ProBlogger Tips and Advice on Blogging for Dollars en-us 2006-02-22T00:07:31+10:00 Adrenaline Blogging Today has been a massive day of blogging for me. While I tend to have full days with moments to relax - today was full steam ahead. I woke up to find that Lifehacker had picked up the Blogging... Darren 2006-02-22T00:07:31+10:00 AdSense - Fewer Ads, More Money? Interesting post over at Inside AdSense (the official Adsense blog from Google) that explains what has been going on with them having less ads per ad unit than previously. They explain the move as follows: '“When we have a... Adsense Darren 2005-08-18T23:35:24+10:00 Blog Case Study - Is it time to Quit? I just stumbled upon an interesting post by Jack Krupansky who will celebrate his first six months of blogging by quitting his blogging activities (on 18 August). Jack writes: 'I've put a huge amount of work into my FIVE... Case Studies Darren 2005-08-04T18:43:33+10:00 MyBlogLog Update - Track your Outbound Links In March this year I posted about a service called MyBlogLog (affiliate link) - an online service that tracks where people go when they leave your blog by looking at the outbound links that they click. I originally used... Blogging Tools Darren 2005-07-27T11:57:11+10:00 Adsense Link Units - Weblogs Inc Closes in on $1M in a Year Just to keep things in perspective Jason Calacanis posts that Weblogs Inc is getting close to the number of dollars earned in a day that would take them to earning $1 million in a year. He reports that they... Adsense Darren 2005-07-21T20:59:57+10:00 Darren 2005-06-04T01:34:15+10:00 Less = More with Adsense Scrivs gives and insightful update on his decluttered design approach to adsense - the results speak for themselves: 'Ever since I made the changes to the design of many of my sites to the extra minimalist style I have... Darren 2005-06-01T17:22:14+10:00 Chris Pirillo on excerpts in RSS feeds Chris Pirillo has a good explanation of why he's moved his RSS feeds to excerpts only. It's the same reason why I've done it and why I'm noticing more and more top bloggers going with excerpts also.... Darren 2005-05-24T15:28:08+10:00 Google to Let Advertisers Target Sites - Adwords Site Targeted Ads Google is beta testing a new feature for AdWords that will allow advertisers to choose which sites their ads will appear on - Site-Targeted Ads. They explain the program with the following statements: 'Since Google first introduced AdWords, advertisers... Adsense Darren 2005-04-25T19:02:32+10:00 ProBlogger has moved ProBlogger has moved and had a complete redesign - you can now find all my new and old tips, case studies, problogger news and other writing at Change your bookmarks now and get our new RSS feed at ProBlogger News Darren 2005-02-06T20:59:07+10:00 RSS ads in Boing Boing One of the biggest blogs going around, Boing Boing, has decided to experiment with RSS ads in their feeds. They publish their full content in RSS and have placed ads on every third ad using the contextual ad service... RSS Darren 2005-02-06T00:09:41+10:00 Does Frequent Posting Boost Traffic? Susannah is tracking if her blog's traffic levels correlate with her levels of posting and writes: 'Generally speaking, it looks like the theory of more posts = more traffic holds true, but of course what the logs don’t tell... Blog Promotion Darren 2005-02-05T23:44:01+10:00 3% decrease in Keyword Cost in January Those bloggers utilizing Adsense as an income stream who track their statistics usually notice that the price paid per click fluctuates from month to month. I track my cost per click earnings and it is not unusual to have... Adsense Darren 2005-02-05T11:44:41+10:00 Hopes of a Professional Blogger When I asked readers at for questions for my upcoming interviews with Professional bloggers - Bobby Masteria asked: 'Ask long time probloggers what have been their fears, hopes and expectations.' I've written about my expectations and fears and now... ProBlogger News Darren 2005-02-05T01:03:55+10:00 SEO Techniques Tanya at SEO and Affiliate marketing blog is writting a well thought out series of posts on Search engine Optimization which so far has four steps to it. Step 1 - Picking a domain name Step 2 - Research... Search Engine Optimization Darren 2005-02-04T19:22:11+10:00