The Checklist That Professional Web Hosting Companies Use When Serving You

Professional web hosting companies use best practices when engaging with a customer both new and established. To ensure adherence to these practices, the use of checklist has evolved. The evolution of the checklist is based on several factors. For example, technology and the market are always upgrading to the next hierarchy of innovation. This translates into a boon for the professional web hosting companies. It behooves them to take forward thinking steps in the most crucial component of first client contact. The checklist is the ultimate right hand tool that will ensure the entire needs of the client exceed expectations.

It is clear that a checklist is a very specific document with the capability to operate with flexibility. For example, one may find checklists with headers encompassing broad areas of focus such as cost or budget, customer support, reliability or speed. They will have additional bullets that further define parameters and deliverables. Then there is the more in-depth checklist that borders on questionnaire. The most thorough and efficient projects have this form of checklist. Oftentimes, the client will receive the checklist in advance as a way to maximize time resources of the project. The web hosting company will fill in the blanks based on the initial written feedback with their expert solutions. The final meeting to tie up loose ends before the contract is executed can be an opportunity to fill in the questions that require both parties.

At a minimum the checklist should have the following outline. The goals and objectives should top the list as it sets the foundation. What is the targeted audience you are trying to capture? What design you are trying to establish for your brand? What type of user experience should the project provide? Discuss the management options of client content. Review the current infrastructure or the technology that will be required for a successful launch. Marketing is on the checklist of the exceptional web hosting companies. This is a reflection of being proactive, which is especially crucial with this type of project. The last must have checklist item is general information. For example, this item will allow a discussion about the finished product of the client’s web site vision.

News from the mobile world


Every day brings something new and exciting in the tech industry. And it is even more obvious and visible in the mobile industry. This key player is on the rise, as almost everybody now days is sporting a smart phone, smart watch or smart glasses. A tiny changes in the upcoming phone model can mean a world of difference to millions of users and software updates are hailed with more interest than passing seasons or comets. So, what’s new? What did you miss?

androidAndroid for work – cutting down on costs and making their employees more productive and efficient seems to be all the rage these days. And it’s no wander, as the place for improvements keeps adding on! Google is trying to capitalize on that idea as they release new Android options that enable working people to use their smart phones for business. New apps integrated in the Android will enable workers and companies of all sizes and structures to integrate Android system into their workflow. This will help their productivity and connect their employees and at the same time make Google more powerful and omnipresent. Good move Google!

gty_siri_iphone_jef_111202_wg1Siri learns new languages – if you are an Apple user from India, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark or Russia, well: good news everybody! Siri is coming to your language area. New update for iOS will include the pack with 7 new languages, fully functional with all the options for the foreign Siri, already boasting a wide array of languages covered. Voice activated assistant will now be able to help even more people and this is especially good news for people that rely on this option for health or other reasons.

140106C.Steel-TrioPebble – there is not much of an introduction needed for this player! Over a million watches sold is a story for itself. And now, Pebble is returning to the Kickstarter as they release the new Pebble Time. New Pebble will be a mix of something old and instant classic taste will remain, but there will be changes. New design is more compact and thinner so it’s easier for everyday wearing. Helping along that way is also the fact that new watch will have curved soft edges. Novelty is also the color screen, but with the feel of the old one – as it is still based on the same, e-paper, technology. This way, new watch is still battery friendly and visible during the day light.

galaxys6Samsung S6 – days before the grand release, the big secret of the final design of the new flagship model is being hinted left and right. What seems to be more than obvious now is that S6 will have a curved screen, or at least a version with such a feature. There are also rumors to support the claim that S6 will be released in two versions, and they seem to be true. but, we are days from finding out, so have patience.

4 Ways to Save Money Quickly When You Have Little Funds

We all have had money problems at one time or another, and with the rising costs of pretty much everything, we all can use a little help to save money here and there. Instead of opting for the expensive name brand items in your local grocery store, opt to buying the store brand item instead. Things like cooking oil, milk, coffee, cereal, chips and other things of that nature usually sell for three to four dollars cheaper if you buy store brand items rather than big name brand, and they taste almost exactly the same. Saving money in the grocery store will give your budget more breathing room and you wont have to give up the amount of food you purchase each trip. Resale stores for kids and adult clothing can be a big money saver, you can often find name brand clothing for about 60% cheaper than buying it from department stores. Some clothes are gently used but resale shops build their customer base on good reputation and are very picky about the clothes they buy and resell, so you wont be finding any mystery stains on any clothes you choose to buy. An added bonus is you can sell clothes you don’t wear anymore for store credit or cash on hand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for ten years we all know about the immense benefit of coupons, they even have a show based on people who obsess over it. Now you may not need to buy forty rolls of toilet paper, but the free ads and coupon books that come by mail are worth a look. Many have coupons for non-daily things you spend money on at least once or twice a month like getting your hair cut. For some reason Tupperware is always an expensive item and you end up loosing three lids in the black hole of your kitchen. Saving containers from sour cream, whip cream, butter tubs, plastic take out boxes (like the ones Applebees uses) and larger yogurt containers can be used for Tupperware to keep leftovers viable without having to buy ten dollar packages of bowls. Small things can be done and will affect your budget in a big way and the saved money can go straight into your savings account or just be there to give you the satisfaction of not having a zeroed out balance until the next paycheck.

How to Avoid Getting Charged Too Much on Your Home Phone Bill

There are several great ways you can avoid unnecessary fees when it comes to your home phone service. Traditionally, home phone service is provided through land lines and a local phone service provider. The problem with traditional services, however, is that they are expensive for what you get.

Companies try to counteract this by coercing you into buying unnecessary bundles that package home phone with high-speed Internet and Digital TV. In today’s day and age, there is no need to fall prey to these marketing tactics, given that there are better alternatives elsewhere. Two of the best home phone alternatives to help you save are using your pre-existing cellular phone or making a transition to VoIP.

Cell Phones

With a cell phone, you can bridge that plan into a home phone system. You can either use a special device provided by your cell phone provider or by purchasing a home phone that supports Bluetooth linking. Generally, however, this can be an expensive addition to your already existing cell phone plan, given that you will need to purchase a second line or add extra minutes. This could add as much as $30-40 dollars on your phone plan, and you will incur regulatory fees and taxes just like a traditional land line.

For these reasons, VoIP is usually a preferable way to save.


Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest and greatest way to connect a home phone system in an affordable way. Many ISP providers offer VoIP with their Internet package, but the price is usually as expensive as a traditional land line. As such, a preferable strategy might be to find great rates on a stand-alone VoIP service that offers highly affordable rates such as Vonage.

VoIP phone service is designed to help you save big every month by providing phone service that relies on your existing high-speed Internet connection. With this connection, you will be able to make domestic and international calls, and even better, you can take your home phone number with you wherever you use your smartphone. You will be able to receive calls and make them via Wi-Fi or a 4G connection, ensuring you will always be able to make important calls. As such, given the great savings and convenience VoIP can provide, it is one of the ideal ways to cut down on your home phone costs.