Stuart Smith, global CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations: Power List 2016

Anyone who knows Stuart well understands he is not only charming and has great diplomatic presence, but he is also a deep thinker about the industry. He’s won the admiration of colleagues across Ogilvy and WPP for his clear vision for the future of PR. And his first days “in office” were marked with bold […]

Navigating the Brexit bombshell

“People in this country have had enough of experts,” said the Brexit campaigner Michael Gove a fortnight before the referendum. Luckily for Mr. Gove nobody is an expert in what is happening as Britain – and the world – deals with the consequences of the UK voting to leave the European Union. Since the result […]

What the #NoBillNoBreak Live Stream Means for Brands

Whatever your political leanings #NoBillNoBreak is a watershed moment in the evolution of digital public affairs and the use of social media to bypass traditional channels of communication. It is also a defining moment in what is already an historic and transformational political year. In a Presidential election cycle in which Donald Trump has demonstrated […]

If you were ever told you’d never make money playing video games…look who’s laughing now

“You idiot! Switch that off, and do your homework. You’ll never get a job playing video games.” The words still ring in my head when I think of my school years, being chided by my father who was determined that I’d become a lawyer or a doctor. Well, who’s the idiot now?  What if I […]

Trust Your Inner Consumer

Pete Blackshaw, Head of Digital for Nestle, talks to Thomas Crampton about how a large company innovates and how he stays on top of today’s chaotic digital landscape.