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Interview: Mike Rote on Predictive Analytics

brianfarnan1 - Sep 04, 2009

With fifteen years of service under his belt for Teradata, Mike Rote has seen lots of changes in the worlds…

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Interview: Anne Milley on people and analytics

brianfarnan1 - Aug 27, 2009

In a very real sense, everything in an organization turns on its people. In this interview, Anne Milley talks about…

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Interview: Korhan Yunak on customer value management

brianfarnan1 - Aug 24, 2009

The telecommunications industry can track customer behavior in many ways. So it’s no surprise to hear Korhan Yunak talk about…

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Interview: General John Handy on Military Data Analysis

SDC Editor - Jul 17, 2009

General John Handy is the just the kind of guy you want with you in a foxhole, if the foxhole…

Business Intelligence
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Interview: Curtis Rapp on mobile messaging

brianfarnan1 - Apr 08, 2009

“The really nice thing about the text channel is that putting together a high-impact text project with short-term payback is…

Business Intelligence
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Interview: Dave Schrader on Active Enterprise Intelligence

brianfarnan1 - Apr 07, 2009

Dr. Dave Schrader is responsible for marketing Active Enterprise Intelligence, Teradata’s “top strategic initiative” that is designed to help customers…