Now Justice is Bliss

Goodwin supported GLAD in its historic case seeking marriage for same-sex couples with research before filing, and on appeal to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court by helping craft a first-of-its kind amicus brief from historians of marriage and family.
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Billions in a Blink

Oculus VR, Inc. generated a veritable frenzy with its very first product, a virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift. This groundbreaking technology packed the "you are there" impact of VR in a cost-effective, practical device.
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A Sweeter Pill to Swallow

That was the creative and technical challenge brought to food innovation company Mattson by their client, ERZO. Mattson reached out to Goodwin lawyers to help find creative solutions to the regulatory aspect of the proprietary formula they developed. This collaboration enabled ERZO’s innovative prenatal vitamin biscuit to hit store shelves in Spring 2016.
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Now Justice is Bliss

The final ruling made Massachusetts the first state to recognize same-sex couples’ constitutional right to marry.
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Triumph Over Tragedy

Using an innovative approach, Goodwin expedited the process to establish 501(c)(3) status, virtually unheard of in 30 days, allowing the charity to quickly distribute the first $60 million to survivors.

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The Barge Didn't Do It

A class of plaintiffs blamed the barge for the breach and alleged damages of $100 billion. Goodwin assembled a team of reliable experts and witnesses, and after a three-week bench trial, the judge determined the barge did not cause the catastrophic flooding.  
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Upstart Wisdom for Wise Startups

Business owners receive free access to documents, tutorials and other resources to succeed in today’s competitive market.
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