Have you felt that war is always done on the wrong pretext and somehow we, the common civilians, get caught up with the wrong set of news? This is because countries have for ages worked towards getting their way with wars and justifying the same. Why? Because war brings money and unites nations together, which begets more money. This is why humans have always fought. When you win a war, you get control over resources, to conduct a war, you build more jobs make more products, research more.

The truth is human development happened so fast because of wars that were fought. To overcome the opposition better weapons were needed and thus engineered. To maintain peace better strategies were required and thus they emerged. The trend continues till date because civilization today is built on the ashes of yesterday.

Lives Do Not Matter Because Economy Matters

The truth is that war churns profits. Countries can show as many loss reports but the fact is GDP does not discriminate between money earned from cancer drug sales and tanks sold. It doesn’t even factor in when consumers or businesses buy insurance products, such as motor trade insurance. To GDP it is money earned and spent without context that matters. Lives have no value in this system of measuring a country‚Äôs progress.

Is there something wrong with the world economy and the way the world sees things? I feel there is. Hi, my name is Chester and these are my adventures.