Two months after his stunning electoral victory and as he gets sworn in today as the 45th President, it is becoming clear how, when and why President-elect Trump will use communications to drive his agenda. While there is no modern historical analogy to a Trump presidency and we are in largely uncharted waters, there are […]

Teach, tailor, take control – the three Ts of B2B content marketing

Your claims about why your product and brand are better than the competitor’s are merely claims. In this post, Ross Lambert  explains how to use content marketing to get the competitive advantage before your customers switch off. If you’re a B2B brand, are you doing enough to differentiate yourself in a market where success and […]

I Know This Much Is True

It’s harder than ever to know what is true. ‘Fake news’ has become a global phenomenon – leaving its mark on countries from the US to Germany, the UK, Sweden and Indonesia. In the final weeks of the US election, fake news articles had higher engagement on Facebook than real news. Craig Silverman of Buzzfeed, […]

Ogilvy Public Relations latest member of the GPRA

Ogilvy Public Relations GmbH is the newest member of the Association of PR agencies (GPRA), Berlin. The team led by Managing Director Babette Kemper has successfully completed the necessary audit so that the Admissions Committee of the GPRA is unanimously voted for the inclusion in the membership.

Wanna be creative? Then slow down and think more!

According to Lewis founder and CEO, Chris Lewis, we all need to slow down and make more time to think. Only then, he says, can we be more creative. Sadly, our lives are getting faster and faster. As a result, decision making has to be instant, and in our hyper-connected world, we are constantly distracted […]