Monday, May 21, 2018

As The Gun Shot's Still Echo Off The Wall.

Bang , bang , bang like the beats of a drum a song sings out echoes through are schools. It leaves behind blood spattered art spread across the walls. The smell of death and gun powder floats slowly through the air. Another death of our future spilled and wasted never allowed to grow.

Is that what we want or what we need?
Do we want the next person who might of cured cancer killed before they even try? We are playing Russian Roulette with the future , who dies could be important to the future , it could mean the end for us all made by a crazy person with a gun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Korea Just Another Trump Failure?

It's on the border of Failville as North Korea has a change of mind.

All this premature Nobel Prize talk is starting to look really silly. As the wheels come off the Trump to North Korea Train, Trumps is getting a plate full of eggs on his face. Did the dropping of the Iran Deal put a wrench in the North Korea deal? Probably it showed the United States breaks it's deals and can't be trusted. People told Trump that was likely to happen and he stupidly took an axe to the Iran Deal. Now we get 2 enemies with possible Nuclear Bombs for the price of one , good job orange yeti.

Again by his ignorance Trump makes America a bull's-eye for more terrorists and the world as a whole less safe.
P.S making Jerusalem our embassy to Israel just poured more gasoline on a wild fire we are just more likely to get burned by.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

So Many Promises From Trump So Many Failures.

He said he could make health care better , Failed on that one.

Pulled out of Paris Accords , Now he wants to rejoin it. FAILURE

Failed on getting Roy Moore elected

Dropped out of the Pacific Trade deal . So far China has stepped in making them stronger , America Fails

Couldn't get his shit together over Puerto Rico . BIG FAILURE

Passes Tax Give Away for the wealthy , Failed to help the middle class

DACA said it would be better/ FAILED

So many ticking bombs ripe for future failures

Iran Nuclear Deal canceled by Trump , Could really go bad with Iran getting a nuclear bomb or America in another long war with no win in the end.

North Korea , with pulling out of Iran Deal how can North Korea Trust the United States in any deal. Can They , will they

NAFTA will he pull out of that, expect prices to sky rocket in the United States . Wealthy won't feel it. Middle class and poor get the pain. Any tax cut will quickly disappear.

The wall one of his stupidest White Elephants , Billion taken out of social programs that help the middle class and poor to pay for this huge waste of money.

He drained the swamp then flooded the whole United States with it, We will all be treading water up to are necks in the stench. TRUMP STINKS

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sick and Twisted Way to Run a Country Creating Problems So You Can Act Like You Fix Them Later

Trump created the DACA problem so he could come in riding a white horse to save the day and save the DACA kids. He's trying to create a problem with health care when a small simple fix could make it work for everyone. Dam I'm not even sure that he didn't create the whole North Korea thing so he could look good stopping the madness. Trump does know Dennis Rodman , Rodman did go visit the leader of North Korea then the words of war did seem to ramp up between North Korea and Trump. Was it all theater ? A play on the world. Trump in the past has done publicity stunts to sell his brand. Was this all just another stunt to get a Nobel Prize. I wouldn't put anything past Trump , he has no morals to create a boundary to his action. No filter like loyalty to America or anything else will stop Donald from doing what's best for Donald.

Friday, April 27, 2018

It's Not Immigrants Stealing Your Job It's Mr. Roboto

Blaming Illegal or legal immigrants for the lose of your job is ignorant and not seeing the real picture. Automation , robotics , and in the future artificial intelligence with replace most if not all humans in the work place. It's a trend that in the end will make human workers obsolete. How many human workers have already been replaced by machines? What plans are in the work to replace even more? Automated cars will replace my guess Millions of Taxi Drivers. Internet stores are already causing many of the major store chains of the past to close up shop. People have become more and more lazy , Robotic Vacuums , Robotic this, automatic that, and other things supposedly created to make life more easier. Is that why there are more fat people now days? '

Possible Future , robots building robots , Manufacturing plants will no people in them , buzzing away 24/7 making this or that under the control of AI computers. Just cause you have the ability to automate everything it doesn't mean you should. In the end Humans will be the thing of the past. We will be stuck in a chair to fat to move with robots to cater to our every need. They will feed us , dress us , and make be wipe are ass after we go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

No Trump we never gave 150 billion of US money to Iran we gave then there own money back from frozen bank accounts

Trump in another big lie claims that American Tax Payers had there money taken and given to Iran or at least implied that happened

It never happened our money in the form of 150 billion dollars was not given to Iran. Money of there own, frozen in United States banks was after negotiations was given back, Guess Trump expected our country to steal it.

Trump ,the king of Phony Bologna, will twist and contort facts to make a point that is based in fantasy. Either that or he's totally clueless to reality

Monday, April 23, 2018

Republican members of the Government are just as evil as Trump when they don't speak out when Trumps says something wicked & Vile

Every tweet by Trump that is a lie or vile should be a black mark against every member of the GOP when they don't speak up. There silence must mean they agree with Trump doesn't it. They by there silence gives them ownership of the vile mean spirit tweets Trump squirts out. They all get painted with the same evil paint brush used by a mad artist named Donald Trump. Even if they don't want it

Monday, April 16, 2018

James Comey way more truthful then Donald Trump

If you believe every word that Donald Trump or Fox News says you may be a moron. Sorry but it's the only explanation that fits. Some of the stuff they come up with is so far out of left field that it is impossible. So in a match of truthfulness Trump loses against almost every person on earth. With Comey, Trump becomes the biggest loser in history.

This crap calling James Comey the worst FBI agent in history is a joke coming from the worst president in history. No president is more corrupt , more incompetent ,and more devoid of morals then Donald Trump.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Without a State Department And Ambassdors Peace in the Middle East is a Dream

We don't have ambassadors in Egypt , Saudi Arabia , and many places in the Middle East so how is any peaceful outcome going to come about. Really with a gutted State Department who is out there dealing with the differences in an half ass way how can peaceful outcomes come about? Nothing good is going to come out of the Middle East it's just going to keep dragging us back into war. Wars that basically been going on for over a 1000 years.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Look At The Bottom of Most of The Things In Your Home It Will Say Made In China Now think about having To pay 2 or 3 times what you used to pay for it that's a trade war.

Lots of have just enough money to make it every month , Now add having to pay way more for all those products you buy that come from China and your going to have to go without a lot of things. Think of all those stores being basically forced to lose customers of sales they would of made. It will force them to lay people off so then it becomes a down ward trend that effects more and more people. It widens and expands and effects more and more people. More people get laid off in other places . Job rates take a major hit. Stock market goes way down. Trade War isn't just going to cause Minor Pain , at least not to people barely staying above water now it will be a massive blow to the lower middle class. It will take them under.