Friday, December 2, 2016

Trumps gold plated depends may bankrupt the country

Ever wonder why he makes all them funny faces? 

Well the facts is his gold plated depends cause a lot of chaffing. He just couldn't buy the normal plain ones but had to have them gold plated.  But the gold plating can be a real pain in the ass.

Why does Trump Team Want to Block Recount in PA?


They got something to hide or do they know it was rigged in that state? Since Trump before election talked about a rigged election and we all know he puts his own faults on others did they do the rigging?  Why worry about a recount if there's nothing to worry about?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump puts together a bunch of wealthy friend together on his cabinet , can you say SUCKER

So many people bought the lie that Donald cared about the middle class and poor. There was never any proof of that except his words ,his so called foundation was other peoples money not his own given to charity. But he said he gave millions right ,not really he lied or exaggerated again. It was investigated and added up to like 10 grand only. He said he supported the United States how did he do that while paying zero in taxes? Now his wealthy crony friends are in charge , don't you think that they will do things more likely to benefit their other wealthy friend and the middle class and poor will be left out in the cold again. CAN YOU SAY SUCKER

From No Drama Obama to The Drama Queen Donald Trump

US. Grant
I don't remember during Obama's presidency being much controversy or scandal. Now we got Trump who creates controversy on a daily bases on twitter by showing he doesn't understand the constitution specially as it pertains to free speech. I expect scandal and controversy to be a main ingredient in the Trump Presidency and if your up on history it will resemble the presidency of US Grant which was filled with scandal.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump Says He Will Totally Give Up Business ,But as the Man Who Cried Wolf a Hundred Times and Lied His Way to the Presidency You Can Take That With a Grain of Salt

Really is this like the imaginary Great Wall of Trump or Throwing Clinton in Jail neither of which will ever happen. So many lies have passed his lips it's a miracle his nose isn't a hundred miles long. So whatever he's says I need proof because the old saying fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice shame on me applies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Proves Again He Doesn't Understand What Freedom of Speech Means By Saying Flag Burners Should Lose Citizenship

I'm not even sure losing citizenship is possible if your born in the U.S.A.  Plus the freedom of speech means you can express yourself in way's not always that are good. Don't KKK members burn crosses. Don't some people fly the stars and bars of the confederate flag. What will Trump do about those nude Trump statues? 

He can't rewrite the constitution and if he does ,why can't other amendment be changed to? If he opens that can ,can't the right to bear arms be changed. So as always the brain in his ass is tweeting again and is talking crap.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Will Trump make Global Warming in the United States a priority or make it our undoing?

Global Warming

The rest of the world pretty much excepts Global Warming as fact. While in the United States the ignorance which is the Republican Party has covered it's eyes and ears ,disconnected it's brain and doesn't believe the mounting evidence that yes humans can change the environment in bad ways, The Sahara would be lots smaller if humans didn't exist. Many of the floods that happen wouldn't happen if humans didn't mess with the rivers flows. The dust bowl was created by farming replacing the natural cover of buffalo grass with wheat that couldn't adapt so it died leaving large sections of soil uncovered so the wind blew it away and into the air. Daily people do things that have an effect on this planet and mostly it's a negative one. In our zeal to use the worlds resources we don't stop to think about the effects of the things we do. Putting tons of smoke and chemicals into our air on a daily bases does have consequences. Some day we will have to pay those consequences . Nothing comes for free

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trumps latest crazy tweet he won the popular vote because there was 2 million plus illegal votes

Trumps crazy train has gone off the rails. His latest rants have zero proof. I'm starting to wonder why he cares so much about a recount that he would lie and make stuff up. Does he know something we don't know like Russian hackers screwed up the vote? That others in the GOP did something crooked to steal the election in some way.

Privatization of Government Programs Good Thing or Bad Thing?

Privatization could make those services like Social Security .Medicad ,Medicare into for profit businesses. If that happens most likely those services will have cost saving cuts to increase profits that's how businesses work. So someone will get less and that's usually the people who need it the most the poor. So I'm leaning towards it's a bad thing. Many businesses have a well deserved bad reputation, insurance companies where to get paid the amount your due always require in this day and age you to get a lawyer first so you don't get cheated. It requires a lawyer now to deal with Social Security that will only become worse if it's privatized. The only ones getting benefit will be legal eagles as they get more and more business.

Education will suffer under a Republican Federal Government.

If you watched states controlled by Republicans you notice things like education are the first to become the sacrificial lambs to the debt. So don't be surprised if the federal government doesn't do the same thing. The thing that would help us create a better economy education is almost always thrown away like meaningless trash and America falls further behind. A brain drain in this country seems to be what Republicans want. As the less educated become their power base they don't want to lose.