Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays

A Contemporary Picture Deserves The Best LightsThere is no single best art lighting fixture on the market, though optical framing projectors represent the most modern and creative approach to display illumination. Homeowners have a lot of system options to choose from when setting up a display, and every homeowner has their own priorities when it comes to executing display lighting. In general, though, they want maximum visual impact along with a sophisticated system design, and optical framing projectors can provide both to a superior degree.

Above all else, the best art lighting fixture should provide a look that people will remember. Optical framing projectors excel at this because they can be fitted with a masking attachment. The mask shapes the light to the subject, eliminating any spill that would typically sit outside the edges of the painting or sculpture. By removing the spill, the subject appears much brighter than everything around it and takes on a glow. The effect is made stronger by the projector’s halogen lamp, which is ideal for displaying color.

Homeowners also look for a streamlined, clean look from their system, and optical framing projectors deliver here as well. They are designed to be placed inside the ceiling, and because they can be aimed in any direction, they can be installed anywhere in the room. With smart placement, the system can be completely concealed from view, so it won’t distract from the display itself.

There are other advantages to the system as well, including reliability and safety, but what most homeowners will focus on is the technology’s clever design and strong aesthetics. Together, they can bring out the best in any art display.

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Making Home Improvements With Undercabinet Lighting

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.One of the easiest ways to make a major visual upgrade to a kitchen is with undercabinet lighting. This technology is perfect for filling in those dark spots in the kitchen with bright, warm illumination, and it can greatly improve the room’s look and feel with no construction necessary. But kitchens are only one application, as the fixtures can also be useful in workspaces, pantries and commercial settings. No matter where the technology is placed, it will improve the room’s form and function without requiring constant maintenance.

Undercabinet lighting used to be delivered with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, but this is no longer the case. Now, LED strips are considered the superior choice, as they provide more output, better efficiency, and better precision than older technologies. With their ultra-low profile, they are easy to hide from view, and the average LED fixture lasts more than twice as long as an incandescent bulb, and it will retain its look even when it is close to burning out.

LED strips are perfect for the kitchen, where they can be installed behind a piece of trim and fitted to the cabinet. The aiming trim, which Phantom Lighting can provide, will ensure the fixture is metered properly and won’t overpower the space. And with metal glare shields softening the illumination, there aren’t any distracting shadows present.

The effect makes the room look like it’s glowing, and not just merely blasted with bright illumination. It’s the kind of effect that will draw people into the space.

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Updating Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lights

ls_application12smIf a homeowner wants to update the way their kitchen looks, under cabinet lights are a natural choice for the job. The technology offers both form and function, and in many instances, it can replace exposed fixtures as the primary source of illumination. Homeowners need the right fixtures if they want to get the most from a system, though, and in almost every instance, this means creating a system with LED strip fixtures.

In the kitchen, under cabinet lights can add a great deal of color and warmth, making the room feel more inviting and more thought out. It’s important, though, that the LED strips are concealed from view, as the effect will be lost if they are exposed. This is why Phantom’s LED strips are made with an ultra-compact build that makes concealment easy. And the strips are designed to be paired with Phantom’s aiming trims, which ensure concealment and can be installed when there is no existing spot to hide the fixtures.

Concealment is necessary because these fixtures are usually installed at eye level. Of course, because they are at eye level, they can be just as functional as aesthetically pleasing. The strips produce focused illumination along countertops, which makes tasks like food preparation easier to perform. This is in addition to making the room look better, feel better, and function better.

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How Is Under Cabinet Task Lighting Used?

Under Cabinet Task LightingLight sources and lighting technology have evolved over the years. Under cabinet task lighting options from Phantom Lighting present excellent fixtures that act both as decorative and functional solutions for the home and office. This type of lighting provides an appealing ambiance, a soft glow that interior designers love to use as a way to enhance a room. Since the lights can be programmed or work off of a dimmer switch, the illumination can be adjusted to fit mood and circumstance. The kitchen is the room in the home where family and friends gather. When lights are under the cabinets in the kitchen, then food and drink preparation becomes that much easier, thanks to good light coverage and the absence of glare and shadows.

Lighting can make a significant impact on the decorative style of any room in the house. Under cabinet task lighting is a reasonably priced, relatively easy to install method for adding a modern look to any area. It can be diffused to create atmosphere, or brightened to highlight curios, or simply used to add a festive feeling to the home. For anyone tired of traditional incandescent lighting, hidden task strips are an obvious solution. Lighting under cabinets is a lovely way to bring another level of beauty to a room.

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Home Lighting Ideas For Adding Illumination To A Room

Home lighting ideas vary greatly and can help add a specific style to a room, whether warm and rustic, or cool and modern. Fixtures that focus on art displays, clean lines, or compliment the colors of the room will provide a professional finish. There are three main types of fixtures that are needed in a house, and these include general, task, and accent lighting. These types of fixtures focus on specific aspects of a room and help improve the quality of the room’s design.

Home lighting ideas should include general fixtures, because everyone requires some light source. This is one of the first places to start when designing a room. General fixtures can come in the form of ceiling mounts, recessed units, pendants and chandeliers. The functional feature can then be optimized with accent or task fixtures. A task fixture is intended to provide additional illumination in certain areas. This kind of fixture is helpful in almost every room as it can help with cooking, reading, bookwork, and applying make-up.

Finally, there are certain displays of art or decor that can be illuminated with smartly placed fixtures intended to showcase the artwork. The fixture can provide a spotlight effect, or an extra indirect source of illumination. With the right combination of fixtures, a house can be transformed and lit up as it was intended to be.

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When Should The NC Series Be Installed?

