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Olympic Training Programs: Use Them For Digital Marketing Success

For Sales And Marketing, You Need Programs To Drive Revenue Growth

Whether you’re tasked with generating leads or turning leads into new customers, you can learn a ton from the training programs of top Olympic athletes.

Why do some of the best athletes continue to be tops in their sport year after year, repeatedly winning gold and creating an epic career that is hard to match?

One of their secrets (besides being tremendous athletes) is their approach to practice and training. They work even harder to create the right training program that reduces their chances of being unprepared, both mentally and physically. By creating a repeatable program that produces predictable results, they win much more than they lose. This approach has a lot of parallels to the digital marketing and sales processes you should be working to implement at your company.



What Is Revenue Performance Management?

Marketing, Sales, Inbound And Outbound — They’re All Out; Now It’s All Revenue

Marketers mess everything up. We put labels on everything. We come up with fancy names that help us get promoted but rarely help the people who have to work with us.

First came outbound marketing, where we pushed our message out to as many people as possible as many times as possible for reach and frequency.

Then came inbound marketing, where we had to earn attention instead of interrupting to gain attention. Recently I saw “allbound,” which allegedly includes both inbound and outbound.

All of these types of marketing only affect part of the challenge — the lead generation part. Unfortunately, that’s just 50% of the puzzle. It’s like giving you a luxury sports car without an engine or a high-end set of golf clubs without any balls. Marketing without sales rarely produces revenue, and the name of the game is revenue.

Let me introduce revenue performance management.



7 Questions To Know If Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Is Right For You

Not Every Company Is Going To See Results From ABM

It’s one of the hottest marketing tactics being discussed today. I was talking to a demand generation expert yesterday and her comment was, “Everyone is talking about it; software vendors are driving the conversation, but very few people have operational experience doing it.” It shows further proof that people in sales and marketing are looking for better, more effective tactics to drive leads, align sales with marketing and turn those leads into new customers.

But is ABM right for your company? It’s not right for everyone. It’s not search engine optimization, where I would tell you that everyone needs to be found on the search engines for the right set of keywords, phrases and questions. ABM is much different. Answering some key questions should help you decide whether ABM is the right choice for your company.



What Does Today’s New Revenue Generation Funnel Look Like?

It’s Not A Funnel Anymore

Almost everyone has noticed that the old marketing and sales playbook doesn’t work like it used to.

You can’t cold call and sell your way into sustainable, predictable and repeatable revenue generation. The old funnel (like the one pictured here) isn’t representative of your prospects’ buying experience anymore.

Instead, you have to earn attention and get found by creating disruptive and compelling content, including your own company story. After you’ve earned that attention, you must nurture those prospects to continue the conversation while they proceed on their own journey.


Please Stop Asking Me For 5 Minutes In Your Email Marketing Campaign

And How To Get A 10x Improvement In Email Conversion Rates

Email marketing I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about; those emails that stream in all day long.

Emails from people I don’t know at companies I don’t know with products and services I don’t know. Somehow they found my email address.

Without understanding one aspect of me or my business, they ask for “just five minutes of my time.” They ask for me to schedule time with them on their schedule and they continue to email me, saying “I must be busy” because I didn’t get back to them after one, two or three of their previous emails.


What Is Advocacy Marketing?

Unlock The Secret Power Of Your Own Customer Base To Drive Revenue

Advocacy MarketingThere’s a new kind of marketing, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most effective and efficient programs to help generate leads and turn sales opportunities into new customers. It’s called advocacy marketing, and you have everything you need to start doing it today.

Do you have happy customers? Almost every healthy business should be able to answer that question with a resounding “yes.” Of course you have happy customers. Now, do you think your prospects believe you during the marketing and sales process? In other words, do they trust everything you say while you’re marketing to them and helping them through your sales process?



How Video Marketing Is Changing The Digital Marketing Game

Video Delivers Something Marketers Should Be Talking About More — Safety

I’m a fan of athletes who didn’t just play the game but changed the game. Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Hank Aaron — whether you like them or not, their abilities and style changed their games.

Today, marketing is changing at light speed. New execution playbooks and new opportunities are available to drive leads, help sales close leads and impact revenue generation at your company. You just have to know where to look and then how to integrate these new plays.

Everyone talks about video marketing strategy, and a lot of people are using video in their marketing and sales execution. But using video and getting results from video marketing tactics are two different things.



How Do I Know How Much Content Marketing Is Too Much Content Marketing?

Look To Your Metrics And Your Prospects’ Buyer Journey

If you want to see massive results from marketing these days, some experts are suggesting you need to generate a ton of content. Data and research from our client work shows similar results. The more you create, the better your results. But how much is too much? Can you do too much? And more importantly, how do you know when you’ve crossed over and your energy, time and expenses are not delivering incremental gains?

The answer lies in two places. First, look at your data and analytics. What does the data related to content tell you? Are your prospects keeping up with your massive content flow? Are they converting (and at higher rates)? That shows they are taking in everything you’re putting out. Or do you see a decline in conversion rates?



The 10 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics To Start Tracking This Week

And How To Use Them To Drive Revenue At Your Company

You might have noticed that marketing has become incredibly data driven. We track hundreds of digital marketing metrics monthly for all of our client engagements.

Finding the 10 most important metrics is challenging, and honestly, what ranks as most important is usually in the eye of the beholder, which in our case is the client.

However, it’s not hard to find 10 metrics that are critical in deciding if your marketing is working. I took it even further, stretching outside of marketing for five of the 10 metrics, and making this list more about revenue and less about only marketing.



How To Match Your Prospects’ Experience To Your Targeted Buyer Journey

This Is The Secret To Scalable Revenue Generation In 2018 And Beyond

Everyone asks me, “Do you know the secret to getting more leads for my company?” I always respond with, “Is it leads you want, or is it more new customers so your revenue grows month over month?” They always respond with confirmation around the revenue point.

The answer to their question is yes, I do know the secret, but its not what they want to hear. There is no special tactic or magic program that you’re missing. The reason your business isn’t growing is because you don’t know your target prospects’ buyer journey and you have not purposefully and strategically matched the experience you provide directly to that buyer journey.