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Why invest in a vacation home in the Mae Phim beach area of Thailand?

I’ve written several articles on the Sunrise Property Thailand website about the up and coming coastline of Mae Phim beach and the surrounding area, it’s mature developments with value for money houses and condominium units suitable for vacation homes and retirement property, but in this article I’ll do my best to condense the subject into the essential nuts and bolts :

The Mae Phim beach and surrounding area has long been popular with the Thais as a coastal resort area, but bypassed by foreigners and not really on the foreign tourist map as it lies between the more popular areas of Pattaya, Koh Samet and Koh Chang. Hence real estate prices have traditionally been well below those of the more popular foreign tourist destinations.

About 4 years ago now the Thai government started ploughing a significant amount of money into the area, to encourage tourism to this coastline region. One large project is the new coastal highway with cycleway which starts at Mae Phim and will eventually go all the way to Trat…. at present much of the road is completed between Mae Phim and Chantaburi with the last bridge link across the river on the coast at Laem Son to Prasere near Klaeng being constructed at present. The charming and beautiful Rock Garden Beach resort estate with several acres of ocean side tropical gardens and waterways dividing the houses on the estate lies just a few kilometers away from this last bridge link.

Oceanside swimming pool at Rock Garden Beach

Oceanside Swimming Pool and Tropical Gardens at Rock Garden Beach Resort Estate

The new Bangkok International Airport to the east of Bangkok also gave a boost to this area, since it takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours to commute from the airport by taxi…. a reasonably short onward link for tourists.

Avatara Condominium Mae Phim Beach

Avatara Condominium Mae Phim Beach

Over the past 4 years there have been several new developments along the coast. Logans Thailand, a construction company with Swedish management, have constructed 100’s of houses in the Mae Phim area, and also 2 condominium developments, the 2nd of which is still being constructed near Mae Phim beach. This has really helped to put Mae Phim on the tourist map for the Scandinavians and has been a significant boost to the local economy and welfare of the local community.

Phuphatara Residence and Marriott Hotel and Spa development

Phuphatara Residence and Marriott Hotel and Spa development

The 5 star Phuphatara Residence condominium and Marriott Hotel and Spa developments at Rim Pae beach, just a few km down the coast from Mae Phim beach are also helping to place this area on the international tourist map.

There are further developments planned to happen over the next few years too, with plans for new hotels, further condominium developments, and no doubt some more housing developments too.

Obviously these new developments have started to have a significant effect on the price of land near the ocean, and new developments which have been promoted have sold out for top dollar. However, the knock on effect on the price of land and houses on the mature developments is lagging behind somewhat, and as a result these holiday villas and vacation homes on generous sized plots are still significantly undervalued, still reflecting the fall in prices from earlier years after the 97 crash, rather than the current land prices. There are several mature developments along the coast, with Rock Garden Beach being in my opinion one of the most charming, and indeed the best value for money amongst them.

Buy this 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house on 135 square wah land for only 2.15 million baht

1/3 Rai 3 bed 3 bath 2.15M baht

We currently have about 12 houses for sale from a total of 250 houses on the estate. With grounds of around 250 Rai of land the Rock Garden Beach development is far more spacious than can be afforded by new developments. A significant number of the houses are still owned by the original Thai owners from when the development was constructed back in the 1990s before the 97 crash, but in recent years those who have discovered the development have bought into property here for value for money vacation homes and for investment purposes, since the current price of houses on the estate represents excellent upside investment for potential capital growth.

Most houses need little more than a new coat of paint to restore them to their former beauty, but bit by bit, house by house, the houses on the estate are transferring to new owners who refurbish and perhaps extend the houses and restore them to a beautiful “as new” condition. This transformation is being encouraged by everyone involved in the project, and thus, the estate is looking better and better with each passing year, which makes it more and more attractive to new prospective buyers, and eventually this has to be reflected in an increase in price beyond those prices which we have here at present.

Houses on the Rock Garden Beach resort estate are without doubt excellent value for money, and as further new developments in the area take place over the next few years, in particular those in close proximity to Rock Garden Beach resort estate itself, then the house prices are bound to see a significant increase, especially those in the prime locations on the estate. So, whether you purchase one which has been extended and refurbished already, or whether you take on a property which is in need of a facelift, you’ll be buying in a coastal area which is Thailand’s latest coastal real estate HOTSPOT, and you’ll be buying on one of the best value for money mature real estate developments in the area too.

