Top 10 Ways to Use SugarSync While on Vacation: A Sweet Way to Travel

If you’re anything like me, when you travel, you use your cell phone and camera to take a boatload of pictures, then use multiple different apps to share them. You send contact information and itinerary emails to friends and family. You race to get your iPod/iPhone synced, so you have your latest music. And from time to time, you might even check in to work. You carry multiple different storage and backup devices, like thumb drives and external hard drives, and maybe even a laptop. And you lug all of these things everywhere!

Well not me, not anymore! I’ve adopted a new, less cluttered and less complicated way to travel. For me, it requires two things: SugarSync and a tablet. I call it a “sweet” way to travel. Okay so the play on words (SugarSync and sweet, ha ha) could be a bit corny, but all corniness aside, less clutter equals less frustration (and more shoes, watches, and sunglasses in my carry on).

Here’s how:

1) Vacation Planning: I share my itinerary, contact information, vacation plans, etc., in a secure folder with friends and family.

2) Sharing My Vacation With Friends: Using SugarSync, I share my videos and photos with friends (SugarSync’s free plan gives you 5GB, which is like 2,000 vacation photos). And, every time I upload something new, they get a notification to check it out. I can also share the folder publicly on Facebook.
Bonus! If you’re an Android user, photos and videos automatically sync from your device as you take them!

3) Music: I always have my iTunes library synced to all my devices, so right after I download the latest jam from Pitbull, I know I’ll be able to access the song from any device—anytime, anywhere. No more last minute iPod-to-Mac syncing.

4) Storage: With my free 5GB account (rapidly growing because of our referral program), I can store 1,500+ photos, hours of movies, 100 documents, and my music library.

5) Backup: No need to keep track of a thumb drives and/or external hard drives or laptops, because SugarSync automatically backs up all my synced folders on my laptops, iPhone, and iPad. I know if something got lost or stolen, all my files are safe and sound in the cloud.

6) No Port, No Problem: With the iPad’s lack of a thumb drive port, I can’t easily transfer work files or other documents from one computer. With SugarSync, I save and sync all my files to the cloud and access them from my tablet or mobile phone—anytime, anywhere.

Other possible uses while on vacation:
7) Copies of Your Passport: I always take a copy of my passport with me when I travel internationally. With SugarSync I can save a copy to the cloud and always have it when I need it from whatever device I have at the time. I never worry about losing the copy.

8) Accessing Work While on Vacation (booo!): If you do choose to access work while you’re on vacation, there’s no need to bring your work laptop. Access all your synced work folders from your mobile device. You can:

  • Email any document right from your mobile device
  • Access documents on your mobile phone without an Internet connection (works great on flights without Wi-Fi).

9) Editing Work Documents (booo x2!): If you do need to actually work in files, you can edit documents on the go from your tablet, save them to the cloud and automatically sync them across your computers back home. Repeat: you definitely don’t need to travel with your laptop. ;) Check out QuickOffice.

10) Victim of Theft or Loss: And let’s say that you couldn’t part with your laptop, so you brought it with you, and it got stolen or left behind. No worries because remote wipe makes it simple to remove all synchronized files from a PC or Mac in the event of loss or theft.

I invite you all to leave your extra devices and wires at home, and to travel “sweetly.” Let me know how it goes.


SugarSync Grows Cloud Business with Equinix

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that SugarSync, a premium service that lets you access, sync and share all of your files and folders across all your computers and mobile devices, has renewed its contract with Equinix and continues to expand in Equinix’s SV4 International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center in Silicon Valley.

An Equinix customer since 2007, SugarSync has experienced significant growth over the last three years. Accordingly, its infrastructure has doubled in Equinix’s SV4 and SV2 data centers. The company plans to expand its footprint in SV4 while consolidating some of the equipment in its older cages.

Highlights / Key Facts

  • With Equinix, SugarSync has direct access to the world’s top Tier-1 carriers, networks and internet service providers (ISPs) making it easy for SugarSync to quickly and efficiently connect with its business partners and end-users.
  • According to a recent survey conducted by SugarSync, the cloud is now considered a critical small business tool, with 90 percent of respondents seeing file and folder sync and 85 percent viewing back up as “very important.”  New work styles and mobility are driving cloud adoption, as indicated by the 80 percent of respondents who have remote workers.
  • Remote access is a critical feature for SugarSync’s end-users, giving them anytime, anywhere access to their documents, photos, videos, music and more from any computer or mobile device. Equinix provides close proximity to mobile carriers so that SugarSync can ensure an optimal mobile experience to its customers and continued growth in the mobile market.


