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Russ's Testimonials

  • "Russell has a keen sense of how to take someone past motivation into Mastery.... He has my highest recommendation!
    Kevin Nations
  • ""I am making waves in my life and it is amazing!! I am really liking what is happening and enjoying life more and more everyday! Thank you Russ!"
    Alley V.
  • "You really have a gift with this life coaching and I feel like I am growing and expanding my awareness about myself and the world around me. It truly is a great feeling!"
    Dianne ~ Calgary
  • "You have two important characteristics which make you a great person to work with, Russell. The first is your honesty, the second is your gentleness. I appreciate them both."
    Marnie Sweet
  • "Russ Small is an inspirational coach and a high integrity leader who walks his talk... It is my great privilege to call him a friend and colleague."
    Dr. Joe Rubino ~ CEO, CenterForPersonalReinvention.com