Mae Phim Beach at Sunset

Mae Phim Beach at Sunset

Obviously the above is just a taster of what’s happening in this area, and it’s early days yet as far as the development of this part of Thailand’s coastline, but with Mae Phim beach being arguably the best mainland beach along the entire Eastern Seaboard, and the jewel in the crown of Thailand’s Golden Coast from Rayong to Klaeng, the Mae Phim area is transforming from a countryside coastal area to one of the more exclusive and fashionable areas on the coast within easy reach of Bangkok.

Whilst other areas are struggling in these difficult economic times, the Mae Phim area continues to thrive and grow, and the real estate market remains relatively buoyant, with prices continuing to rise, catching up with land prices and also with the prices of real estate in the more popular tourist destinations. Obviously any property with a sea view is in more demand than those without, so this is something to bear in mind when viewing properties for investment purposes.

“The early bird gets the worm” as they say, so when you’re ready to come down and take a look at the opportunities available at Rock Garden Beach and some of the other mature developments in the area, we will do our best to help advise you on the properties available. But with such a bright future ahead for this coastline area, and properties on the mature developments not yet reflecting the increase in land prices, it’s going to be pretty difficult to make a blunder so far as an investment, whatever you choose.

Please take a look at our current property listings page and contact us on 083 117 9096 or 083 119 9967 to arrange a viewing.

Fibre Optic Internet now available at Rock Garden Beach

For many people a fast and reliable internet connection at their home is essential, and now fibre optic internet connection at Rock Garden Beach near Laem Mae Phim, Klaeng, Rayong has finally arrived. So for those people looking to retire to the seaside or who work from home over the internet Rock Garden Beach may now be a suitable location for you.

Over recent years Rock Garden Beach has benefit from several local improvements to the infrastructure, such as the new tourist coastal highway running past the entrance facilitating local journeys to the shops, schools and beach areas, and the new bridge across the river between Laem Son and Prasere linking the remainder of the new tourist highway to Chantaburi. As one of the few true oceanside developments along the coast new buyers are investing money to buy and refurbish the holiday home houses which were built some 25 years or so ago, bringing the properties back to “as new” condition with all the benefits of modern day living. Such reinvestment in properties on the development, together with increasing land prices for land near the ocean, has helped to increase the value of properties on the estate, making it one of the better property investments in the area.


Bali Style Villa

The seafront villa has a large open plan living area with beautiful marble tiled bathrooms

Sales at Rock Garden boosted by the opening of the bridge between Laem Son and Prasere.

Despite heading into low season there’s been a recent surge in interest in properties at Rock Garden Beach as local investors realize the importance of the opening of this final link in the chain of the new scenic coastal route between Mae Phim and Laem Son near Chantaburi.

For many weeks now local people have already been able to cross the new bridge between Laem Son and Prasere south of Klaeng whilst the final touches to the construction were being made, but as of Saturday 3rd May 2014 the bridge is now officially open 24/7.

The new scenic route passes right in front of the entrance to Rock Garden beach, and the increased traffic and ease of access along the coast over the new bridge to other tourist attractions, such as the frigate HTMS Prasere at Prasere, will no doubt increase the interest to this location.

Land prices along the coast in this area have been increasing in anticipation of the advance of the opening of the new bridge, and from the interest in properties at Rock Garden Beach from local investors, the opening of the new bridge is also likely to have a positive effect on the value of all land and properties in the vicinity of the new bridge.

For more information on Rock Garden Beach click on the following link…

Looking for a place in the sun? ...Take a look at our Rock Garden Beach website

Looking for “A Place In The Sun”? Don’t buy in a country where it could take years for the market to recover, and don’t get burned by paying top dollar for a new development which you can’t resell at the price you paid, take a look at the resale market which offers the best value for money properties, some at bargain prices with far more upside potential for capital growth of your real estate investment.

If it’s a holiday home by the ocean you’re looking for then Thailand has a buoyant economy with an emerging property market and represents great value for money compared to many other countries around the world. Some of the best value for money ocean side real estate developments in Thailand are to be not to be found in the most well known holiday destinations, such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Pattaya, but in the emerging holiday destinations such as Mae Phim beach in Rayong province where prices are on the increase to catch up with other more well known areas.

Amongst the resale properties on offer, the increasingly popular Rock Garden Beach resort estate stands out as one of the very best value for money locations in the Mae Phim area.