  • Jason Mikami, vice president of Operations, SugarSync:
    “Thanks to our relationship with Equinix, we’ve had the physical density and flexibility to partner with a number of carriers using different networking options over time. With high availability and plentiful network options to choose from, Equinix is ideally suited to provide SugarSync the low-latency bandwidth and high uptime we need to continue to grow our business.”
  • Chris Sharp, general manager, Cloud & Content, Equinix:
    “Our ongoing relationship with SugarSync demonstrates our commitment to providing maximum value to our customers. As SugarSync continues to grow globally, we hope that Equinix’s geographically dispersed footprint gives the company the scalability and reach to cost-effectively take on new customers.”

Banned for Business may be Bad for Business

There’s been some media buzz lately about how enterprises are “banning” certain mobile apps from their corporate environments.  Ostensibly this is because these apps present a security risk.  Banning some of them makes sense, at least at face value – Facebook, Google Play, Netflix, and Angry Birds – but banning others, such as SugarSync, does not.

While we’re certainly honored to be considered in the same category as Facebook and Google, banning productivity apps such as SugarSync is shortsighted.  First, the very fact that large organizations think they need to ban these apps in and of itself tacitly validates where the market’s going: To an untethered, non-location specific future.   People continue to use these apps, and they’re not going to stop using these apps, because these apps enable them to work from anywhere.  In so doing, apps such as SugarSync can greatly enhance productivity.

It is understandable – if still ultimately fruitless – for IT to attempt to corral the chaotic proliferation of apps and remote access.  Enterprises deal with huge amounts of sensitive information that’s also often widely-dispersed.  It is kind of scary!

SugarSync caters to the SMB market – and based on a recent survey of almost 200 of our customers, our data clearly shows that the value SugarSync provides these smaller organizations far outweighs any potential pitfalls that broader information access might suggest.  The cloud enables people to be much more productive and efficient.  This, by extension, helps smaller companies be more nimble and adaptive and thus keep up with competitors that may possess far more resources.

Of course, productivity is important for any business.  But for the small and medium-sized businesses, it’s mission critical, and it’s a differentiator.  SugarSync enhances employees’ productivity precisely because it unchains them from their desks.  When 3 out of 4 of our SMB customers acknowledge that SugarSync makes them productive anywhere – even calling SugarSync “a lifesaver” – you know you’re providing value.

It is true that sharing files on the go brings up security concerns.  But the SugarSync business account is specifically geared for the SMB market, and some degree of control is built right in.  IT administrators not only can configure and control who uses their SugarSync account, but can even remove sensitive business data remotely when employees leave the company or when devices are lost or stolen.

Restricting people’s access to technology rarely works and often backfires.  It makes much more sense to identify a technology’s business value and then figure out how to use it to your advantage.  If our survey is any indication, small and medium-sized organizations using SugarSync clearly understand this.

What about yours?


SugarSync Rolls Out “Remote Wipe” Feature for Consumers and Business Professionals

Last month we launched Remote Wipe to IT admins of SugarSync’s business account customers.  We then heard from our individual accounts users in droves, reinforcing that you don’t have to be an IT administrator to care about the security of your information. Our personal and professional lives have blended, our content has gone digital, and our computing devices are a repository for our most precious personal, as well as business, information. So today, in response, we rolled out a software update to enable our new security feature, Remote Wipe, to consumers and business professionals using individual accounts.

Remote Wipe makes it simple to remove all synchronized files from a PC or Mac in the event of loss or theft. It also makes it easy to transfer ownership of a computer — you can rest assured that all personal data stored in the cloud has been removed from a machine after you’ve used Remote Wipe. And, because the data remains in the cloud, it can easily be synced to a new, replacement device. We believe we are the only company providing this level of control and security for both a PC or Mac owner.

Remote wipe helps our customers safeguard the important information they store, sync and share using SugarSync. It further sets SugarSync apart from the competitors, who have reserved these kinds of security capabilities for business customers  In a recent survey, SugarSync discovered just how much individual account holders are using SugarSync for both professional and personal reasons. Today, millions of consultants, realtors, lawyers, creative service professionals (and more) use SugarSync to improve the way they work.

