Obtaining The Right Coupons

Many people who smoke wanted to limit their budget for the expensive cigars but find it hard to keep themselves from puffing a stick or two. They can actually save money by collecting the plethora of electronic cigarette coupons from manufacturers for specific brands and cigarette products which are freely provided to the public and are actually up for grabs. They just need to bring the coupons to the grocery stores or drugstores and present the codes to the cashier for them to get discounts upon the purchase of the products. 

To obtain these coupons, it is advisable to select beforehand which particular product or brand of e-cigarette to collect based on the preference. To know the manufacturer of this product, get a pack and read the manufacturer label printed outside the pack. Once the product manufacturer like V2 Cigs or Green Smoke is determined, it will serve as head start towards doing the other necessary steps in collecting coupons of all other products under the same manufacturing company.

Next step is to go online and visit the website of the manufacturer to check out what offers or free coupons are available there. Most of the time, the manufacturers post plethora of samples that their brands cater on their website for the customers to try out. Manufacturer websites also provide information of their upcoming coupons which can be printed and likewise redeemed at the store.

For those who are active in social media such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites, they can follow and subscribe to the e-cigar manufacturers so that they can regularly receive updates from the manufacturers. E-cigar manufacturers feed live updates from their social media accounts which will then be feed via Really Simple Syndication or RSS into their follower’s social media accounts. In most cases, the updates that the manufacturers post from the accounts include promotional offers with discount coupons that are up for their followers’ grabs.

Not only that, most e-cigar manufacturers have paid advertisements in some internet sites where one can search for free coupons. These websites also features user feedback on the validity of the offer as well as their experience about the particular product of brand that they had used so far. In some cases, consumer ratings and reviews of the specific e-cigar brand is also provided to help and guide other consumers and would-be users.

For those who prefer the traditional method, it would also help to review the inserts and classified ads section of the newspapers delivered right at the doorstep. E-cigar manufacturers may have included promotional codes of their new products which can be collected and cut out from the pages. Keep these printed codes handy and present these to the cashier before handing in the payment for the purchased items in order to avail of the discounts stated in the promotional coupons from companies like V2 Cigs as seen with http://v2cigcouponcodes.org – who have great V2 Cigs coupon codes available.

It is also advisable to check out the packaging of the e-cigars that you are bought from the store. There are cases when manufacturers put coupons on the packs as part of their promotional offers to their customers. So do not just puff the e-cigar sticks, be alert also on the possible saving opportunities present in the current pack you are holding.

For those who wanted to take a step further, get the manufacturer’s contact information from their website and send them an email or make a telephone call to their hotline number. Give the company with a feedback or a compliment about their product and provide your personal contact information to their customer service representative so that they can provide you with manufacturer coupon via email or snail mail. Manufacturers will likewise include you in the email broadcasts of their featured products, promotional offers, and other valuable information in addition to the coupons that they send out to their customers.

Obtaining electronic cigarette coupons from manufactures is actually possible with just a bit of the customers’ ingenuity and resourcefulness. Manufacturers regularly send out updates and promotional offers to their customers through online and offline media. It will now be up for the customer on how he will gather the plethora of coupons that abound and take advantage of the codes as he or she save money while puffing the product regularly. 

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