• Is Pinterest the right place for my business?

    Pinterest is a unique, albeit large, community of members. It may not be the ideal social networking site for your business. Here are a few questions to ask before you integrate Pinterest into your social media marketing strategy. Are My Prospects / Target Market On Pinterest? The majority of users are female on Pinterest. According… [Read More]

  • Top pins, garlic bread and not a shoe to be seen… #Pinterest

    One of the things that often comes up in discussion about Pinterest is how do they (Pinterest) chose the top pins? I don’t think Pinterest choose them, I think the community selects the top pins. And if you’d like this data in one easy to read location, then take a look at Repinly. Repinly is… [Read More]

  • Awesome board covers – thank you #Pinterest

    A new feature announced by Pinterest – Yay! Pinboard covers. Each board has the ability to have a “permanent” cover; a pin that is permanently at the top of your board until you change it. Unlike Facebook who have all kinds of restrictions on what the cover should contain, your Pinboard cover could be a… [Read More]

  • SEO for Pinners #Pinterest

    Pinterest can be used for a number of online business building goals. Most importantly it can be used to increase your online visibility with out needing a huge following to do so. You can use it to drive traffic. You can use Pinterest to build awareness of your brand and business. You can also use it to… [Read More]

  • Can I have more than one Pinterest account?

    Why do you need an additional Pinterest account? If you have a small business you might like a personal Pinterest account. It can be that your personal interests are very different from your business interests. An example of this is my Pinterest boards – I love the Game of Thrones and enjoy the odd episode… [Read More]