The new Remote Wipe feature gives them a powerful yet simple tool to protect data stored and synced with SugarSync. For example, if a business consultant loses her laptop, she can now prevent important documents from falling into the wrong hands by logging into the SugarSync web application from another computer and remotely wiping SugarSync data from the missing machine. All files will automatically be removed the next time the computer connects to SugarSync’s servers, and a notification will let her know when data has been cleared. And, because her data is still backed up to the cloud, she can easily retrieve it later using another device.

Beginning today, all customers with paid, personal SugarSync accounts (starting at $7.49 per month for 60GB of storage) who are running the latest version of the SugarSync PC or Mac software will have access to the Remote Wipe feature.


Desktop app updated with the ability to restore deleted items, and a redesigned sharing dialog

Download the updated app now.

Over the last few months many of you asked for the ability to manage deleted items from within the desktop app. With the latest release, you can now restore any file or folder from “Deleted Items” to its original location. You can also choose to restore files and folders to a different location.


We have also simplified and redesigned the sharing workflow. The two ways you can share – private and public link – are now easily discoverable. The sharing dialog has also been visually transformed to provide a simple, clear and intuitive experience.

Lastly, we have also fixed a number of bugs that should help improve the quality of the app. You can download the latest version of the app here.

All the changes in this release are based on the feedback we received form you. So, please keep your feedback coming!

Vibhor Chhabra (Product Management)


Survey Results Reveal Top Five Reasons Small Business Are Turning To Cloud File Management

The overall market dynamics in computing devices, file management and cloud-based applications are changing at breathtaking speed.  In April, 2013 SugarSync conducted a survey of small business owners, IT or other leaders in businesses and organizations with fewer than 50 employees (N=173).  The goal was to better understand what is driving small business cloud file management adoption.   Five clear trends are apparent:

  • Computing devices continue to proliferate with the average small business owner now actively using five devices.
  • The cloud is now a critical small business tool—90% see file and folder sync and 85% view back up as “Very Important.”
  • New work styles and mobility are driving cloud adoption—80% of the survey respondents have remote workers
  • Anytime, anywhere collaboration is now the norm—90% think cloud-enabled collaboration is key
  • Movement towards entire file/folder structure in the cloud—85% prefer having their entire file/folder automatically stored and synced in the cloud versus the “drag and drop” approach

#1:  COMPUTING DEVICE PROLIFERATION – Average small business owner now uses five devices

Everyone who’s following business news headlines knows that smartphone and tablet sales are skyrocketing.  Meanwhile, according to IDC analysts, worldwide PC shipments (laptops and desktops) declined 14% in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter of 2012. It’s the worst 12-month decline since IDC began covering the market in 1994.

A recent SugarSync small business user survey revealed some surprising information.  Small business users are not abandoning laptops and desktops for new smartphones and tablets.  Instead, they are using all of these devices.  The average small business owner/leader is actively using five different devices including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.  Often, they have more than one of any type.  Some respondents reported having as many as 12 different devices.  These individuals are in a variety of roles including company owners, IT consultants and office managers.


The SugarSync survey also revealed smartphones and tablets are hard at work in a small business.  More than half of all respondents (58%) are using tablets to access and manage files in business today, and nearly three-quarters (73%) are using smartphones.

#2 THE CLOUD BECOMES AN ESSENTIAL SMALL BUSINESS TOOL – 90% of small business owners view file and folder sync and 85% see back up “Very Important”

With small businesses using so many devices in the workplace, cloud-based file management such as SugarSync is now a critical tool.  Ninety percent (90%) of the respondents rated having the ability to sync files or folders across multiple devices as “Very Important.”  Losing data on any device is so disruptive, 85% five of small businesses also rated having a mirrored backup of files as “Very Important.” As one SugarSync customer in the real estate industry says, “[SugarSync] gives you access to all your files wherever you go, along with the added ability to backup all your important data.”  A SugarSync user in the education industry says, “Before the cloud, [my biggest headache] was knowing which device I had what on…the cloud allows me to have access to it all no matter what device I have.”

#3 NEW WORK STYLES AND MOBILITY ALSO DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTION – 80% of small businesses surveyed have “remote” workers

According to the SugarSync small business survey, changing workplaces and a heavy reliance on travel are also driving the need for cloud-based file management and syncing such as SugarSync.  A significant segment of the respondents (20%) have a work model where all employees work from home.  In total, 80% of SugarSync cloud-based small businesses have at least some employees working out of their home.  One non-profit director explains the value of SugarSync cloud file management, “We can work from different locations and all have access to the same files. We can have several people working on a project who can all look at the files anytime, from anywhere.”

