Don’t Want to Miscommunicate? Try Face Time.

Let me paint a picture: It’s 4 p.m. on a Friday, and I’ve been exchanging emails with a coworker across the country all week. At this point, I can’t even remember my original point – in fact, I can’t remember what’s accurate and what isn’t anymore with all of these email threads. I’m frustrated and […]

Ogilvy Announces Sponsorship of 2017 Vivid Festival of Ideas

Ogilvy Australia, in partnership with the PRIA, has announced that it is the principal sponsor of this year’s Vivid Festival of Ideas Communication and Brand Event on June 13. According to the PRIA, brands and organisations are increasingly standing for social issues. We are seeing an intersection between brand purpose, values, consumer aspiration and consumption. Consumers […]

From Distraction Brands to Action Brands

The days of interruptive marketing are (happily) coming to an end, as consumers build up more and more power to choose for themselves what they watch, read, and experience. So brands need to embrace an earned mentality in their communications and marketing. Innovation is essential. But so is a heavy dose of old-fashioned storytelling, and […]

2017 In2 SABRE Awards EMEA Winners

Memac Ogilvy will be one of more than 25 public relations firms from across the EMEA region presented with an In2 SABRE Award during the In2 Innovation Summit at the Ham Yard Hotel in London next month. The In2 SABREs recognize excellence in various categories of innovation and insight—with an emphasis on content creation—as well as PR agency […]

ANZAC Character

On this Anzac Day, 2017, is this a question you would consider? What has Anzac Day become and what does it mean to us as individuals and as a nation? Let’s take a moment to reflect. Is it a day of national pride and celebration of our nationalistic spirit and identity or is it a […]