Ogilvy Public Relations latest member of the GPRA

Ogilvy Public Relations GmbH is the newest member of the Association of PR agencies (GPRA), Berlin. The team led by Managing Director Babette Kemper has successfully completed the necessary audit so that the Admissions Committee of the GPRA is unanimously voted for the inclusion in the membership.

Wanna be creative? Then slow down and think more!

According to Lewis founder and CEO, Chris Lewis, we all need to slow down and make more time to think. Only then, he says, can we be more creative. Sadly, our lives are getting faster and faster. As a result, decision making has to be instant, and in our hyper-connected world, we are constantly distracted […]

The Future Of Urban Mobility

A new Deloitte study released today at CES in Las Vegas finds that a majority of consumers are not only becoming more aware of ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles, but are now starting to question whether they need to own a vehicle. Not surprisingly, the younger the survey respondent, the more likely they were to question […]

Ogilvy PR UK Wins Inmarsat Aviation Brief

The agency has been tasked with providing integrated communications across the corporate and consumer divisions of the Inmarsat Aviation division, which provides services to airlines and operators. The contract is for an initial period of one year. “We will be working to promote Inmarsat Aviation and its products and services to potential customers, consumers, and stakeholders,” […]

Welcome back Arthur Sinodinos – even if it’s temporary

The appointment of Senator Arthur Sinodinos AO as acting Health Minister will see the current Government distracted, but not derailed, on its health agenda in 2017. Insiders are reporting it will business as usual for both Sussan Ley’s and Sinodinos’ offices while the review into her travel expenses is undertaken. Leys’ office will continue to […]