Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I apologize I havent made enough beauty reviews like I used to, simply I had too many products till I was confused which one to start with and I have been so busy with my real life to the point I dont feel like using new products as I'd like to stick with my usual daily routine

But I shall not be like this lol

So I have been using this Wine Lip Tint for months, and it's my favorite. So many people asked me on snapchat to review this product as well because everyone's crazy over its packaging. Kudos for Korean Cosmetics, they always manage to make amazing cosmetics design!

So I have 6 colors up for review. For Red shades I have RD01, RD02, RD03. Pink Shade is PK 01 and Coral Shade is CR01, while Orange is OR01

All shades are beautifully wearable for daily basis and stocking up all shades will do you justice

Scream as these wine bottles is not for consumption, beautifying your lips and giving it healthy tint serves its purpose!
I squealed as well when I saw the packaging on my hand because it's made like a real wine bottle. Cute at its finest

Let's talk about the product itself. The scent is fruity with of course a hint of grape / wine that makes you want to lick your lips lol For Indonesian, maybe you can find the scent's similarity with Sugus candies?? It's just that tasty!!

The texture is very watery and the color is pretty sheer but buildable, pretty lightweight and suitable for daily basis. It spreads easily and moisturizing due to its texture but it doesnt dry fast and has tendency to smear. Sometimes if I dont wait until it's dry, I notice that my teeth gets some stain thanks to this wine lip tint too

For some lip tint, sometimes it will leave some marks and makes your lips dry and cracked lips more visible, but thanks to its watery texture, your lips will stay moist thorough the day

From left to right :

RD 01, RD 02, RD 03, PK 01, CR 01, OR 01

RD 01 is true red shade that compliments all skin tone. I use this color the most!
RD 02 is red shade with purple undertone
RD 03 is deep burgundy red, darkest among all
PK 01 is a light dolly pink shade
CR 01 is warm coral shade, this is my daily color!
OR 01 is bright orange that brings out your complexion

Despite its pros and cons, so far it manages to land successfully into my daily make up storages which proves that it's something that I truly like and will wear until I run out of it lol

The products are sponsored by BBCOSMETICS for a review purpose, but the review is my honest thought

Friday, August 19, 2016

Everyone knows I love Disney, and so when Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie which is a sequel of Alice in Wonderland movie featured Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp, I was delighted to be invited to the premiere and watch it before everyone else! I love how Tim Burton created such an amazing out-of-the-box wonderland, he's always been magnificent ever since

And what's a Beauty Blogger do when inspired?

Tutorial make up for sure lol

I used really minimal make up because Mia didnt put too much make up on her to let her natural beauty shines through. Just a little of mascara, blush, and lipstick with the right color will do!

I havent felt so bare for a while because I never really supported this kind of makeup for photoshoot, but once in a while change is perhaps needed. Everyone told me that I look so much younger LOL

Wig : Brightlele
Top & Skirt : Cloth Inc
Shoes : Zara

All of the make up used this time is from Emina Cosmetics
It's a local brand that provides great quality, and though the video itself is sponsored by I truly admit that their products are great. I would never say something is good without meaning it
I am really surprised by the quality and the shade the provide. Especially the eyeliner (super awesome, pigmented, creamy, and so on), and I love the blush and lipstick shade that's so romantic. Usually local brand provide strong red brick shade that I dont really fancy about, but they have sweet pink for kawaii look lol

Anyway, please enjoy the tutorial that I have been working on the hardest so far for my youtube tutorial. It was difficult to get it right and produce such video, but I am glad I challenged myself to do something different

See you guys on my next post!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I am really particular of choosing fragrant because to be honest, I grew up hating perfumes because it smells toxicating. Whenever me and my family visited department store area and the sales women sprayed some to the paper for us to take a sniff, I had to quickly cover my nose and walk as fast as I could because I didnt like the smell

It wasn't that long before I found out that it's not that perfume which is at fault, how you pick the smell that suits your preference and finding one is like a chemistry in life

Ever since then, I only had a few perfume options on my beauty desk and another one that recently settled down is Wonder Woman Diana Prince Perfume from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Limited edition

You must have known that I LOVE BLACK so much and when I first land my eyes on this perfume, I quickly knew that it's gonna be friend for life
The elegance provided through it's hourglass shape is really unique and make it easy to grip on. 

Dont forget the rose gold cap that is carved through inspiration of Wonder Woman Logo gives quite a style. The collaboration of Eloicoco and Warner Bros to produce such a marvelous product should be noted by perfume or Marvel lover

I wish through blogging I could let you guys smell the scent. It's a light mix fruity scent that's subtle and fun, it's my day to go perfume! I recommend you to visit counter such as Guardian / Matahari / so on to test it on your own. At least now I know how Wonder Woman smells like, it expresses fun, strong woman that's unique with a hint of sensual

Talk about limitation, they only have 10.000 bottles of this all over Asia!
So better try your luck to find this limited item at Zalora / Lazada / Watsons / Guardian / Century / Matahari
Retail price is only Rp 500.000 per bottle which runs pretty affordable for a branded perfume for me (mostly I got my perfume for 1-2 million rupiah)

For more informations, you can also check out Eloi Coco Instagram to see other products they offer!

Thank you Eloi coco for providing the product for review purpose!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Turns out I am opening up another kawaii tour after clearing up my schedule! This time I am collaborating with YOROKOBI TOUR on Instagram to bring you better service

We will use BUS instead of train, and we will stay at better hotel, and it comes with local guide
Hassle free and easier!

For me, the price is pretty fair, considering Bus is really expensive over there. And also we'll be staying at Fuji Area and visiting Hakone as well, those two areas are difficult to reach if you're traveling solo

You can add Yorokobi Tour on LINE = @dkd0378m

and order the itinerary over there!
For any question and so on, you can ask them as well ^^

You can compare the price with other travel agencies and I am sure you cant find greater deal! #confident LOL
Anyway for people who's not from Jakarta, you can arrange the flight with them, or maybe just purchase the land tour and get another flight suitable for you
It's so flexible! ^^

Hope to see you in Japan this autumn!

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