• Principal kills himself in school parking lot after resigning

    A Texas principal stepped outside of a meeting Tuesday afternoon and shot himself to death, officials said. Kirbyville High School Principal Dennis Reeves, 45, met with administrators Tuesday afternoon to submit his resignation from the position, according to news station KTRE. After the meeting, Reeves reportedly walked to his pickup truck in the school parking lot where he shot himself with a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol. The superintendent, who was in the meeting, saw Reeves in his truck and called police to check on him. Kirbyville Police found him dead in the truck with the engine still running and his foot on the brake, news station KWTX reported. Police said there was no note or anything

  • ICE Officers Dined At Cafe, Then Arrested 3 Of Its Cooks, Owner Says

    Federal immigration officers who took part in a “raid” at a Michigan restaurant Wednesday first sat and ate breakfast, according to the eatery’s owner.

  • Charging bear attacks hunter in terrifying encounter caught on video

    A Canadian hunter is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear. Richard Wesley was bow hunting near Fire River, Ontario, when he noticed a large black bear roaming nearby. At first, the bear seemed unfazed by Wesley's presence, but when the hunter makes a sound in an attempt to scare off the approaching bear, it charges. Wesley attempts to make as much noise as possible, and even punches the attacking bear in the face. The camera falls and the hunter returns just a few seconds later, visibly shook by the near death experience. "I should have shot a long time ago," Wesley says into the camera just seconds after the attack.  Luckily, the hunter walked away nearly unscathed.  "No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down," Wesley wrote on YouTube.  "Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome." 

  • New iPhone 8 pictures mean our worst nightmare might be happening

    If this new series of leaks is correct, Apple could be about to make a huge mistake. The biggest outstanding question about the iPhone 8's design is whether it will have a Touch ID sensor on the rear, or build a fingerprint scanner into the screen itself. Rear-mounted fingerprint sensors, conveniently placed in optimum smudging location next to the camera, are a slap in the face to common sense. Samsung went that route with the Galaxy S8 this year, but a recent series of leaks suggested that Apple had come up with a better solution. Now, we're not so sure. Images that appeared on Weibo , spotted by  9to5Mac , show the front and back of an iPhone 8 in different colors. Most of the design lines up perfectly with other leaks we've seen: dual camera lenses, mounted vertically, and a full-screen edge-to-edge display on the front. But none of that really matters. What we're focusing on here is the Touch ID sensor, prominently located on the back. It looks exactly like the Touch ID sensor you're used to seeing on the iPhone, but located just below the Apple logo on the rear. That, by the way, lines up perfectly with a set of schematics that were shared last month. Now, it's perfectly possible that those schematics and these images are fake. It's incredibly simple to Photoshop one button into an image, especially since we have plenty of references for what a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor would look like. But the fact is that we definitely can't rule out a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 8. Playing devil's advocate for a second, the execution of the Touch ID sensor in these images isn't the worst. The major problem with how Samsung did the rear-mounted sensor on the Galaxy S8 is location: it sits right next to the camera, meaning you're guaranteed to smudge the lens up all the time. In this image, you can see that the fingerprint sensor is much lower than the camera, nearly in the middle of the phone. The camera module is also in the top-right of the phone, far enough away from the fingerprint sensor that you probably can't even reach it when holding the phone with one hand. Don't get me wrong: moving from a front-mounted fingerprint sensor to one on the back is still a step back, and all of my fingers are crossed hoping that this leak is a fake. But if Apple is going to screw up the design, at least we can hope it'll screw it up elegantly.

  • If a nuclear bomb explodes nearby, here's why you should never, ever get in a car

    Nuclear blasts create fallout, which can harm you with large doses of radiation. Cars offer little protection from fallout. A surer way to survive in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion is to go indoors, stay put, and listen to the radio. The first thing you'd see if a nuclear bomb exploded nearby is a flood of light so bright, you may think the sun blew up. Wincing from temporary blindness, you'd scan the horizon and see an orange fireball. The gurgling flames would rise and darken into purple-hued column of black smoke, which would turn in on itself. As a toadstool-like mushroom took shape, the deafening shock front of the blast would rip through the area - and possibly knock you off your

  • This Flawless 45-Year-Old Model Will Make You Question Your Antiaging Routine

    You might be familiar with the old saying "age ain't nothing but a number." This model is living proof of that motto. Tokyo-based model Risa Hirako is known for showing off her flawless complexion on her Instagram feed. However, her fans are not just floored by her good looks but also by her age. According to Wikipedia, she was born in 1971, making her 45. Many internet users are in complete disbelief that her smooth skin is that of a 45-year-old woman, but we're not shocked at all. Asian women are known around the globe for using innovative (and intensive) beauty routines to preserve their youthful glow. And while we'd definitely love to know the specific products she uses, we can imagine they