Reference Success: Customer Marketing Strategies and other topics

  • RO Innovation acquires Boulder Logic

    Funding and Acquisition Position RO Innovation as the World’s Largest Customer Reference Management and Sales Enablement Organization DENVER, Colo., March 2, 2016 – RO Innovation, the world’s leading provider of customer reference management and sales enablement solutions, announces the closing of $1 million capital funding in order to support the […]

  • Why internal marketing is important for a successful customer reference program

    The importance of internal marketing Often overlooked as a key player in any marketing strategy, internal marketing is one of the most important elements to the success of a customer reference program. Some of the biggest challenges related to customer reference management, including influencing behavior across the company, are eased […]

  • How to be efficient with customer references

    We believe in and promote the value of efficiency. Be efficient in any work you do and you are guaranteed to go farther, faster. There are many benefits to a well defined customer reference program.  Whether your program is managed with spreadsheets or has the advantage of a technology platform, one […]

  • Why be a reference customer?

    Why be a reference customer? It’s a common question. What would motivate someone, particularly a busy executive, to be a customer reference for your company? There are many good reasons to use gamification (having points, perks and rewards) as part of your customer reference program, but the key motivator, particularly […]

  • Determining what makes a good reference customer

    In customer reference management, quality vs. quantity is the key to success When you are building a customer reference program, it is easy to be sucked into the fallacy that more is better when it comes to building your reference customer base. You or your manager may have a goal […]

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