Phantom Lighting’s optical framing projectors are designed to fit into any setting, and the New Construction, or NC, series is the choice when that setting is still being built. Specifically, this model is intended for use prior to installation of sheetrock, and comes with a set of mounting bars that can accommodate joist spacing up to 10 inches high and 24 inches wide. For homeowners that like to plan ahead and ensure their projectors are firmly integrated into the ceiling, this projector model has no rival.

The basic function of each of Phantom’s five projector models, though, is identical, and the NC series offers the same excellent flexibility and visual impact that Phantom’s projectors are known for. It starts with unparalleled aiming capabilities, using a rotating ring and mounting cradle that allow for total vertical and horizontal aiming. With its aiming capabilities, the projector can be offset to better conceal its location, negotiate unusual room dimensions, and eliminate glare.

The projector is built with a MR16 75 watt halogen lamp. It’s the best fixture available for color rendering, which is why it is always the choice when illuminating fine art. The lamp is optimized with the use of Phantom’s proprietary lensing apparatus, which consists of a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses. The apparatus can be configured to emit one of several beam spreads, further shaping and aiming the beam.

Finally, with a pair of adjustable shutters or a metal template, the projector beam can be contoured precisely to the edges of the subject, producing a glow-like, lit from within look that is enchanting.

An optical framing projector is the ultimate lighting option when it comes to fine art, and with its NC series, Phantom Lighting can have a system ready to go before the ceiling has even been built.

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Why LED Festoon Lighting Should Be Used For Displays

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?There are so many benefits to LED festoon lighting that it is fair to say the technology represents a revolution in illumination. For more than a century, people have been limited to inefficient, unreliable forms of illumination. But diode fixtures have the power to change all that. Designed with highly efficient and precise semiconductor dies, diode systems offer unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and versatility in both residential and commercial applications.

LED festoon lighting wastes little power generating heat instead of illumination, which is why it can output several times more light, when compared to other fixture options, using the same amount of power. Diode fixtures are made with extremely stable parts, so they can take some jostling and impact. This also ensures they last much longer, and diodes can provide excellent performance for at least 50,000 hours. That’s an enormous improvement over incandescent and fluorescent systems.

In the years since diode fixtures have been commercialized, they have become more and more customizable. Now, they can be configured to produce one of several color temperatures or monochromatic hues, allowing homeowners to get that desired incandescent look, or something neutral and brilliant.

Diode technology has caught up to other forms of illumination, and there is no going back. It is the superior choice now, and will remain so far into the future.

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How Does Architectural Lighting Improve A Room?

Decorative cove lighting is easy with Phantom cove lighting that can be bent as needed.The power of architectural lighting cannot be overstated, as it can transform the way a space looks, from the inside to the outside. As home and business owners look for new methods to improve well-being, creative illumination is emerging as a powerful approach. But creative lighting displays, whether they are natural or manmade, are more than something pretty to look at. They also offer a great deal of functionality. So much, in fact, that many businesses are integrating cutting-edge systems into their operations.

So, what exactly can architectural lighting do? Its greatest impact is aesthetic, as well as a creative use of advanced technology. It could also be used to create a spot for more natural light to flow into the building and can give people something interesting to look at and ruminate on. Interesting illumination can also improve moods and stimulate people mentally, keeping them focused on what’s going on around them.

Of course, the technology is a must when displaying exhibits or products, and business and venue owners rely on it heavily in this regard. That’s not its only commercial application, as studies have found that professionals working under LED fixtures that mimic sunlight are much more productive than workers subjected to harsh fluorescent bulbs. Finally, creative lighting improves visibility in a space.

When done right, this technology is a multi-purpose, powerful tool for home and business owners alike.

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Cove Lights Add An Unique Touch To Your Home

Cove-HallwayImplementing cove lights can dramatically change the way a room looks, from the kitchen to the living room and beyond. The illumination features provide indirect sources of light that help give a room a relaxed and cozy feel. Not all designs are meant to be obvious; in fact, many installations are created to supplement already existing elements. Brighter sources such as chandeliers, recessed and pendant fixtures are usually the main lighting sources. By using a combination of these different features, a room or display is optimized for the best view possible. These installations help accent certain aspects of a room or a display.

Not all designs are necessarily boring either. Many creative designs benefit from the use of cove lights because they can be easily hidden. Staircases, for instance, are aspects of a home that are usually ignored. Yet, adding a feature can transform a modern staircase making it an unusual focal point of a room. Add fixtures to artwork or behind an aquarium to make these pieces stand out. Using vibrant colors, rather than traditional tones of white, can be an interesting way to decorate a space. No matter how the fixtures are installed, they can be designed to enrich and transform a space from basic to alluring.

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Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

ls_application12smWith modern kitchen cabinet lighting, a homeowner can make the most inviting room in the home feel even warmer and cozier. No other room offers the same range of decorative possibilities, and high-end fixtures like Phantom Lighting’s Elite and Ultra systems can be customized to a great degree. In the hands of a talented designer and installer, like Phantom, LED strips can be custom built for any space and offer a cohesive fit.

Kitchen cabinet lighting comes in several forms, including models that are installed under, above, and inside cabinetry. Fixtures that are placed under shelving units are also known as task systems, as they provide function as well as form. Task fixture systems provide spot illumination for countertops, making it easier for people to prepare food and clean. Task fixtures, like most other LED strip systems, are designed to remain concealed.

Fixtures placed above shelving provide an extra layer of illumination that fills the space. Because they are installed close to the ceiling, the fixtures bounce light off the top of the room and illuminate the whole room. Fixtures placed inside shelving are ideal for displaying precious glassware or China, and ensure there are no dark spots.

For the most complete and sophisticated look, homeowners should consider all three systems for their kitchens. Phantom’s designers can bring these elements together into a cohesive whole and give the home’s hearth a brilliant, inviting feel.

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