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St John's Church

Palmers Green


St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green is a dynamic, hospitable, growing church, welcoming everyone. It is a place where all ages can grow in faith and receive spiritual support and where we use all our resources and talents for loving service to the community, locally and globally.

Please come and say hello.


Our search for a new Vicar has begun!

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Services & Directions

Easter Services:

Maundy Thursday Service followed by Watch Service

20:00 with 1hr watch slots from 21:00 until Midnight.

Good Friday Services

11:30 Joint Walk of Witness with Churches Together, starting at Palmers Green Station Car Park to Winchmore Hill Methodist Church

14:00 Good Friday Service

Easter Day

06:30 Easter Sunrise Service, followed by bacon Sarnies

10:00 Easter Day Service



The weekly services are

  • Sunday 8:30am – Holy Communion
  • Sunday 10am – Holy Communion with Sunday’s Cool (term time only)
  • Sunday 10am (2nd Sunday in the Month) – Family Service with Holy Communion

Additional Services will be advertised on the Website and in the Church Porch.


The Church of St John The Evangelist
Bourne Hill
Palmers Green
N13 4DA

Sunday's Cool

There are two Sunday’s Cool classes, one for the pre-school age children and one for the 5-11 year olds.

The lessons are age-appropriate and based on the same themes that are explored that week with the adult congregation.  Christian understanding of the bible is created through readings, stories, play, games, crafts, prayer, song and exercises.  Sessions are led by current and past Sunday’s Cool parents who bring their own experiences, interests and skills to bear.  We try to combine sponsoring the growth of faith with a bit of fun, so the kids feel positive about coming to church with you.

Our expectation is that parents will help settle in new, younger children by accompanying them to Sunday’s Cool.  Older children and those already familiar with play group and school structures and disciplines should be left, allowing you to participate with the adult congregation.

Contact Us


St John’s Vicarage, 1 Bourne Hill N13 4DA

, E

Parish Office

Theodora Diamandi, Parish & Facilities Administrator

T 020 8886 0847, E

The Parish Office is open weekdays (except Thursdays) between 10am to 12pm.

Church Wardens

Richard Godfrey, T 020 8886 7342, E

Jon Daniels, T 07432 110 582, E

Banns & Weddings

Banns of Marriage

If you or your fiancé live in the St John’s parish and are getting married in a Church of England church elsewhere, your banns of marriage will usually need to be called at St John’s.

We will arrange for your banns to be called and for a banns certificate to be issued. Please contact the Parish Office for more details.

Your banns will normally be called at the end of the 10am Sunday Service on three consecutive Sundays two months before your wedding.

Getting Married at St John’s

You can legally be married at St John’s if you or your fiancé live in the parish, have a relative that has lived in the parish for 6 months, or if one of you is a member of St John’s Church.

To become a member you need to have been baptised and to have worshipped with us regularly for six months in order to have your name added to the church electoral roll (our official membership list).

Please contact Father Stephen for more information.

Wedding Fees

For details of current fees please contact the Parish Office (T 020 8886 0847, E

Countdown to Wedding Day

6 months to go …

  • Contact the Parish Office to fill in a Banns Application
  • If applicable, contact the church in the other place of residency to have Banns read there
  • You will be invited to an initial planning & preparation session

4 months to go …

  • Contact the Parish Office to make an appointment to see the vicar within the next few weeks to discuss the order of service

3 months to go …

  • Meet the vicar for a second meeting

2 months to go …

  • Pay the final balance
  • Your Banns will be read for the first 3 Sundays two months preceding your wedding, at the 10:00 service. You are expected to attend.

1 week to go …

  • Wedding rehearsal in the church with the wedding party

Your Wedding Day …

  • Get married … Yay!!!
Baptism & Church Records


The baptism service will take place as part of the 10am Sunday Family Service. The child’s parents and godparents will make special promises to do all they can to care for and guide their child.

Baptism means that your child will become a Christian – a member of Christ’s family. Baptism is the first step in their journey of faith.

During the service we use three symbols of baptism: oil, water and light. Olive oil will be used to make a cross on the child’s forehead, water is used as a sign that we are washed clean ready for new life, and a lighted candle will be presented to the child to remind us that the light of Christ has entered their life.

We are happy to baptise children whose parents live in the Parish or if you are a member of the electoral roll. If you’d like to arrange a baptism, come along one Sunday morning and speak to Father Stephen at the end of the service or contact the Parish Office (T 020 8886 0847, E

Godparents: A Special Friendship

You choose three godparents for your child. They each need to have been baptised themselves. They may be friends or relatives but it is important that they will consider the role of godparents an honour and a privilege.

A godparent is a friend, mentor and role model to their godchild.

The godparents’ part in the service is an important one. They speak for the child and promise to be the best person they can be for that child.

The church understands that godparents will nurture the seed of faith sown in the child at baptism; that they will act as support and encouragement in the years to come and finally, with the parents bring the child to a point in their life where they want to make for themselves, the promises that were made on their behalf as a baby. We call the next step Confirmation.

Adult Baptism and Confirmation

Adults are usually baptised and confirmed by the Bishop at the same time.

Please see Father Stephen if you are interested in being confirmed having been baptised as a child, or if you would like to be baptised and confirmed as an adult.

Archive of Church Records

Please contact the Parish Office (T 020 8886 0847, E for information on Church records.

St John's Church Halls

The Church has 2 halls and a committee room for hire, with the premises licensed for music and dancing.  The venue includes a newly installed kitchen, separate access to each of the halls, cloakrooms and facilities for the less able.  Halls are suitable for wedding celebrations, parties, stage productions, rehearsals, meetings, exhibitions, polling station, blood donor centre etc. Dimensions are approximations.

Main Hall  19m x 10m (excluding stage).  Various seating plans can be accommodated e.g theatre, cabaret, rectangle.  Capacity (up to 200 people) is limited by seating arrangements.

Stage (main hall) 8.5m x 4.5m

Small Hall 11m x 8.5m Various seating plans can be accommodated e.g theatre, cabaret, rectangle. Capacity is limited by seating layout.

Committee Room 10m x 4.5m Suitable for small group meetings or as dressing rooms when hiring the main hall and stage. Capacity 20 people (boardroom layout). There are serving hatches from the kitchen.

Kitchen 5m x 2.5m

For more information please contact the Parish Office (T 020 8886 0847, E

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