For all the information and photos you need about the beautiful tropical oasis that is Rock Garden Beach, a true ocean side resort estate development near Mae Phim beach, Klaeng, Rayong, plus a complete listing of properties for sale, visit our dedicated website…

Thai Baht Weakens - Better Exchange Rates For Foreigners

When considering the purchase of a holiday home or retirement home abroad, one of the key factors in the equation is the exchange rate, since this can make a considerable difference as to the cost of the property in your home currency. This year the strengthening Thai baht has seen rates of 29 baht to the US Dollar, 44 baht to the UK pound, and 37 baht to the Euro, and obviously this can put people off a purchase unless they consider the property to be a good price anyway, thus compensating somewhat for the poor exchange rate.

The good news for foreign investors is that the baht has weakened over the last month and is now back to more favourable rates, around 32 baht to the US Dollar, 50 baht to the UK pound and 42 baht to the Euro. This movement of the exchange rate should help to stimulate foreign property purchases in the popular coastal regions of Thailand, and with a number of bargain priced properties still available in the 5 – 20 million baht price bracket perhaps now is the time to think about investing and or making that move to retire in tropical paradise.

Property Listings

Click on a tab to select Sales and Rentals listings…

Land Sales
Land near the ocean has risen in price year by year in this coastal region of Thailand and is likely to continue to rise in price until it catches up with the price of land in other more well known coastal areas.

We have a range of beachfront land and land near the ocean for sale in the area – Please contact us with your requirements.

Below is a taster of some of the land we have for sale…

4 Rai beachfront land for sale Mae Phim area #2734 4 Rai beachfront land for sale Mae Phim area

Beachfront land has increased in price significantly in this area in recent years, but still has some way to go to catch up with prices in the more popular coastal areas and thus makes a good investment. This 4 Rai plot with 42 meter beach frontage is available at a reasonable price compared to some other beachfront land in the area.

Price : offers in the region of ฿40,000,000 Thai baht
0.435 Rai land for sale in Jomtien area #2434 0.435 Rai land for sale in Jomtien area

About 3km from Jomtien beach and 2km from Sukumvit situated in a small residential development, this land plot (approx. 700 square meters) is ideal for the construction of a good sized residential or holiday home.

Price : ฿2,480,000 Thai baht
4 Rai land with excellent location close to Mae Phim beach and amenities #2407 4 Rai land with excellent location close to Mae Phim beach and amenities

Just 1.3km along the coastal road from the beautiful Laem Mae Phim beach, close to the coastal road, petrol station, 24 hour 7-11 and other convenience stores, and adjacent to two roads, this land has an excellent real estate location within the much sought after Mae Phim area.

Price : ฿6,572,000 Thai baht
8.09 Rai land near Mae Phim Rayong Thailand #792 8.09 Rai of prime Mai Phim real estate land

Just 2.2km along the coastal road from the beautiful Laem Mae Phim beach and very close to the coastal road itself is this conveniently situated piece of Mae Phim real estate land with excellent potential for a housing development or holiday home resort project.

Price : ฿7,281,000 Thai baht
19 Rai development land Mae Phim area #766 19 Rai development land Mae Phim area

Within a few minutes drive of the beautiful Mae Phim beach and close to the coastal highway the land is inexpensive yet still convenient for the purpose of a housing development project.

Price : ฿14,000,000 Thai baht (offers considered)

Commercial Sales
Below is a selection of commercial properties available – please contact us with your requirements

Just a few yards from Mae Phim beach road is this 5 storey shophouse with guest bedrooms with ocean views #689 Shophouse with guest accommodation in Mae Phim Rayong (1)

5 storey shophouse including 4 guest bedrooms with en-suite

Price : ฿3,700,000 Thai baht

Residential Sales

Residential Property Listings

Land Rentals
Please contact us with your requirements

Comm. Rentals
Please contact us with your requirements

Res. Rentals
Please contact us with your requirements – we have a range of short/medium/long term holiday home rental property to let, such as vacation villas and beachfront condos with sea views near the ocean for rent along Thailand’s Golden Coast, especially in the beautiful Mae Phim beach and surrounding area. Here are just a couple of properties we have for rent in the area…

Vacation properties for rent :

