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5 Landing Page Experiments For Today To Drive Demand Generation Tomorrow

Inbound Marketing Is All About Testing, Experimentation And Optimization

As the chief revenue scientist at Square 2 Marketing, I’m constantly experimenting on our own marketing, sales and revenue generation. Currently, we’re in the process of experimenting with new dashboard technology, elevating our sales process experience and adjusting delivery confirmation all with one single mission in mind — drive additional revenue for our clients.

Along the way we’ve collected an encyclopedia of tests and demand generation experiments that have produced positive results, and we regularly roll those out for our clients. We want companies working with us to benefit from the rich and extensive experiences we have getting results for our clients. Why recreate the wheel when we already know how to adjust and optimize marketing programs to drive increases in leads, new customers and revenue?



5 Ways To Pay For Your New Inbound Marketing Engagement

Stop Doing Inefficient Marketing And You’ll Save Money Even When Working With An Inbound Marketing Agency

You’re finally ready to get serious about your marketing. You realize you’re not doing it right. You realize the results are below reasonable. You’ve done all of your research and you know aligning sales and marketing is going to be part of the exercise. You’ve come to the conclusion that technology is also part of the solution. You’ve set your goals and they’re aggressive. Now what?

As part of your strategic investment in your new inbound marketing program, you’ve selected three top-tier agencies to talk with about helping you. They’ve all given you proposals and they look similar, with costs ranging from $7,500 to $15,000. You’ve never invested this amount in your marketing before, so you’re nervous.

But there’s good news. You’re looking for different results from this type of effort, and considering what you’ve been doing and that what you’ve been spending didn’t work, doing something different is smart. But there’s more good news. It is possible to stop spending money on ineffective marketing and save money in the process even after you’ve invested in your new program. New marketing that’s effective and you get to save money  it’s a win-win.



Why Done Is Better Than Perfect When It Comes To Revenue Generation

Demand Generation Requires You To Go Live When Done, Instead Of Holding Until Perfect

At the risk of making all of the businesspeople reading the blog uncomfortable, you have to let go of this idea that marketing needs to be perfect before it’s launched.

Your website is ready to launch, but you just want to read it over one more time. No! Your new strategic messaging isn’t quite right, so you want to make a few more tweaks to it before you let us start using it. No! The new e-book needs one more round of revisions before youre comfortable making it public. No!

Why would I say something like this? This work represents your firm. If it’s not perfect, it’s a reflection on you. Taking extra time to make it perfect is going to pay off in the long run. We should be careful what we say publicly.

These are all valid points, but they don’t outweigh the power of moving work outside the safety of the agency and into the public domain for one reason and one reason only: You want marketing results and revenue generation. We want to get that for you, but to do it that work needs to see the light of day.



The True Cost Of Waiting To Start Your Inbound Marketing Program

The Sooner You Get Started, The Sooner You’ll See Inbound Marketing Results

Almost everyone who hires us wants leads and they want them immediately. However, it’s amazing to me how many people also take their time deciding when to get started with us.

To all of you considering getting started with us or any inbound marketing agency but want to wait until next week, next month or next quarter, you’re delaying your ability to hit your goals.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start to see leads. Even when we do a Lead Liftoff™ Program (how we start driving leads from day one), the ultimate goal is to build a repeatable, scalable and predictable demand generation and revenue acceleration machine. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. Waiting is only hurting your own ability to establish your marketing rock star status within your company.  



Tasked With Demand Generation? A Quick Assessment To See If You're Impacting Revenue

Marketing’s New Edict: Drive New Customers And Revenue Or Die Trying

If you Google “demand generation” you’ll find similar definitions to the one I found: the focus of targeted marketing to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. That makes sense, but it’s probably a definition created four or five years ago.

Today, demand generation is about the creation of high-quality sales opportunities that the sales team can close quickly, producing the level of revenue defined by the company’s business objectives.

The definition I found on the web sounds a lot like what marketing used to be — get your name out there. The definition I’m offering sounds more like what we do  generate revenue for our clients. I’m guessing most people are expecting marketing to produce revenue, and so are we.



How Forensic Marketing Drives 10X Increases In Leads And New Customer Revenue

Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Both Need A More Investigatory Approach

Most of the other highly technical professions like accounting, law and medicine have a forensic element to their practices for situations when people need to uncover the root causes impacting performance. Forensic accounting is used to reveal anomalies in accounting records or standard practices. Forensic medicine is used to uncover inconsistencies in patient response to treatment or medicines.

We apply a similar approach to marketing when were working with a client to drive new customer revenue. Our team uses forensic marketing to assess your current program and identify down to the most detailed and tactical level where the program is misaligned, misconfigured or incorrectly optimized. This methodology allows us to quickly identify the key issues, get them resolved and reconfigure the program for a fast turnaround and improved delivery of leads, sales opportunities and revenue.



Marketing Automation Is As Critical For Your Business As Internet Access

You Can’t Do Marketing Without Marketing Automation

It doesn’t matter what platform, tool or marketing automation software you use, but you better be using something. Running a business without marketing automation is like trying to run that same business without the internet.

How would you order supplies, schedule a package pickup, pay your bills, do research or even communicate via email with clients, prospects, suppliers and partners? You’d be hard-pressed to get much done if you didn’t have internet access.

The same is true with marketing and sales. So many tasks are associated with keeping marketing and sales going that trying to do it without software is almost impossible. Tactics like website updates, email marketing, lead nurturing, social posting, keyword rankings and analytics on the performance aren’t optional anymore. They’re mandatory and you need access to these tactics daily.



5 Inbound Marketing Website Upgrades To Drive Revenue Today

Inbound Marketing Is About Results; Optimizing Your Current Website Produces Immediate Demand Generation

If you’re looking to drive short-term increases in your marketing program’s performance, the first place to look is your current website. A number of website upgrades associated with your marketing optimization efforts help to produce immediate results.

Keep in mind that these tactics will not immediately improve your website visitor numbers. Those are longer-term initiatives, and even if these tactics do have the ability to increase visitors, they will not do so in short order. The tactics included in this article are better suited for sites with over 1,000 visitors a month. For sites with fewer visitors, these tactics will increase leads generated from your site, but you’ll need additional tactics to drive up the number of visitors.



The Big 3: You Need These New Roles For Revenue Generation Marketing

Demand Generation With Inbound Marketing Tactics Requires These Roles To Produce Results

Youre ready to tackle the complexities of today’s revenue growth challenges. You get it. You know it’s not about marketing or sales; its about revenue. You see how demand generation focuses on getting people aware of your company and you see how inbound marketing earns the attention of people in an active search mode.

But you probably also see that the work needing to get done is complex and requires an entirely new set of skills. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll hire a new graduate, turn them loose and have them immediately building your funnel model, creating content, contributing to your stories, optimizing your website, using technology and impacting results in the first month.



Experienced Content Marketing Strategy Deploys A Hub-And-Spoke System

If You Want Leads And New Customers, Content Marketing Needs Strategic Thinking

Your content marketing efforts must produce results. If you’re not seeing leads from your content, if your content is not helping you close new customers and if your content is not pushing up your close rate and pushing down your sales cycle, then it’s probably because you don’t have the right strategy behind your content creation efforts.

There has been a lot of chatter lately about content marketing strategy and a defined methodology behind content creation. It’s like people just realized you can’t simply create content and expect results. We’ve been using our proprietary hub-and-spoke methodology to create content for years because it allows for incredible efficiency in the creation process, it connects the marketing tactics to tell a consistent and powerful story, and most importantly, it produces results.