Ryan Davison

Ryan Davison

JavaScript Programmer / Senior GIS Administrator

Grand Junction, Colorado Area
Information Technology and Services
  1. Mesa County, CO
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I'm Ryan Davison, a programmer and GIS developer. I have always had a knack for analyzing and understanding systems – the way things are put together, how they work and how they come apart.

Much of this probably comes from having an engineer for a father. From a very young age I was helping to take apart and re-build car engines, building electronic devices and playing on our Sinclair ZX81 and Timex Sinclair 1000 Computers.

In college I studied how political systems function and earned a political science degree while enjoying the hobby of building computers. I later realized that computer technology was what I really wanted to be involved in while political analysis was better suited as the hobby.

I returned to school to study geographic information systems (GIS) and have never looked back.
Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with some amazing people in some amazing places. From the runways and ranges of Nellis Air Force base to the high desert environment of Mesa County Colorado, I have had experience with GIS data from almost every industry and entity that uses it.

My current focus with Mesa County Colorado is more on application development than GIS data analysis. I couldn’t be any happier with that arrangement.

Creating GIS web apps and mobile sites is exciting and rewarding. It is a creative and analytical process that demands user interface design skill as well as the ability to craft complex code in a variety of modern languages like JavaScript, Python, C#, VB and more.

The old saying “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” definitely applies in my case.

Do you want to chat about GIS, web technologies, politics or anything else? Feel free to contact me at ryan@ryandavison.net or come join me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ryan_Random


  • Senior GIS Administrator

    Mesa County, CO
    – Present (4 years 4 months)

    Much of my time is spent creating desktop and mobile web apps – primarily in JavaScript (Node, Express, Dojo, jQuery...) . I also build custom, non-web, desktop applications and tools using Python, VB and C#.

    Along with building powerful tools, I create documentation and training tutorials using tools like Youtube videos, presentations, documents and slideshows.

    As a GIS Administrator I’m also involved in every aspect of developing, managing and maintaining Mesa County’s GIS department.

    I perform management and administration duties for projects including developing new applications and flying aerial imagery collections. Some of these duties include:

    • Scheduling
    • Creating cost estimates and budgets
    • Coordination and review of work.

    I maintain the GIS department’s social media channels including Twitter, Youtube, Google + and our blog.


  • Mesa County GIS Web Viewer


    At Mesa County we want our spatial data to be accessible to as many people as possible. Our old .NET Silverlight viewer stopped mobile consumers in their tracks and forced PC and Mac users to download a plugin. We knew we could do better.

    The solution was to create a mobile friendly JavaScript viewer that was accessible to anyone with a browser. I began developing the application in 2013. While its fully functional now, it continues to be updated and improved so users get the best experience possible.

    Team members:
  • Assessor Sales Lookup

    The Assessor Sales Lookup tool was developed for the County Assessor's Office to give them the ability to search for and map a subject property's comparable Sales. It was written as an aspx app and uses VB.NET, JavaScript and SQL to drive the tool's functionality.

    Users are able to search for sales throughout the county, filter them to match their criteria, then map those sales against a comparable subject property.

    I used the concept of facets to provide the filtering components. A user can change any one of twelve parameters independently of the others. Every time a facet is changed, the number of properties that match all parameters updates. A user can then search results to further narrow the results.

    All of this results in an extremely powerful and granular sales search tool that makes the appraisers much more efficient and gives the general public the same tools to allow them to see why a property was valued a certain way.

    Team members:


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