments.

Unified Facebook Page – For our Facebook users, all stories from all categories will be posted to the Not Always Right page. The former sister site pages will no longer be maintained.

Random (under construction) – Thanks for everyone who noticed issues with the Random button! We’ve temporarily removed it so we can get it working properly. We’re also looking into making it pull only stories from the category you are in.

Got comments, suggestions, or criticisms? Please let us know in the comments below! And thank you as always for being a loyal reader and visitor!

PS – Please try clearing your browser’s cache if you have any problems.

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