Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump first foreign trip he goes to Russia Stupid or Smart?

Well my view stupid.

It undermines NATO and will make then wonder where Trumps head is. Making the rest of Europe nervous and start thinking of the United States as less of an ally isn't smart politics

My other point giving all those critics and voices that think Russia interfered in our elections even more fodder doesn't sound like  good idea. It kind of may look like Trump was in on that whole deal since the beginning. He was in Russia pocket during the whole election?

Trump giving the finger and the American people may decide to bite it off. Americans will only put up with so much crap and drama before they get sick of it. Try acting like a grown up if you want to stay president.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just Told L.L. Bean to Remove Me From There Mailing List Because They Support Trump.

I won't be buying their products and any catalogs will go directly in the trash. Supporting Trump has negative consequences in my life so I'm passing them on to you L.L. Bean. I'm guessing I won't be the only one making this decision . So good bye

Trump is way in over his head and falling fast

He's out of his league

Up the creek with no paddles

There's a hundred ways to say it but he was never or ever be qualified to be President. People are going to learn a good lesson that being good at business is not a quality for being a good President. He is not level headed or  can he control his emotion specially as it pertains to anger. He likes to call names that's ok in a two year old but not cool if your a President. He surrounds him self in layers of ass kissers and brown nosers so has no contact with the real world. Donald is the ultimate boy in the plastic bubble. He will fail and in his own words fail bigly. It's sad he will drag the rest of us down with him, Get your safety vest ready for the storm and get prepared for choppy water.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump press conference not very reasuring or helpful

I didn't watch it I'm not a masochist who needs to  flagellate himself with lies. I waited to read the transcript. About divesting his business to his sons can we expect every time he talks to them to be recorded  and kept stored as proof cause otherwise I'm not buying. He finally admitted Russia did some rigging of the election in his favor. He thinks that will bring Russia  and the United States closer together to me it means the exact opposite. He says he wants to start building his wall and Mexico will pay for it but not in money. In drugs maybe ,or are we going to go to war with them. His vague threats seem pointless and I'll believe Americans will end up paying for the wall with zero help from Mexico. Finally in closing he fires another arrow into the American peoples right to know and Free Speech by dissing CNN reporter. He calls others rude that's like looking in a mirror Donald your the rudest person on earth.

Trump asks ,"are we living in Nazi Germany?"/ My answer not yet but we will be with you as president.

What is more Hitler like then trying to destroy free speech? Trump daily does that by making fun of reporters or anyone who speaks out against him. Sounds like something Hitler would do. I bet instead of living by the saying what would Jesus do ,Trump lives by the saying what would Hitler do. I can see the sticker on his limos bumper saying WWHD instead of WWJD.

He's ready to take away your citizenship for burning the flag , he's ready to make fun of or belittle anyone who whispers a bad word about him. He's ready to build another Berlin type wall across the bottom of the United States. He's already acting like he wants to build a concentration type camp for Muslims or paint symbols on the doors of their homes or businesses. I for one would never be registered by Trumps government for any reason. He would use those lists like enemy lists and persecute the people on them.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

America Loses The Moral High Ground With Trump As President

Can we really tell other countries how to act when we have a president who is a sexist and racist man who makes fun of people who are disabled? His comments about women and his actions towards women isn't any worse then making women wear burkas . He has been reported by people who heard him say racist remarks but who have been gagged by non disclosure agreements. We all have seen his video where he makes fun of a disabled reporter . He denies it ever happened but the evidence is clear that it did. So many things he later denied have evidence that they did happen. He may be able to fool the deaf ,dumb ,and blind but most American know what he is some don't care or accept it but that's on them. We now will have the least creditable president in history don't expect the rest of the world not to laugh at our folly. We have become the butt of the Joke that is Donald Trump

Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump get used to a lot of people calling you out for false promises and your action

For whom does the bell toll ,it's for you Donald time is ticking on all your promises and people expect you to pay in full. No half measures on building your great wall will work. No half ass measures in creating a better healthcare system will be accepted. You better create a lot of good paying jobs ,no working as a paperboy will feed a starving family. All the promises are remembered and people will call you out for everyone not met. So you better grow a set and get tougher skin cause if you don't you come off as a whinny little  baby if your not thought of that already by a lot of growed up people.

Guess whose paying for Trumps wall ,if you say Mexico your wrong

No it will come out of your pocket either through taxes or by getting less help from the government. You didn't really think Mexico was paying for it ,you couldn't be that gullible. Most if not all Trumps promises will not see the light of day. He's even doubling down know and saying Mexico will pay us back in someway.  How we going to force them to do that start a war with them?   Oh the wall of lies built on one lie at a time is what we will get.

Trump now claims he didn't make fun of a reporter who had health problems come on we all seen you do it,

Is he Senile or what dam I've seen the video over a hundred times of him making fun of a disabled reporter. Now he claims he never did it , well Trump I believe my own eyes before anything you say. You think the American people are stupid well maybe some are but not a majority.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

The eficit the deficit oh no, oh wait we're in control we don't care about that anymore

When Obama was president all the GOP cared about was the rising deficit and saying no to anything Obama. But that was yesterday now they plan on adding trillions to the deficit and it won't be helping the middle class or the poor but it will be spent taking their health care away. it will cost trillion to take 20 million peoples healthcare away. Plus they will be doing it without any idea how to replace it.

The make America sick again movement created by the GOP will not go unchallenged and shouldn't . I do believe Obamacare should be corrected and those gteedy medical insurance companies should be put on notice join or go out of business. It's there greed that raised the costs of the program. they took advantage or purposely did things to derail it. They don't want to cover everyone. It's not about peoples health to them. It's about making money no matter what.

Now the poor and middle class get stuck with another Trillion in debt we all now the rich will not pay their fair share of.