Rinzai Designs https://www.rinzaidesigns.com The personal weblog and design portfolio of Ben Robinson. I live and work in Chicago and design sites optimized for search engine marketing. Fri, 10 May 2013 14:11:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 1-800-Junk-Relief.com https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/1-800-junk-relief-com/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/1-800-junk-relief-com/#respond Fri, 10 May 2013 14:11:46 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=132 This is a webpage we designed for a local junk removal company, called 1-800-Junk-Relief.com. The design consciously includes essential information and call-to-actions “above the fold” while organizing the various sections in easy-to-follow categories. Every internal page is visually laid-out and coded to appeal to potential customers and robot crawlers as well. We also helped make videos for the blog, including this post which was an important junk removal job to help the environment.

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Google Approved Adwords Professional https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/ben-stuff/google-approved-adwords-professional/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/ben-stuff/google-approved-adwords-professional/#respond Tue, 13 Jan 2009 17:18:05 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=118 logo_qualified_ind_500-150x150I finally got around to taking the certified Google Adwords professional test and passed!  This is something I have been meaning to do for quite a long time now, I just never got around to it.  The test was actually a lot easier than I expected, so I am glad I didn’t waste too much time studying.

We are looking at getting Chicago Style SEO as a qualified company, we have the spend requirement, we just need to get Rod to pass the test too.  I have to say, Google could do a lot better on explaining the process (we almost had Rod take the test on his own account, which wouldn’t apply to the company standing).

In the meantime, I have some credits I can apply to new accounts.  First come first serve.

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Utility Cycling https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/utility-cycling/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/utility-cycling/#respond Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:49:15 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=91 Utility Cycling is the latest project from the Wandertec group. It is based around the concept of using bikes to bring utility to life situations.

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The Chicago 77 https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/the-chicago-77/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/the-chicago-77/#respond Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:48:44 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=87 The Chicago 77 is dedicated to writing about the Chicago real estate market from all possible angles. The Chicago 77 is written by the professionals who know the market best: real estate agents and brokers, developers, appraisers, bankers and mortgage brokers, inspectors, insurance agents, lawyers, and economists. We aim to slice and dice the real estate market in every way possible. You will find everything from information on market time for single family homes in Beverly to why lock boxes aren’t generally used in the city to the latest news on the latest high rise condo going up in The Loop.

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Geri Work https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/geri-work/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/geri-work/#respond Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:47:30 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=83 Geri Work is a source of information and conversation about the needs of social workers as they work with the aging population.

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Artccentric https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/artccentric/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/artccentric/#respond Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:45:59 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=110 Artccentric is a unique online art gallery of original contemporary art.

We are in the process of establishing the foremost collection of limited edition art from leading artists worldwide. Over the next several months Artccentric clients will be offered the exclusive opportunity to purchase outstanding original artworks from emerging and significant artists at affordable prices. We are dedicated to making art ownership uncomplicated and rewarding for both the serious collector and the beginning art buyer.

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Wandertec Inc. Testimonial https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/testimonials/wandertec-inc-testimonial/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/testimonials/wandertec-inc-testimonial/#respond Fri, 02 Jan 2009 02:01:42 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=107 “Ben Robinson, web designer of Rinzai Designs, has created a visually powerful, easy-to-navigate, dynamic website for my company Wandertec. Wandertec is a manufacture of a unique bicycle travel system aimed at a niche market. With the goal of reaching out to my niche through internet marketing, Ben created a website that clearly highlights all of the benefits of my somewhat complicated product in an appealing, contextualized presentation.

Working with Ben has been a very enjoyable experience. Heâ??s always upbeat and gets me excited about marketing my product. A website is about communicating a message. From designing the concept of the website to its execution, Ben absorbed the message of my company and translated it into a concise and consistent graphic presentation. His knowledge of computer, websites, and the internet is very impressive and he has endless resources to solve the most obscure design challenges. His vast experience with computers makes him very efficient in executing web design and I am consistently impressed how quickly he brings new ideas into a presentable reality.

I highly recommend Ben and Rinzai Designs for anyone looking for a web designer to build or improve their businessâ??s website.”

Josh Lipton, CEO Wandertec, Inc.

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Noble Street Charter School Testimonial https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/testimonials/noble-street-charter-school-testimonial/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/testimonials/noble-street-charter-school-testimonial/#respond Fri, 02 Jan 2009 01:58:52 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=104 “I would like to recommend Ben Robinson of Rinzai Designs for web site creation. Ben designed and built a complete web site for our school. Throughout the process Ben demonstrated great creativity and openness to collaboration. We were able to pull elements from his original four design ideas to combine into a final scheme that has attracted positive responses from our users. Finally, he delivered the site in a form that easily allows us to update and maintain it.

It was a pleasure to work with Ben. His responsiveness to questions and changes, his good humor, and his quality work all contributed to a successful working relationship.”

Allen Ramsier, IT Director
Noble Street Charter High School/ Northwestern University Settlement Association
1010 N. Noble St. Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: 773/862-1449 ext. 153

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Robert John Anderson https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/robert-john-anderson/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/robert-john-anderson/#respond Thu, 01 Jan 2009 21:38:33 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=79 A personal website for one of Chicago’s premier real estate agents.

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Women’s Bike Talk https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/womens-bike-talk/ https://www.rinzaidesigns.com/portfolio/womens-bike-talk/#respond Thu, 01 Jan 2009 21:34:37 +0000 http://www.rinzaidesigns.com/?p=75 Women’s Bike Talk is the new site dedicated to women’s cycling. Presented by the Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus Cycling Team, the site includes a knowledge base of articles from a group of experts in the field.

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