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Flurry Marketplace
Flurry Marketplace

Introducing Flurry Marketplace, the only mobile app RTB exchange supercharged by Flurry audience data - buyers and sellers harness this data to increase ROI, maximize yield, and reach target audiences at scale.



Mary Ellen GordonMary Ellen
Director, Insights July 02, 2013
How To Reach America's Mobile Moms
Apps are telling - they signal our personal tastes and interests. There are probably nearly as many unique combinations of apps as there are devices, and the apps we use reveal a lot about us...
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Simon KhalafSimon Khalaf CEO June 13, 2013
A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer
The mobile revolution has been dubbed by many as the trillion dollar revolution. While it is still hard for anyone to quantify the overall economic impact of the mobile revolution, it is clear that mobile devices and apps are changing every aspect of our lives...
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