Cookie Party!

Last night I had the honor of attending my moms best friends Christmas cookie party! Every year my mom and her friends get together at someones house to share and bake their favorite cookie recipes together.

I learned how to make several different cookies that I didn’t know even existed, and never thought I’d be able to do because the “look” very complicated. It was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to recreate some of these again in the next few days! Recipes soon to come, but for now here’s a few photos!




I tried every single type of cookie that we made and could not decide on a favorite. They were all that good! Needless to say, I was feeling rather full and slightly sick from all of that sugar when I got home, but you know what? It was totally worth it! It’s not like I do this everyday, and besides it’s the holidays 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Have you ever had cookies for dinner? Did you feel sick after?

Loving My Coleman Air Mattress

I really like Coleman air mattresses. Coleman air beds are great air mattresses for the money and they are also great for camping. When choosing the best air mattress to buy, it may be a good choice to go for Coleman air mattress. I prefer the queen size air mattress, because the twin size one is small for me even when I sleep alone. Anyway queen size air mattresses do not come much more expensive than twin size ones, so it’s more value for money.

I read the air mattress reviews before buying, and finally bought the Quickbed. It is one of the best air beds I have ever bought. I bought it online at Amazon.

I considered the flocked top a great feature. It is very comfy if I sleep on it, and if I use bed sheets it keeps the sheets in place. The double lock valve helps to keep the air bed nicely inflated. The bed does not lose air throughout the night, so it stays firm all night!

The durable material that makes the Coleman air bed is water resistant and is strong enough so it is a good choice for camping. Quick inflation at ninety seconds makes it really convenient, but on the other hand, you’ll need a separate pump for it. You can use any electric or battery powered pump for inflating the air bed.

having a good time
having a good time

If you like a twin size air bed or would like to save a few bucks, the Coleman raised twin is also a good option. It is a raised air mattress, meaning it is higher than the normal one, so that getting in and out of the bed is easy. The air bed folds up easily too, and you can put it into a small bag that comes with it. This air bed also doesn’t come with a pump.

Good luck getting an air mattress!