Gerencser – Dear Dax, Words Have Meanings

Editor’s Note: Here’s a chance to vicariously enjoy the schooling an evangelical pastor-turned-atheist gives to practicing pastor he has clearly has minimal respect for. This is an excerpt from a lengthy blog post (reposted with permission) in which the pastor is thoroughly chastised for his portrayal of people who have not accepted Christ. ===================== By [Read More…]


Editor’s Note: This was originally written this past February and unfortunately it’s just as timely several months later. I guess I vainly hoped that things would have improved by now, but I’m afraid they’ve gotten worse. Still, as our naturalized American writer says, we should keep on fighting. This post, which has been lightly edited, [Read More…]

Re-interpreting Mystical Experience

Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever thought of trading your current set of beliefs (or non-beliefs) for mysticism, this discussion will give you pause. It’s written by an expert – a former long-term yogi who is now an atheist. ===================== By “Scott” What creates feelings of ecstasy and a sense of contact with universal oneness? What’s [Read More…]

Letting Go of Fundamentalism

Editor’s Note: Meet Matthew, a new Clergy Project member who tells us how he finally left a ministry he was supposedly destined to lead. I hope we’ll be hearing a lot more from Matthew. ================== By Matthew Hullinger I was born and raised to be a Pentecostal minister. My great grandfather was a Pentecostal minister, [Read More…]

Counting Down to the Final Easter

Editor’s Note: This calculation shocked me and rather upset me, because I like Easter – at least the music and spring flowers part of it. I suspect those universally enjoyable aspects of the holiday will persist, even if ancient religious celebrations of a resurrection story finally come to an end. ============================= By Bob Ripley Twenty Three [Read More…]

Why Are So Many Evangelical Preachers Arrogant and Full of Themselves? (Part One)

Editor’s Note: This former preacher waxes eloquent about the kind of guy he used to be. ====================== While it would be easy to answer this question simply by saying that these so called “men of God” are narcissistic Assholes for Jesus®, the correct answer is more complex and nuanced. In what follows, I will use [Read More…]

The Birth of a Nation: Uncomfortable truths writ large

Editor’s Note: This essay has it all: The horrors of slavery, modern day racism, accusations of sexual assault, Hollywood intrigue and Biblical admonishments! ==================== By Bob Ripley Over the weekend I finally watched (a 2016 version of) The Birth of a Nation.   Set against the plantations of the southern United States before their Civil War, the [Read More…]

A Recovering Yogaholic

Editor’s Note:After reading Scott Jacobsen’s interview with “Scott”, the former Self-Realization Fellowship monk, I wanted to know more about him and the religion that he left. Maybe you did, too. Luckily, his blog, Skeptic Meditations is full of information for people like me who are pretty ignorant of this form of religious practice. I have [Read More…]

Interview with “Scott” of Skeptic Meditations

Editor’s Note: Rational Doubt is grateful to have another Clergy Project member interview done by Scott Jacobsen of Conatus News. This one is a little different in that the member being interviewed is not what you immediately think of when the word “clergy person” comes to mind. Read on. By Scott Douglas Jacobsen, Founder of [Read More…]

The Real Reason I Left Christianity

Editor’s Note: This former pastor became a non-believer, like so many of the people who contribute to this blog. So he left ministry, as so many do and so many others intend to do. But it was in a recent conversation with a Christian friend that he inadvertently discovered another, more fundamental reason for leaving. [Read More…]