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social book marking.

Just in case anyone cares I just booked an 8 minute spot at the Comedy Store on March th in their Belly Room.

If you dont care, please disregard this message. what time, please 8pm. $8 cover thatd be damn cool. 8. lucky. hmm. $8. to make fun of. youre creepy and negative. creepy. not as creepy as what Tub Girl does for him. wow. congrats I dont think thats a very easy thing to get.

8 minutes is sweet. thanks for that yeah, a promoter for them saw the show at the Improv on tues night and gave me a call today. me happy. okay, so that rules. you left that part out before.

beers are in order. soon. before, during or after? or all 3. fine with me. all three works for me. well figure it out.
celebratory beers. celebatory? beers for not having sex? j/k.

my AIM just died? you? dead AIM server can not be reached at this time. weird. must be just me. i dont think I had 0% warning or anything. cannot detect proxy. not just you. everywhere. mine too. sort of half working. let the heckling begin! is throwing allowed? if i were out there id support you. i have a friend doing stand up in boston. hes terrible but ill still go to support him. weird, im not funny either. but i appreciate the support. they saw something Seriously I have lots of stand-up comic friends and even at the open mics where you get 3 minuted then the red light there are some funny sets.

They only have 3 minutes. You got 8.
Feel good. (but dont get cocky). Na, very humble. im grateful that ive gotten this chance. I still do open mics and usually its between 3 and 5 minutes. Its good practice, and some people are surprisinglly good. While others. are absolute hacks.

Whats the deal with cancer.

I love that Seinfeld episode. I still love the cheers episode. where cliff does stand up with the catch phrase whats up with that?

at the end of his set, the entire place has emptied except for norm and the janitor and cliff says, Nahmy, whered everyone go? and norm replies nonchalantly Oh, they all left when the bomb went off. Really, whered the bomb go off? Oh, right about where youre standing now. hes awful. they put him on last because none of the other local comedians that do free stand up refuse to follow him. he tells jokes about punching women and getting blow jobs from his sister. its embarassing and i still go when i can to support him because well hes actually not a bad guy. just has some social problems. . do women in the audience throw stuff at him? I hope you dont. applaud bad attempts at comedy. i wanna go Of course we care Congrats!

Thats awesome. hooray for you! african nation crossword clue


thanks for the cat advice last night My cat is now on He did have an urinary tract infection.

My bigg problem now is keeping him inside. He is begging and begging. But he needs to be medicated and monitored. Glad it all worked out for the b Glad he is okay. Did the vet recommend a diet change? Some times certain pet foods are good for urinary health.

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Ladies! Great deal, thought Id share. SO sent me a really great coupon code this morning for Brecks. com. Its a site that sells seeds and bulbs for all you gardeners.

The coupon is for $20 off $20. Shipping is about $6 so if you keep you order around $ you can order something and ship it all for free.

I myself do not garden but I was able to buy a small planter and some tulip bulbs to set in my window.

After you order, click Redeem coupon. Leave account box blank and in key code box type 7971.

My order went through for $0. Thought Id share the wealth! I dont garden, but thats very nice of you! thank you very much! I cant wait to plant!
Just to get a jump on , I bought grass seed and potting soil and planted grass in about ten different baskets and shallow containers. I love watching it grow and when it comes in it smells heavenly. its fun to mow with a pair of scissors! that sounds nice. Id do it, but my cat would. eat all of it. :(. LOL that is why all my plants are outside. except cacti on the top shelves. the cats know better than to mess with those. my cats even try to eat my broom all the time. since it is the straw kind. wow!!!! thank you :). cannot beat that deal. how did you find a planter? I didnt see anything like that. found it on the same page as the tulips thanks :) I LOVE flowers although I seem to do. poor with bulbs. Im terrible with flowers. But Ive had good luck w/ two plants. one is called a Spath Plant, or Peace. its an indoor plant, and it WILL NOT die. When it needs water, it will start to droop terribly, but then you water it, and it perks back

Demolition of the Odeon Cinema in Nottingham- 2 up. fantastic, because it reminds you to water it :) I also have good luck w/ Geraniums. they do better on less water too. thanks I think lilies are poison for cats. at least I know eater lillies are. so since I have three and it is an indoorthat one is out. what is the spath plant? I good with plants but bad with flowers and vining fruits. meant lilly = cat poison thx for the tip. single mom always needs. a freebie!!! wow thanks!! its going to snow here in Boston. but I decided to get my gardening act together this week and be prepared like a good Girl Scout. thanks for sharing the coupon!!! :( didnt work for me. and I found a cool lilly looks just like a pineapple. Decided it was so silly I was going to get it. and of course keep it outside away from cats. me either. did you not get any off or just. shipping? was your order before shipping $20? worked for me! thank you so much! could it be where i live or what? I want the pineapple lilly oh maybe it was the item I chose. i read somewhere they dont ship to CA oh wierd cause I have been getting their catalog. for years. but I have never ordered. Thanks for the info! I love free stuff. Now all of us will have these nice blooming flowers. :). didnt work for me. called them and they. say $20 excludes shipping. but mine didnt take at all and you cant see what youre going to pay till you submit the order. i called to cancel it and she said she did, but there is no confirmation of that. jobs in surrey no experience required
Link Easter.