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Picking out and bringing valentines into my classroom was one of my favorite elementary school traditions… and of course it was great to get a bunch in return! It included all the fun of getting a letter in the mail but with instant gratification of getting a gift.

I came across these adorable bubble wands in Target and thought they would be perfect for a candy-free valentine, so I created this FREE Printable to go with them (download at the bottom of the post). Though really, the printable would be cute with gum too (to keep the ‘blow’ theme)!

Once you have the Printable downloaded, you can use Adobe Reader to complete the provided fields. Or have your kiddo write in the responses by hand. Depending on the writing abilities in question, you can do a mixture of the two (perhaps type in everything but their name, to sign by hand?!).

Valentine Printable Fields

Each sheet will produce 4 Valentines. After cutting, just punch two side-by-side holes on the left-hand side of the valentine. Thread a ribbon through the holes, then secure the bubbles or treat with a bow.

Valentine Printable

Your valentines are now ready to be handed out! Download the FREE .pdf printable file here.

Note: these printables are for personal use only – please do not alter or distribute.

Valentine Printable

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Bow Gift Topper & Tag (Free Printable!) Tue, 18 Dec 2012 17:42:44 +0000 Printable Bow Gift Topper

All the gift-giving of the holidays comes with something else I love… wrapping gifts! (Tell me I’m not the only one?!) I have a mini obsession with kraft wrapping paper, so this idea was born from the desire to make my brown paper a bit more festive. Plus, most of my presents will be shipped across the country, so I needed something that would look just as cute when it arrives at its destination. I love bows, but they just don’t travel well… so the idea of a printable bow was born!

Ribbon Bow Gift Tag

These bows act not only as decoration for your package, but also as gift tags. You can write the To/From information by hand, or edit in Adobe Reader before printing.

Do you know what makes a cute idea even better? When its really easy to pull off! All you need to do is print the attached labels onto full-sheet labels (like these) and cut out loosely around the edges of the bow. Don’t have label paper? Use white cardstock or printer paper & then glue or tape to your packages.

Ribbon Bow Gift Tag

If you’re using plain wrapping paper like I did, consider adding a band of decorative wrapping paper or a ribbon underneath your printed bow.

Download the FREE .pdf printable files here – bows in Red, Blue, or Green.

Note: these printables are for personal use only – please do not alter or distribute.

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Thanksgiving Craft Roundup Tue, 20 Nov 2012 17:19:58 +0000 Many Thanksgiving celebrations include the infamous “Kids Table,” where the children of the family all sit together. I remember thinking it was fun growing up, but also how I felt like such a grown up when I moved to the adult table. Though mainly that was because more, younger, children were added to the family…

We’re hosting a pretty small Thanksgiving dinner for some friends this year – there will be 6 adults and 1 child. And that 7-year-old boy tends to find my house pretty boring, with its lack of Legos. Sadly he’ll have no kid’s table to enjoy, since he’s our only younger guest. So, I’ve been thinking that a nice activity will help keep him entertained and having a great time. A roundup of some of the ideas I’m loving:
Thanksgiving Craft Roundup- Messy Options

“Thumbprint” Turkeys using ink pads: 1. Cards by CG, 2. Spoonful (found via here and here)
Paint Handprint Turkeys: 3. Spoonful, 4. Share & Remember

Thanksgiving Craft Roundup- Paper Crafts

Paper-Strip Pumpkins: 5. Come Together Kids, 6. Martha Stewart
Turkey Cups: 7. Happy Clippings

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Setting the Thanksgiving Table:Turkey Placesetting Wed, 14 Nov 2012 21:48:13 +0000 Once again, this year seems to have flown by… I’m floored by the fact that Thanksgiving will be here in a week! We’re hosting a small dinner- our guests will include our friend’s parents from Ireland, so we need to make sure their first ‘American Thanksgiving’ is fantastic! In addition to all the delicious food (I hope!), I’ve been brainstorming for the table decor and came up with this cute turkey* place card idea:
Thanksgiving Table: Napkin Fold and Printable

*My husband thinks that these poor turkeys look a bit too upbeat, considering what will be on the table..!

The best part is that it includes one of my favorite things… napkin folding! (Yes, seriously. Is that too dorky to admit in my first blog post here?!)  If you’ve never ventured into fancy folds, just try out this pretty fan fold – it is seriously easy to do, yet looks so impressive. Your guests will feel so special!

Start with a square napkin (shown are these ones from World Market), then follow the steps below:
Fan Fold Illustrated Instructions - part 11. Fold your square napkin in half, creating a rectangle
2. Starting at one of the short ends, start accordion folding the napkin. (Each fold should be about 2 inches wide.) Stop folding when you get about 4 inches from the end, leaving an unfolded ‘tail’
3. Flip the whole napkin over and fold everything – folds + ‘tail’ – in half. The ‘tail’ portion should be on the inside, with the accordion outside (see the picture below).
Fan Fold Illustrated Instructions - part 24. The ‘tail’ part is going to be the back of the fan, and ends up being the stand to keep the napkin upright. Fold the top corner of the tail (both layers) in towards the accordion folds.
5. Tuck that corner in tight, nestling it right in the middle, in between where the tail began and the next fold. When you let go of your folds, the display will open into a beautiful fan!

You could be finished, but I suggest adding my free Turkey Printable… your napkin fold is instantly transformed into your turkey’s tail feathers! Just print the design onto a white cardstock (my favorite is from Paper Source) & cut around each turkey. The fold the rectangular portion at the bottom to make a stand, then place underneath the center of your folded napkin (shown here in front):
Turkey cutout in front of folded napkinDownload the FREE Printable .pdf file here – you can also change the text shown on each turkey’s sign, so these would also make great place cards. For those of you with kiddos (or just enjoy coloring!), there is also a black-and-white version – this would be a great way to include them in making your Thanksgiving table look its best!

Note: these printables are for personal use only – please do not alter or distribute.

Turkey Placecards PS – If you do end up using these ideas, I’d love to see pictures!

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