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We believe to get the most of out of the online marketing world you must be motivated to discover it. The digital marketing landscape can be treacherous for the unprepared or weak willed. To navigate it successfully one must have the courage to face the unfamiliar and adapt to an ever-changing, progressive environment.

No longer can traditional marketing channels compete with a cost-effective and well-executed online marketing campaign. Implementing a digital marketing strategy is the secret to your business’ success.

Web Design & Development

Create brand awareness and soar ahead of your competitors with a professionally designed website that does wonders for both your business image and your bottom line. A beautifully designed and flawlessly functioning website is vital for your business if you want to compete in today’s digital world.


Deploy the most efficient form of marketing – Search Engine Optimisation! Recruit The Defectors as your SEO agency to provide the knowledge and expertise required to outrank your competitors.

You may be the best in the business, but how will customers find you if you don’t rank highly in search engine? Rise up the ranks with The Defectors SEO services. Learn More.

Social Media Marketing

Reach your audiences both locally & around the globe with an online marketing strategy that keeps on giving. Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels available. Social media connects your business with millions of potential customers and you brand advocates who want to tell their friends about your brand.

Whether your business requires website design or website development, a boost to the top of the search engine rankings, or a social media campaign that actually makes friends and influences people, The Defectors digital marketing strategies will deliver exceptional results every time.

social media marketing

Here you will find a collection of social media marketing campaigns that will start conversations, make friends and influence people. Isn't it time your brand reached out and touched someone intimately like an 80's rock ballad?

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web design & development

Here you will find a collection of beautiful, interactive website designs that engage audiences, educate the masses and deliver unforgettable online experiences. What has your website done for you lately?

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Online Video Marketing: The Social Video Starter Guide

In terms of effort required versus conversion of viewers, social video appears to be a perfect example of “you get what you put in.” Making a video for your brand takes more time, planning, manpower, and expertise than a static image, article, or status update; but when done right, the…

Defectors Now Offering Lead Generation eDM as a Service

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the vast services we offer to include highly successful lead generation eDM (email direct marketing) campaigns. These eDM campaigns are purely performance based, meaning you only pay for the leads we generate, not a cent more. eDM’s are an effective way…

How NOT To Manage Your Social Media

With numerous social media scandals hitting the news of late, you would assume that companies would take extra care when dealing with complaints from the public. Customer service issues and problems addressed through public social media channels rarely end well, as was the recent case of UK based company Cineworld…