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Is Facebook For Digital Marketing Dead As We Know It?

Marketers Killed Another Great Tool For Getting To Prospects By Overdoing It Again!

In case you missed it, Facebook announced major changes on Thursday to the way it plans to manage your newsfeed. Now its two billion monthly users will see a different stream of content.

You probably noticed a lot fewer ads from brands and publishers and a lot more content from your friends and family. This new algorithm is also going to favor content that draws a lot of comments over posts that are popular but don’t elicit comments.

WIRED reports that according to Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s newsfeed boss, video, news and other content from formal Facebook pages will get less prominence than posts from friends and family. It means that the number of comments on a post will count more than the number of likes, and it means that posts where people have taken the time to write long comments will get more weight than those with only short comments. News and video will continue to appear in newsfeeds, but the number of friends sharing it will matter more than its overall popularity.


Square 2 Marketing Acquires Sales Consulting Firm Innovo

Build Out Of The Sales Consulting Practice Takes A Major Leap Forward

Innovo Logo.jpgPRESS RELEASE: Conshohocken, Pa. – Square 2 Marketing, a strategic revenue generation consulting firm, took another bold step toward providing clients full click-to-close marketing and sales services by acquiring Innovo, a company that provides sales strategy, sales process and sales execution services to businesses that want to aggressively drive revenue growth within their organizations.



What Is Click To Close? Why Digital Marketing And Sales Needs To Know

A Prospect-Centric Approach To Revenue Generation Drives Results

I was talking to a CEO of a software company a few weeks ago and he said to me, “I think we’re just going to hire five or six sales reps (BDRs) and hit the phones.” After I got my thoughts together, I responded with, “That’s one way to do it, but is that the best way? Is that how your prospects buy software? They respond to cold phone calls? Is that how you would engage around a software solution?”

The conversation signals that a lot of you are not aligning your marketing and sales strategies with the way people buy today. Click to close is a way to describe today’s prospect buyer behavior and buyer journey in almost every industry. Every complex sale (with elongated sales cycles) that requires education and multiple touches means the sales process is going to start with a click and end with a signed agreement or contract.



How Lumpy Mail Makes Account-Based Marketing 10 Times More Effective

ABM Strategy Requires A Physical Disruption To Make A Connection

Companies have been running lumpy direct mail campaigns (also known as 3D direct mail campaigns) for years. While direct mail has been challenging and sending packages does sometimes cause concern, we’ve seen a huge lift in account-based marketing (ABM) programs when clients use this type of direct mail in conjunction with some of their electronic connect and engage tactics.

For most people, getting a prospect’s attention via email or social media is challenging. The noise level is high and the delete button is too easy to execute. But it’s hard for prospects to ignore a box that’s mailed to their office or home. Combine that with solid disruptive messaging, great creative and a well-planned follow-up, and the result is going to be higher-than-average connect rates and even higher engagement rates.

Adding elements like this to your program always sounds easy, but when you start thinking them through, you can end up with some silly or even ridiculous combinations that won’t help you turn these new leads into customers.



Why And How CEOs Need To Be Involved In Revenue Growth

Revenue Is The Lifeblood Of Every Company And The CEO Has A Defined Role

CEOs don’t need to make sales calls and they don’t need to be involved in proposal development or even participate in the sales process in any way. They dont need to approve email marketing campaigns or write content offers. 

That doesn’t mean CEOs shouldn’t visit with prospects or customers. But in general, most companies have people who are accountable and responsible for identifying opportunities and converting those into paying customers.

However, that doesn’t mean the CEO should be passing all of the responsibility for revenue growth to other people. The CEO has specific roles to play up and down the funnel if revenue generation is a key corporate objective.



5 Bold Predictions For Digital Marketing And Revenue Generation In 2018

With Power Comes Great Responsibility; Use These Predictions Cautiously To Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing, Sales And Revenue Execution

Now that the fuzziness associated with New Years has cleared, its time for us to share our bold predictions for 2018.

Last year, I did an entire series of predictions at the end of the year, only for those to be forgotten once the calendar year turned over. This year, I’m doing fewer but bolder and more “no-fluff” predictions, and we’re giving you them in January so you hopefully remember them longer.

At the highest level, the state of marketing and sales has never been more of a mess. I use the word “mess” purposefully. There are so many opinions and questions when it comes to marketing. Do we use outbound? Do we use inbound? Is direct mail coming back? I heard ABM is the secret. What about Facebook advertising? I know a guy who saw 10x his investment in just 30 days.

On the sales side, there’s just as much chatter. While most of it is around technology, automation, chat, bots and making sales more process oriented, its still just as confusing for most people.



Short-Term Leads Vs. Long-Term Marketing Strategy: What's Right In 2018?

Which Comes First: Leads Or Strategy? Get Answers To This Age-Old Question

Its January and we’re all back at the office. Eventually, someone is going to want to know what you’re doing this year to get more leads into your funnel.

The real question is this: What are you going to be doing differently this year compared to last year? This is particularly important if your performance last year was just OK. 2018 is the year to take OK and make it career defining.

If you’re looking at doing something different, you have options. Do you focus on marketing strategy and create better messaging that generates higher conversions and attracts better-quality leads? Or do you jump in and quickly launch a bunch of campaigns that will hit the market fast so you learn through trial and error what resonates with your audience and what does not? Both sound like reasonable approaches, right? That’s because both options have their risks and rewards, pluses and minuses, and good and not-so-good points.



4 Digital Marketing Resolutions You Should Make (And Keep!) For 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, most digital marketers are diligently working on their 2018 goals and plans. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make and commit to resolutions that will improve your sales and marketing results.

Here are four digital marketing resolutions to make (and keep!) in 2018.



How To Build A Results-Centric Marketing Budget Aligned To Your Revenue Goals

It’s That Time Of Year For Planning, Projecting, Budgeting And Hoping

If it wasn’t the end of the year, this topic would be a bit tired, but because we’ve had so many conversations with prospects and clients about their 2018 plans, budgets, projections and goals, it made sense to spend a little more time on the topic. It makes even more sense given the wild disparity between people in their abilities to do proper planning, projecting and budgeting.

Yes, I slipped hoping into our sub-headline because unfortunately, it still seems like hope is at the core of most people’s revenue strategies. Heres a hypothetical conversation between a prospect and our team.



8 Digital Marketing Conferences To Look Forward To In 2018

With 2018 nearly here, it’s time to start planning your event marketing strategy. Each year, hundreds (if not thousands) of marketing and sales conferences take place all across the globe.

While by no means an exhaustive list, here are eight digital marketing conferences we’re looking forward to in 2018.