Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trump passing the buck again and again.

When will he ever grow up and take responsibility for his words and actions.

You got to realize by now Honest Abe isn't in the White House. He wouldn't be a George Washington and admit he cut down that Cherry Tree.

Nope he will lie to cover his ass and he will get others to lie as well. Sad what this country has become , a country where your word was your bond and honor now a place where your faith in your government is put in jeopardy every time the President opens his mouth.

I have zero confidence in the credibility of anything coming out of Trumps mouth. I will not go to war on his say so , I will not do anything to support Trump . I don't trust Trump one tiny bit. I'm not putting my life on the line for this poser.

Obama I would of put my life on the line for . Sad Sad day the honor of American was placed in the hands Donald Trump

When is the adult day care closing at the White House?

Really are you tired of paying for Trumps adult day care?

It's costs are way to much to take care of one adult baby who can't stop having temper tantrums , swearing and acting like he's got the mental age of a 2 year old. All those people to take care of one baby seems extreme.

Millions wasted on this problem child . It's really not worth it. Money could be used to help the people of Puerto Rico, feed the poor, give needy people healthcare , and really make American great.

Monday, January 15, 2018

How Low can Trump go isn't the question it's how low has he already gone.? #realdonaldtrump

I don't think he can go any lower he's at rock bottom .

His ass is on the ground with no air space between it and the floor.

He's dissed the FBI, CIA and all the other Alphabet soup of government agencies. He's made all our allies wonder what planet does he leave on. He's offended almost every race on earth except the white ones. He make most of the women in America cringe at the idea of being around him.

33 % a small maybe 1/3 of the people in this country, the most people who are uneducated who bought his carny act reminiscent of P.T. Barnum to the White House. A sucker is born every minute a catch phrase Trump uses to his best ability every day. He sold his Indian Kickapoo Medicine to millions but it hasn't made American Great it made us sick with more racial divide then anytime since the days of the civil rights fights in the 60s. We are letting ourselves be dragged back to a place that wasn't a good golden age of this country nope it was a shameful past better left dead and buried. Those Neo-Nazis and KKK clowns are just a death moan of days gone bye it's up to everyone of us with a moral backbone to close the coffin and put them back in there final resting place.

The GOP has put there blinders on when it comes to Trump

He can say and do almost anything and they somehow miss it. He calls places in Africa a shithole and republican hear places in Africa are great. Deaf blind and dumb like those famous three monkeys the GOP moves towards total destruction. Morals won't find any of those pesky things rolling around in a republicans head. They've been bought to ignore anything there rich handlers wouldn't like. Selling your soul to the wealthy isn't going to buy you a seat at the big guys table after leaving this mortal plane. So the wieners you smell roasting those will be yours.

I twaught I taw a wacist , I did see a wacist points to Trump he's right over there

Even a 2 years old would recognize Trump as a racist and probably a very immature person. He's is a social misfit who doesn't know how to relate to other people in any real sense. He's to much in his own small head in the center of his own little world, he most likely thinks us as a dream. But in Truth he's our nightmare , a one we created by building his ego and letting it get so massive it threatens to unbalance the earth.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ode to making America Great Again

Not sure when we stopped being great was when we were kind and carried about others was it when the world thought we were the greatest country on earth When did we fail and fall from grace I never noticed it never saw it happen I thought we were still great Along game a man said he would make us great again I was astounded not sure what he meant But people followed him like he was a prophet But when he came to power He did the opposite of what he claimed Made us a joke , a place of scorn Now we fade into the dark living in a shadow of our former greatness Lost to what we once were A city shinning on a hill now covered in mist

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall A wall he had built to save us all But it didn't work or do anything Didn't stop a person not a single being Wasted tons of money put us in debt Starved lots of people put them in there grave Killed a bunch of poor people with the money they saved

If what happened in Hawaii doesn't frighten you it should ,false alarm could start world war 3

A false Alarm screaming out the warning a inbound missile is going to hit within 15 minutes , you scramble to find whatever shelter you can knowing it will probably be your final resting place. A nuclear missile will most likely kill everyone and thing in its path. That's what people in Hawaii had to deal with. Luckily it wasn't true but how many kids will feel there immortality and be afraid to sleep with out a night light at least for awhile. We can laugh it off now but it really isn't a laughing matter not with people having to deal with the anxiety and stress the event will most likely leave behind. But now the what if a false alarm created by a hacker like in that movie war games happens ,with the tensions created by Trump in his word of words with North Korea. We are living on a razor edge , on a precipice ready at anytime to fall off the cliff. A little push like a false alarm and a president who is not playing with a full deck could bring a end of the world event to a large part of the earth.
You should be afraid very afraid

Yes Virgina there is a racist in the White House

It's not a myth there are plenty of facts out there that Donald Trump is , always was , and will continue to be a racist. It's a part of his family history racism past down from former Trumps to the present host of Trumps. A court case against him was for racist actions , He wanted black people who were latter found not guilty put to death that happened about something that happened in Chicago, He pretty much called most Hispanic people drug dealers or rapists. We all heard him call the KKK and Nazis good people. Now he called countries of black people shitholes. If it looks racist ,sounds racist , feels racist it most likely is racist. It can't be sugar coated TRUMP IS A RACIST

Friday, January 12, 2018

Calling other countries shitholes won't win many allies but will lose some,

Was he off his meds? Just being his obtuse racist self. Is he trying to make America a pariah , a place shunned by the rest of the world and thought of as backward. We sure aren't going in the right direction . Were headed backward to the day of racism the bad old days where peoples value was decided by the color of there skins. I don't judge people that way , there race , the amount of money they have , is meaningless in respect to value. It would take a trillion Trumps to equal one Mother Teresa , Martin Luther King , Gandhi , or Barrack Obama. Trump has almost no value as a person. He's one of the most valueless persons alive.