Insight 20/20: How’s Your Vision?

Companies are looking to make analytics truly pervasive across their organizations and to achieve a goal of 100% data literacy.

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3 Very Different Companies Trust Their Customers’ Experiences to Cloud Infrastructure

A huge telco, a midsize software company, and an electric car-sharing startup reveal how they depend on Oracle Cloud to run vital, customer-facing workloads.

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Why Brands Matter, and Always Will

With great brand power comes great responsibility to earn customers’ loyalty by engaging them in creative, nonintrusive, authentic, even subtle new ways.

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Business Transformation: How to Succeed

Doug Kehring, Oracle's executive vice president of corporate operations, shares four lessons Oracle has learned about business transformation.

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What a Free Oracle Database Means to These 4 Developers

When Oracle recently launched a free version of its autonomous database, it ignited tens of thousands of sign-ups. These developers help us understand the huge reception.

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IT Innovation

Want More From Your Quarterly Cloud Updates? Here’s A 4-Step Plan To Take Advantage Of New Innovation

We’re using this process at Oracle to bring more than 100 new application features into our operations every quarter.

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