The Bridal Shower!

An invitation honoring the bridal sbridalshowerinvitationshower of Janie Maxwell was fashioned to reflect details of the special event which would be held on the 14th of February of the year 2014 at a wine bistro. It suggested that the shower would start at 3 o’clock and would last until 5:00 in the afternoon. Furthermore, the invitation gave the guests an idea that the special occasion would be hosted by Grace Atwater and Margo Carter. The invitation also presented a hint about Janie which was showed on the bottom part of the card.

The bridal shower invitation we chose online exhibits a carefully chosen design. The font style used was simple but at the same time speaks of the elegance of the occasion. Also, the variation of the font was necessary to eliminate monotony of the design. The style used for the name of the bride was a perfect choice to show formality on the part of the honored guest. And then on another occasion, the font that followed varied to create a different atmosphere. The color of the theme on the other hand, suggests a not-so-formal occasion. Should the color of the background have been pink, then it would have created a different impression about the shower. So the theme color was just fit for the occasion. The flowers-in-a-jar arrangement was neat and stylish showing simplicity and sophistication all at once. The yellow and pink color combination unveils the personality of the bride. What a cute striped pink ribbon tied around the jar’s neck! Added to that, the tiny buds that go with the flowers was a perfect idea that suggests the beginning of a new life with someone.

Bridal shower invitation could come in different styles and designs. It depends on the choice of the bride and the creativity of the one who makes it. As long as the invitations speaks clearly of the details of the shower, variations can be done in making one. Most importantly, the design has to show the personality of the bride herself. It will create impression on her invited guests.

Overall, the purpose of the bridal invitation was achieved. It was simple and direct. The shower details were complete. There was no necessary information missing. The choice of color, font, and design was intricate but at the same time, it manifests smart elegance. In addition, the design was a chic way of inviting guests. And finally, a relevance to the wedding invitations was clearly manifested in the arrangement of the bridal shower invitation.