sts-dog-1Tens of thousands of dogs are euthanised in the UK & Ireland EVERY YEAR, simply due to lack of homes.

They need our help. Now.

Volunteer with dogs

DogSOS_IMG19Did you know there are thousands of animal rescues all over the UK? They need help from volunteers like you! You can do things like fostering, transporting, walking, fundraising, homechecking, or even jobs like helping to answer phones and emails, taking photo’s for their website or managing a rescue’s Twitter feed. Just think about what you could do to help dogs in rescue.

Find out more about volunteering to help dogs

Adopt a dog!

SP_A1068There are SO MANY dogs in rescue waiting for their lovely new homes it’s scary, so before you check your local papers or online classifieds – check out your local (and UK wide, many rehome all over) animal rescues. Your new furry buddy is waiting patiently for you there! 🙂

Find out more about adopting a rescue dog

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Could you spare some time to work as an
Animal Rescue Volunteer?

Rescue Helpers Unite, volunteering for animals

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the UK’s most overbred breed, please give them some extra support:

Check out our sister site,

A site dedicated to raising awareness of the overbreeding and abuse of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed

and Staffie Support – a campaigning & fundraising organisation helping the UK’s overbred and abused Staffordshire Bull Terriers