Saturday, March 17, 2018

Boy Who Cried Wolf is like Trump Crying Fake News

Isn't it, How many times has that fake news turned out true?

Almost every time

If you look deep into your heart you know Trump is a pathological liar , he can't help , exaggeration or just flat out making stuff up.

If you still trust him are you just lying to yourself?Really you must be. It's been proven over and over that Trump has been lying. A wise person would logically come to the conclusion that Trump should never be believed without first checking all available facts. If you don't your just buying into the crazy world of Trump.

Trump wants to add more beds to his concentration camps for immigrants

It's basically what these camps are becoming specially if they start packing people in like sardines in a can. That will increase the chance of illness and disease outbreaks. Plus sanitation , providing food may become stretched to the breaking point. Not very nice living condition will exist but according to Trump there not real people. Pray you don't in Trump eyes become not a real person

How Stupid Do You Think We Are ? We All Know McCabe Was Fired Over This Russier Thing

Session just made himself complicit in the whole obstruction of justice thing by doing Trumps bidding and firing McCabe.

Why did Trump have McCabe fired ? My theory he did it to make others who know things about Trump and Russia from coming forward and talking. He's being a bully like he always does to make others fear him and the consequences. Trump if you look will notice he's a open book he's childish, Petty ,vindictive , morally bankrupt, totally incompetent. He's the worst of America putting on display as our leader ,making us all look like fools. Firing McCabe right before he could get his pension is so revolting and disgusting it will only hurt the GOP cause in 2018 and Trump reelect in 2020.

Trump is a drama queen whose dragging down everyone with his drama

Friday, March 16, 2018

Saintt Patrick Good ,bad or just a legend?

Never been any snakes in Ireland

Snakes is used as an euphemism for pagans or barbarians people who had different believes then Christianity

So he converted them to Christianity . When I think conversion I see children taken from there families to missionary schools and being brain washed , older people being tortured or even killed , But mostly I see people acting like they were converted but not really being converted. I'm sure there are even today some people who believe in the wheel of life , the tree of life , the old man of the forest and other pagan beliefs. Not all the snakes have left Ireland old Saint.Patrick missed a few.

Disgusted by some of the so called resistance on twitter

Calling people names is an act of 2 year olds and Donald Trump in there resistance they have become more like Donald Trump that is sad. They block free speech , they can not have exchange of ideas without name calling and degrading anyone who doesn't agree with them. I will not be part of that crap I will not stoop down to Trumps level. I will be blocking certain people who can not have an adult conversation . They need to get over there selves

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The genie is out of the bottle and won't go back.

Nope the children have woken and won't except the nightmare of mass murder in there schools. They want something done and won't be silent till that is done. The small bandage the GOP and Trump are trying to cover the gaping wound of gun violence is pathetically inadequate. It won't stop the next school shooting it's more likely to bring about more violence. This idea that an armed teacher will stop the next mass school shooting is based on the believe that it will frighten the shooter away. It won't these losers want to die it most likely will give them more of an incentive to do the dirty deed. It will become an arms race between teachers and killers something the NRA would love so there bosses can sell more and more guns.

Today's a good day for Democracy

Martin Lamb wins in Pennsylvania one more dent in the Trump agenda to destroy America.

Children marching for better reasonable gun laws

Today is one day I can be proud to be an American . Not many of those lately. Lot of days being spent being ashamed of a lot of people in this country. Trumpets make me ashamed , racists make me ashamed , certain people who only care about themselves make me ashamed.

I remember a time when more people stood up to ignorance and stupidity , today was a day democracy woke up from a long slumber,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Weird we don't got Britains back ,but side with Russia

We choose the side of a person and government that's never had our back and has pretty much always been our enemy over a country that's been our ally for over a hundred years. Russian no doubt poisoned a former spy , there the ones who make the poison who else but them could of done it. It's that or Russia is giving that poison out like party favors. Trump is losing us good allies and crawling in bed with a whore who will sell us out at a snap.

Tillerson gets the ax after he talks negative about Russia

oh oh he made the cardinal mistake saying something negative about Russia

Trump doesn't like stuff said about his buddy Putin . It makes him go all dictator and start firing people.

All this stuff proves to me that Trump is deeply in Putin's pocket. No collusion is Bullshit. Never has a president stooped so low to kiss a Russian dictators ass. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave . How great has America fallen , how closer to the abyss are we becoming.

Are we Putin's puppet , doing there bidding . Yes it does seem like we are

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If you let kids have there way on gun laws next they will get there way on no homework , That's Stupid

Some politician in Florida actually said that , these kids are serious and she came up with some old days wives tale from the time of leave it to beaver and the Brady bunch. Really she must be living in the past or never had a child of her own.

This is the kind of backward thinking you can expect from the GOP who is stuck in the past. They don't realize kids are growing up a lot faster then they used to most passing there parents in knowledge. Most are way smarter then most Republicans who hide from reality and can't see the writing on the wall that says there time is over.