Nearly half (45%) also have employees who are heavy travelers.  These work styles fuel cloud adoption.  The SugarSync small business employee survey revealed that 64% of respondents believe, thanks to SugarSync, they do not have to be in the office to be productive.  As one sales manager who’s on the road at least half the time says, “It is great to be able to access my files on the go.”

#4 ANYTIME, ANYWHERE COLLABORATION NEW NORM – 90% think cloud-enabled collaboration is key

Cloud-based file management is enabling new work models and is making it easier for those on the road.  A significant 90% rated the ability to share files and folders in the cloud with co-workers and partners as important.  Far more than half of the respondents, 55%, also claim mobile access to work files greatly improves team productivity.  What’s more, 64% report the ability to share files in the cloud makes it much easier to work with colleagues, partners, and/or clients.  A SugarSync user who’s an advertising executive says, “SugarSync has helped transform our business so that we can all collaborate in real time on all of our projects. Sharing files with clients is also incredibly beneficial as well, and the steps to do so are very simple.”

#5 MOVEMENT TOWARDS ENTIRE FILE/FOLDER MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE IN CLOUD— 85% prefer automatic back up and sync over manual “drag and drop” approach

Unlike some competitive offerings that require manual drag and drop to sync files, the comprehensive “set it and forget it” approach SugarSync offers is seen as an advantage by 85% of the small business survey participants.  This is likely because SugarSync both works within your existing directory structure, and automatically backs up, syncs, and facilitates sharing and mobility—all in one place.   Given SugarSync’s integrated offering, it’s not surprising that 75% of survey respondents called it “a life-saver”!


Small businesses are now relying on cloud-based file management as a critical business tool.  This is fueled by several trends.  Small business owners/leaders are adding additional computing devices such as smartphones and tablets to the laptops and desktops they’ve traditionally used.  They need cloud-based syncing to ensure they always have the right file at the right time.  New home-based work styles and the need to travel are also fueling adoption, along with the added benefit of easy collaboration and file sharing with employees, partners and clients.  Given the trends, it’s no surprise that 96% of small businesses say having their documents in the cloud as a big benefit and that most consider it a “lifesaver”!


Desktop app updated with Remote Wipe, Automatic Labeling of Folders, and Sync Status Icons

Today’s update to the Desktop app is a big one! We are releasing Remote Wipe, a new security feature, and several key usability improvements including: sync status icons in the desktop app, automatic labeling of folders, and new settings/controls for SugarSync Drive. We’ll be rolling out the update to existing users over the next day or so. But, if you can’t wait, you can download the new version now.

Remote Wipe

SugarSync Business customers can remotely wipe SugarSync data from their computers. More details about this are available here.

Sync Status Icons

Many of you are already familiar with the synced folder icon (Image) and syncing folder icon (image). Until now, these icons were only displayed in Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, and SugarSync Drive. Now the same icons are displayed in the Desktop app so that you can quickly identify which folders are syncing to your computer.

Folder sync status icons in Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, and SugarSync DriveFolder sync status icons, Folder labels

Automatic Labeling of Folders

Some of you used the old SugarSync app to back up folders (e.g., Desktop, Documents) from multiple computers. With SugarSync 2.0, this resulted in having multiple folders with the same name without an easy way to identify at a glance which computer a particular folder belonged to. With today’s update to the desktop app, labels will be automatically added to such folders. Labels will indicate the name of the computer to which a particular folder belongs. This is a one-time process only. You can edit a label by right clicking on a folder, selecting “Edit Label”, and entering a different label name.

Folder sync status icons, Folder labels

Settings for SugarSync Drive

We have created a SugarSync Drive section within the Settings panel. Power users will love the flexibility to change the cache size, decide whether to mount the Drive when SugarSync starts, or decide if you want to see the download progress notifications.

Settings Panel for SugarSync Drive

Download the latest update to SugarSync 2.0, and keep sharing your feedback.

Vibhor Chhabra (Product Manager)


New Business feature Enables IT Admins to Remotely Wipe Computers for Greater Control over Data

Security and control are topmost in the minds of our Business customers. With today’s feature launch we are targeting some of those concerns and providing business/IT administrators with a powerful tool to protect their companies’ valuable data: Remote Wipe

SugarSync Business customers can now remotely wipe SugarSync data from their computers.