Delightful 2 bedroom waterside villa close to the ocean and oceanside communal pool and gardens, Mae Phim, Rayong Thailand #RGB-B25R : Delightful 2 bedroom waterside villa for rent. Close to the ocean and oceanside communal pool and gardens, Mae Phim.
This delightful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom holiday villa has large gardens with a plot of almost 1/2 Rai, and enjoys open views across the water to the rear. The L shaped open plan living area has a dining/kitchen area with hob, sink, fridge freezer, microwave, kettle and washing machine. The lounge area has a new sofa bed with flat screen TV and DVD surround system. Patio doors lead to the rear terraces and gardens to the rear, which have delightful views across and along the expanse of water. The bathrooms have modern electronic showers and wall fans for keeping cool and comfortable. The property is fully furnished with new comfortable mattresses, bedding and new air conditioning units. Extra cot/mattress can be added to main bedroom if required.
Period 2 Nights 3 Nights 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
1st May-31st October ฿6,000 ฿7,600 ฿14,000 ฿22,400 ฿30,800 ฿36,400
1st Nov-31st April ฿7,000 ฿9,000 ฿17,000 ฿27,500 ฿38,000 ฿45,000
24th Dec-3rd Jan ฿8,000 ฿10,400 ฿20,000 n/a n/a n/a
Bali style villa close to the ocean and oceanside communal pool and gardens, Mae Phim, Rayong Thailand #RGB-B2R : Bali style villa for rent. Close to the ocean and oceanside communal pool and gardens, Mae Phim.
This spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom holiday villa is close enough to the ocean to see the sea from the rear garden and bedrooms, and there are also open views to the front of the property which overlooks an expanse of water in the tidal sea canal system. The attractive spacious L shaped open plan living area has a split level lounge with patio doors to the rear terrace, and also has a fully fitted kitchen with oven, hob, extractor hood, microwave oven, large fridge/freezer, and also a front loading washing machine. The beautiful bathrooms are fully marbled tiled and have modern electronic showers and the house is fully furnished, with brand new modern air conditioning units to all 3 bedrooms and the main living room area. An extra cot/mattress can be added to main bedroom if required.
Period 2 Nights 3 Nights 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
1st May-31st October ฿7,120 ฿9,168 ฿17,360 ฿28,112 ฿38,864 ฿46,032
1st Nov-31st April ฿8,400 ฿10,960 ฿21,200 ฿34,640 ฿48,080 ฿57,040
24th Dec-3rd Jan ฿9,680 ฿12,752 ฿25,040 n/a n/a n/a

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Rock Garden Beach near Mae Phim plans new condominium development

It has now been confirmed to us by the management at the ocean side Rock Garden Beach development that plans for a new condo development on the site are under consideration. At this point in time plans are being made for the location and design of the new condo blocks, and it is intended that these plans will be submitted with a view to commencing construction at the start of 2014 with the first condo block being completed in late 2014/early 2015. In conjunction with the new condo development it is likely that there will be several on site improvements to the common facilities.

Rock Garden Beach is renowned for its large rock shapes and beautiful ocean side tropical gardens with a variety of tropical palms and a maze of paths for residents and holidaymakers to enjoy. The new condo blocks will be sited nearby to the existing clubhouse and reception building and allowing the majority of the beautiful ocean side park area to remain. With the prospect of magnificent panoramic views over the beautiful tropical gardens and lake, landscaped swimming pool, private beach and ocean beyond out towards the Koh Man islands, the new condo units should have some of the most delightful panoramic ocean views in the area.

This news is likely to further increase the demand for houses on the existing estate and this in turn is likely to push up prices, making a purchase on the estate right now an excellent investment opportunity. The map below shows properties which have been sold already (red pushpin) and those still for sale (yellow pushpin). Pink pushpins illustrate houses for available for vacation rental.

click here to re-initialize map location

We not only have a number of properties still left for sale on the existing estate, but are also involved in meetings in respect of the new condo development, so anyone interested in purchasing a house on the existing estate or having first choice for the purchase of a new condo unit may contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Absolute Beachfront and Oceanfront house and villa property for sale in Rayong Thailand

As the main real estate agent in the Mae Phim area of Rayong province for resales we have a number of beach front and ocean front house and villa holiday home properties for sale. There are not so many absolute front line beachfront or oceanfront villas for sale along the coastline and when such exclusive vacation properties do come up for sale they often sell very quickly to the first person to view them to someone from a list of contacts who is contacted about the property as soon as it becomes available.

