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The Developing Adolescent Brain: My Discussion with Andrea Zacharias

| Adolescent Brain, Critical Thinking, Interviews, Podcasts, Teen Success | No Comments

I recently had a fascinating discussion about the adolescent brain with parent coach Andrea Zacharias. If you want to know more about what I do and think about every day, listen in!   Learn more about Andrea’s work…


Why Teens Are Vulnerable to Peer Pressure

| Adolescence, Adolescent Brain, Alcohol, Critical Thinking, Drugs, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture, Teen Sex, Work, Youth Athletics | No Comments

What is self-esteem, anyway? Why is it important to a growing child? Why does it turn out to be a tough issue? What can parents do to nurture stronger self-esteem? Physically, I was a late-bloomer. When I was a freshman…

Radical Naivete – Where the Teen Journey Begins

| Adolescence, Education, Parent-child Communication, Peer Pressure, Self-Esteem, Teen Culture | No Comments

How much wisdom did you have when you were 13? What did you know? More to the point, what insights about life – which could have helped you a lot back then – wouldn’t come until much later? I was…

How to Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone Use

| Adolescence, Health & Nutrition, Parent-child Communication, Parenting, Programs, Teen Culture, Teen Success | No Comments

Smartphones are an amazing window into a world of countless marvels and dangers. Since kids have a lot to learn, giving a child a smartphone needs to be done with exquisite care. In this guest post, Scott Reddler (father of three and…