For example, if an employee leaves the company, the admin has the ability to remove all sensitive data from the employee’s devices. Similarly, if an employee loses his computer or it is stolen, the employee (or the admin) can wipe the computer to ensure that company data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Wiping a computer removes any data synced with SugarSync, but does not remove that data from the Cloud. This data is still available in the user’s SugarSync account. Remote wipe is only available for computers running SugarSync 2.0.

For Business/IT administrators:

To wipe a users computer, go to the user’s profile page via the Admin Console and click on the “Connected Devices” link.

User Profile Page

On the “Manage Devices” page you will see a list of your/member’s devices and their last online date. You can choose to completely remove the specific computer, which means disconnecting it from SugarSync. This does not remove any data already synced with that computer. The new button next to ‘Remove’ is ‘Wipe this device’.

The wipe does not start until the device comes online.  Once the wipe is completed, the device will move into the Completed Device Wipes section.

Manage Connected Devices Page

For Business members:

To access this feature, go to your account settings and click on the “Connected Devices” link.

My Account Page

This is a very important step forward in boosting the security and device management features for our Business users. And, we are working hard to enable this feature for the SugarSync iOS and Android apps. Stay tuned!




SugarSync for iPhone and iPad updated with a brand new design, Search, and Open In.

We’ve been thrilled with the success of the original SugarSync iOS app. Our customers love the ability to access all of their folders on any computer via their iPhone/iPad. This has enabled them to access and share their documents, photos, and videos while on the go. Over the last few months we have been working on an updated iOS app to make people who are on the go even more productive. Today, we are introducing the all-new app, which delivers a beautiful new design, improved ease of use, and two highly requested features – Cloud Search and Open In – to make you even more productive. You can download the app directly from the App Store.

Brand New Design - Over the last year we have completely redesigned SugarSync to simplify how you sync, access, and share your files and folders. We debuted the all-new SugarSync 2.0 apps for Desktop, Web, and Android in February 2013. Today, we are launching the redesigned SugarSync for iOS app. The app has been completely updated to provide the same ease of use and modern design that are the hallmarks of the SugarSync 2.0 apps.

Simpler Navigation – Quickly access, share, and search your content.

Shared Content – Easily access the items you have shared with others from the ‘Shared by Me’ tab, and items others have shared with you from the ‘Shared with Me’ tab.

Device Filter – View all the folders you have in SugarSync, or only folders syncing to a specific computer.

Cloud Search – Easily search for any file or folder that has been synced to SugarSync from any of your computers. You can then view, sync, or share the file right from your iOS app.

Open In – Save documents, photos, or videos from other apps into your SugarSync app. You can even select the folder to which you want to save the file to. Next time you are browsing email on your iPhone or iPad you can instantly save that attached document into SugarSync by using the Open In feature.

Folder Labels (Coming soon!)- If you specify a folder label in the SugarSync 2.0 Desktop or Web apps, those labels will appear in the SugarSync for iOS app.

Please download the app from the App Store and share your feedback. We are excited to hear from you!

Happy Syncing!

Vibhor Chhabra (Product Manager)


Allow me to introduce myself

I’m Mike Grossman, and I’m the new CEO of SugarSync. I have a passion for leading companies with great potential for growth, and that’s why I’m here. SugarSync has helped millions of people like you keep their information accessible and in sync. I’m looking forward to leading our team in taking the product and the business to the next level.

It’s exciting times in the Cloud right now, and that includes SugarSync. To say that the market has experienced a growth spurt is an understatement.

Adoption of file access, sync and share personal cloud services has vastly accelerated as the blending of our business and personal life becomes bolstered by mobile devices.

SugarSync’s mission has always been to make it very easy for people to access their content from anywhere on any device. That’s not changing, but as we continue to evolve our product we’ll focus even more on:

  • Mobile access, to make accessing your files easier than ever
  • Sharing and collaboration to increase productivity
  • Enhancing our sync and mirrored backup capabilities

Like SugarSync’s Cloud service, my philosophy on teamwork is it’s all about syncing, sharing and collaboration. Our executive and product teams are heads-down executing on this vision, building upon our already award-winning Cloud offering.

Thanks for your continued interest and support of SugarSync.

Stay tuned.