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  • Law of Desire

    Law of Desire

    Photography by Greg Gex
    Styling by Pandora Lennard

    Model: Tanya Dziahileva @ Marilyn Agency

  • God's Own Country

    God's own country

    Photography by Stevie Mada
    Styling by Pandora Lennard

    Model: Mila Krasnoiarova @ Silent Models NY

  • Twin Set

    Twin Set

    Photography by Jermaine Francis
    Styling by Tim-Clifton Green

    Model: Cara Delevingne @ Storm Model Management

  • Kim's World

    Kim's World

    Photography by Viktor Vauthier 
    Styling by Pandora Lennard

    Model: Kim Noorda @ VIVA London

  • Duochrome


    Photography by Pierre Even
    Styling by Lilly Marthe Ebener

    Models: Monika Sawicka and Tomek Szczukiecki @ Nathalie

  • Country Life

    Country Life

    Photography by Manuela Pavesi
    Styling by Manuela Pavesi and Caroline Prada

    Model: Carolina Bianchi Prada

  • New Knitwear

    New Knitwear

    Photography by Pani Paul
    Styling by Isabelle Sayer

    Models: Camilla @ Models 1, Vanessa, Sam and Evangeline @ Storm Model Management, Caroline M @ IMG London, Hildie @ Premier Model Management

  • Tender is the Ghost

    Tender is the Ghost

  • Olaf Unverzart

    Olaf Unverzart

  • Presentation


  • Shit London

    Shit London

  • Uslu

    Uslu Airlines Lands in the UK Market

  • New School

    Learning Language in the World's Newest Nation

  • Legible Type

    Visualising Your Way Through Text

  • Scarlet Woman

    Reddress: A Finnish fashion story

  • Daniel James

    The Original Rubber Baron Rides Again

  • The Cymbals

    The Cymbals

  • St. Vincent

    St. Vincent

  • Slime


  • Zola Jesus

    Zola Jesus

  • Fair Ohs

    Fair Ohs

  • Inc.


  • Manuel Göttsching

    Manuel Göttsching

  • Word Play

    Word Play

    The Art of Subtitling

  • The Wire

    The Wire

    How Bandwidth rebuilt the World

  • The Monolinguist

    The Monolinguist

    How Not Learning a Foreign Language Saved my Life

  • Speaking in Tongues

    Speaking in Tongues

    Why Do News Channels Choose English to State their National Differences

  • Sissel Tolaas

    Sissel Tolaas

    The Science of Grotesque

  • Code Breakers

    Code Breakers

    Can Google Translate Teach Us to Talk to Each Other?

  • How Newness Enters the World

    How Newness Enters the World

    Postmodern Space, Postcolonial Times and the Trials of Cultural Translation

  • Denim Confections

    MARQUES' ALMEIDA denim confections

  • Reap What You Sew

    The Designer Who's Giving the Young People of Ivory Coast the Needle

  • Asghar Farhadi

    ASGHAR FARHADI on Iranian Film

  • Anne Pasternak

    ANNE PASTERNAK on art and the global market

  • Daniel Solomon

    DANIEL SALOMON on Esperanto, the art form

  • Sergei Serp

    SERGEI “SERP” on Necrorealism and life between Russia and Paris

  • Chris Dercon

    Tate Modern's director, CHRIS DERCON, on his global reach

  • Felipe Oliveira Baptista

    FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA on directing two fashion brands

  • Janine Di Giovanni

    acclaimed war correspondent, JANINE DI GIOVANNI, on conflict zones and trauma

  • Steve Reich

    composer STEVE REICH on his latest work 9/11

  • Michael Petry

    MICHAEL PETRY on bringing people to the art

  • Bo Ningen

    BO NINGEN on noise and unforgettable performances

  • Editor's Letter

    Editor's Letter