For this reason, and also sometimes for reasons of discretion, not all such exclusive properties even make it on to our website to be promoted on the internet. Therefore, if you, or someone you know, is in the market for a beachfront house in Thailand, then please contact us with your requirements. We currently have beachfront and oceanfront house and villa property for sale from 3 bedroom 3 bathroom to 5 bedroom 6 bathroom in size, and since the Mae Phim area is an up and coming coastal area of Thailand, the jewel in the crown of Thailand’s golden coast between Rayong and Klaeng, such properties can have excellent potential for capital growth as well as lucrative rental income as a vacation let property, and thereby make excellent investment properties to add to your portfolio as well as being there for your personal vacation use.

Compared to other more well known coastal areas of Thailand such as Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Jomtien, the Rayong area is still quite a bit cheaper in price, yet the Mae Phim area has the finest mainland beaches along the entire Eastern Seaboard, and is within easy reach of Koh Samet and other local islands which are close by to explore by boat, and is growing in popularity year on year.

Raibow Kitchen Thai Seafood Restaurant, near Rock Garden Beach, Mae Phim, Thailand

Rainbow Kitchen Seafood Restaurant

Rainbow Kitchen Seafood Restaurant

The Laem Mae Phim area continues to grow with the brand new Rainbow Kitchen (Krua Rainbow | ครัวเรนโบว์) Thai Seafood Restaurant opening in the area, and it’s located just outside of the picturesque ocean side development of Rock Garden Beach resort. Offering a delightful garden setting with open views the restaurant will also be very handy for residents at Rock Garden who will be able to phone in orders for delivery to their door. The restaurant is quite large and will be a good location for group bookings and parties, and for those people looking to use the picturesque ocean side gardens at Rock Garden Beach as a venue for their marriage, the restaurant could also provide an economic venue for catering to wedding parties too.

On Saturday 17th November 2012 the owners held a celebration party for invited guests, entertaining everyone with a show on stage…

Opening Party

Opening Party

Opening Party

Opening Party

C condo blocks at Hin Suay Nam Sai near Mae Phim get a fresh look

It’s been a long time coming but the prominent C condo blocks atop the hillside at Hin Suay Nam Sai are about to get a fresh new look….

The new look should certainly get the condo blocks noticed, and bringing the towers back to “as new” condition.

The six condo blocks stand atop the hillside offering the full floor condo owners some of the best elevated panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding countryside for miles and miles around, allowing owners to enjoy observing some remarkable views of the changing weather conditions as they descend upon the landscape, including views of both sunrise and sunset from their prestigious prime real estate location.

Evening Falls (photo courtesy of Bob Richey)

Evening Falls (photo courtesy of Bob Richey)

A view of the sunset from C condo location (photo courtesy of Bob Richey)

A view of the sunset from C condo location (photo courtesy of Bob Richey)

The condo units at Hin Suay Nam Sai have grown in popularity in the past few years, with resales increasing year by year, and prices have increased accordingly with the increased demand and decreasing supply of available units for sale, and the new paint job which will help to restore their appearance back to “as new” condition will no doubt help immensely to add to their value and to the attraction of this sought after location.

Click here for more information, photos and location map.

Wasana Fishing Park near Mae Phim, Rayong, Thailand

Continuing our theme of local attractions for holiday makers, another attraction within easy reach of the Mae Phim area is Wasana Fishing Park
near Laem Mae Phim, Rayong, Thailand.

Wasana Fishing Park is a delightful park area with very good Thai seafood restaurant and well stocked fishing lakes where you can fish for free all day, only paying for those fish you want to keep. Fish that you catch can be cooked by the restaurant to whatever style of Thai dish you desire.

The main lake is stocked with fish which are fun to watch when you feed them with fish food which you can buy by the bag – great fun for the kids.

Catch the fish

Catch the fish

Enjoy delicious seafood from the restaurant

Enjoy delicious seafood from the restaurant

For those who just wish to relax in the shade of the restaurant areas, or have fun partying in the karaoke hut by the lake, then you can order food and drink from the restaurant and the seafood will be taken live from the tanks or the lake, ensuring that it is as fresh as it can be.

The park has now been extended with a stage over the water for live music at parties, so they can now cater for parties of varying sizes for birthdays and other occasions. The owner has also built some small one bed bungalow rooms within staggering distance from the restaurant, which can be rented by the night.

For party booking please contact Rairm (แรม) on 086 158 9230.

Click here for more information, photos and location map.

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